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Unread 25 Aug 15, 05:34 AM  
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The Big One Live Trip Report Orlando Day 27 Magic Kingdom, Mine and Sarah's Anniversary And A BIG Di

So it's mine and my beautiful wife's 4th anniversary after being together 16 years I finally made her a honest women, joking aside I was one lucky and blessed guy to have a girl like her. Anyway big day planned today, a surprise for my wife and a surprise for the kids and a day at my favourite park the Magic Kingdom.

Me and my gal...

So the surprise for my wife, a tandem parasail 450 foot above the water at the contemporary resort paid for by avios, little bit of a blip I was supposed to phone or email 3 days before to confirm the reservation, I emailed as instructed but didn't hear nothing back so we headed to the contemporary, Sarah didn't know until today so she was surprised but nervous. We get to sammy Duvall and they were a bit off with us but I explained we emailed and could prove it so they eventually came round and gave us a time of 1pm it was 11.30 now so we headed upstairs of the contemporary for some food

A fine selection of cakes.

No pictures of the parasail but we will upload them wen we get home so you can enjoy this picture of Sarah in a hat. We head to the dock at 12.45 and get checked in, signed the waiver and waited for our captain, we get called to the boat and head out on the lagoon, we were the only two to do it so we were straight up. The flight last 6 to 8 minutes. We were strapped in and before we knew we were up in the air, it was nice and smooth and once we were up the full distance it was very peaceful, it was lovely and calm and a perfect day, Sarah had been stressing out ever since she found out about it but she did enjoy it, good views of the park and a nice way to celebrate our anniversary.

We head off for a fast pass of Mickey Mouse at the town square theatre. Anyas excited face

This was brilliant and a real piece of Disney Magic, samara and Anya couldn't believe it. He spent quite a bit of time with us and told jokes, great job Disney and a highlight of our trip

The gummers and Mickey Mouse between the girls and Mickey I couldn't get a word in edge ways

We head out and decided on tinker bell only a 25 minute wait and with a boiling hot day waiting for us outside it was a great idea. Once were done we realised that the festival of fantasy parade was about to begin so hung around.

Sarah decided against seeing any footage of this before we left so she was excited to see it and she loved it fair play, it was good and a nice addition to the park.

We leave the park and head home to get ready for the kids surprise. We came out just as they were lowering the flag so stuck around to watch this for the first time..

Well after that lazy day by the pool this is the damage it caused, sunburnt to a crisp and very itchy, ladies calm yourselves but here's a topless pic...

All ship shape and dressed to impress we head for the pirate pal firework voyage and this will be the last surprise for us. We head to the contemporary and check in for 8pm

Dressed to impress

Arrrrrr me maties

So we head for a scavenger hunt, there were loads of us booked on this cruise on two different boats so you can imagine the scene in the contemporary, kids and adults alike running through looking for clues

So as well as the cruise we have a party where we can fill our boots with cakes, pretzels, Ice cream, candy floss and hot and cold drinks. It lasts for about 30 to 45 minutes and as well as that we get to meet Captain Hook and Mr smee. No pictures here but will add them when we get back.

So here's are hosts for tonight patch and patch, they done a few job and picked first mates to lead us to the dock where we boarded the boats, we sang songs, played a game talked like a pirate and we loved every bit of it... BUT

After watching the electrical pagent thing we started going back to where we came from, yes my friends the thing that we was most lookin forward to was cancelled due to the fireworks being delayed. To say we were gutted was and understatement, we were devastated. Anyway we get back to the dock and get off and were met by manager who explained that it was due to the fireworks being delayed, and that we couldn't go back out, but a full refund was to be given. It wasn't about the money this was booked from the start and we were really looking forward to this the most, we were getting a bit cheesed off now and it spoilt what was an otherwise good day, they must have knew before we set off the fireworks would be delayed so why send us out in the first place. We get back to the building where Peter Pan was waiting for us.

We headed for food and then up to the 4th floor to watch the fireworks where we were told on the dock music would be piped up there it wasn't so that spoilt that although it was nice to see the fireworks from a different angle, we go down and have a late night munch and head home. A great day until the cruise was cancelled, it spoilt the day. . Thanks for reading


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Ready 2 explore
Unread 25 Aug 15, 10:15 AM  
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Serious Dibber
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Wow what a surprise parasailing I will be excited for those pics . I would say it was amazing . Great surprise! good on you for that surprise to your wife , I must get you in touch with my hubby lol .
The surprise for the kids I didn't know of the pirate pals I must look into that my 3 would love that and it's something for them all to do with especially for the boys . Great day great pics you have done so much as a family . All the memories
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Hi Ho , Hi Ho and off we go again !
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Unread 25 Aug 15, 04:45 PM  
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Another fabulous day

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Unread 25 Aug 15, 11:17 PM  
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New Photo Added by mrsbigbeak - 25 Aug 15 11:17 PM.
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Unread 26 Aug 15, 09:32 AM  
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Used Sammy Duvals for jet skis on 24th August and emailed like you did. They were not impressed with me either and were expecting a phone call despite me having email confirmation.

It put a dampener on the experience for us and I will not use them again for anything! They were so rude, it was unnecessary and un-american!

Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day though, it looked a good one!
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Unread 26 Aug 15, 02:05 PM  
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How disappointing for you all that your cruise was cancelled, such a shame as you all looked fantastic. However, the parasailing sounds brilliant.
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Family Trip to See Mickey
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