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Unread 16 Aug 19, 01:31 AM  
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The Pooles... Head Back To Orlando 2019 Day 4

It ended up being a late night, I don't think I turned the light out until 11. 30 in the end. What I was doing I had no idea! Mick fell asleep on the sofa and Grace was in her room watching TV, refusing to go to sleep so due to all of this I did not wake up until gone 7am, happy days

I went to make some coffee and left the other 2 in bed and had a nice cup of tea and read my book for a bit outside. This is what mornings on holiday are all about, no rushing to do anything and all the time in the world.

I woke the other 2 at 8am and we decided to go over to the Clubhouse to check things out there, mainly to see how big the pool is. We didn't have any breakfast first we just got dressed and bundled in the car.

Wow the pool was perfect, could easily do some lengths in there which was exactly what we wanted to do. The downside was that the clubhouse is being refurbished. This was a bit of a shame as we were interested in using the gym (Mick was not too sad he couldn't lol) and of course even though we could use the pool there were now no restrooms.

We got back in the car and went back to have some breakfast and get in our pool. We will return tomorrow to the big pool I think.

Grace had some French toast for breakfast and I had my usual couple of eggs with avocado and cheese on a slice of toast. Mick had left over pizza. I think it was better the next day.. Ha ha.

I had a walk around the block too it was only about a mile but it was 9. 30 and getting pretty warm so I think this was enough for now.

Mick and Grace were busy blowing up massive inflatable unicorns outside so I left them well alone doing that and got ready to get a sunbed out.

We had a pool day from then onwards until it clouded over at about 2pm and started to rain, there were rumblings of thunder but that all came to nothing thankfully. We came in and showered, did a few jobs, out another wash on and had a chill out before leaving for our Sanaa ADR at 4pm.

We were super excited about this and we're hoping we get to see some animals at the same time.

I set the map on my phone again to the Animal Kingdom Lodge and it made me wiggle around the 192 as there was a bit of traffic. We left at about 4. 10pm for our ADR at 5. 15pm. I didn't want any reason for us to miss our time so we set out in with plenty in case of an emergency. It took about half an hour and we were soon driving down towards the hotel. I showed my ID at the gate and told them the time of our reservation and Rusty welcomed us home... You could say by this time we were super excited

We self parked and walked round to the from of the Kidani Village and down to Sanaa. We were early it was only just before 5pm so they gave us a buzzer, we visited the restroom and just stepped outside to look at the animals and we vibrated. There were quite a few of us going in at just after 5 now so they obviously switched menus and then let us in. We were really lucky to get a window seat and I couldn't be more pleased.

Michael was our server and to be honest he was really really good and we tipped him well at the end as he was exceptional. Grace had her heart set on the souvenir lemonade cup and she had the choice of a light up Tinkerbell or Buzz Lightyear (I will give you three guesses who she chose, but you will only need one ha ha... Mick actually chose the same drink and went for Buzz Lightyear, you should have seen his little face when Michael the server brought the drinks over... I had a grapefruit spritz which was really nice.

We knew today was all about the bread but I was unsure about how much main course we would manage after this so we discussed it with Michael who said it can really be too much to have 2 separate mains too so we agreed to share, this was the best decision we made tonight. 1 was really more than enough.

The bread came out 5 naans and 9 sauces/chutney to go with them. I really cannot describe how good this was, so many great flavours and tastes, absolutely delicious and a definite tick in the right box. We ordered the shrimp as our chosen journey with the lentil dhall which also came with rice. Grace got a pizza and mac and cheese. All these were exceptional and what with great food and a View over the savanna what a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

As part of Grace's meal she had a sugar cookie to decorate and we asked for this to go. Michael got us the check and it turned out he had given us the table next to us as there were mojitos on the bill... If only ha ha... We made a joke about him bring me a couple when Mick was in the restroom, he was funny and handled it well, it was soon all corrected and Grace's pizza and pudding was delivered in their respective boxes.

We had another wander around outside and upstairs in the hotel and ook some pictures before heading out and deciding to give Jambo House a quick visit.

We walked round the the hotel, honestly you should have heard Grace complaining about walking! It was literally 5 minutes but last night's late night was catching up with her for sure and she was crabby!

The lobby is amazing, I had seen ictures but couldn't believe how beautiful it was... I will add a few pictures for you.

We stayed and had a little look around taking it all in and then made our way back to the car. I had already talked to the pair of them about doing a little tour around the Magic Kingdom hotels and this is now on the cards for sure as we really enjoyed it today.

We retraced our steps for the journey home staying on the 192 this time as it was not too busy and we stopped off in Dollar General on the way back. Grace had a little money burning a hole in her pocket so she got some sweets and stationary and was happy. I got some washing up liquid! Lol

We were back indorrs for 8.15. Grace had her dessert while I put some more washing on and went to bed soon after. I am going to finish this report and have a nice glass of wine and head to bed.

We really enjoyed today it was good to kick back in the villa but also good to get out and have a really top meal, a great experience.

Tomorrow our plans are still not firmed up, but I think we will pool it in the morning and get to the communal pool too and then do some shopping later.
Thanks for reading along and we will see you tomorrow. Bye

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Trip 24... Back to Orlando madness
Unread 16 Aug 19, 02:12 AM  
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New Photo Added by pretty71 - 16 Aug 19 2:12 AM.
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Unread 16 Aug 19, 07:32 AM  
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What a lovely relaxing day! We just spend most days around the pool now, and it seems to suit us all . Shame the gym wasnt open for you, but at least the pool was! Be careful though, we found it so much hotter down there than at the villa pool (youre not in the same villa as us, our garage was on the other side )

Tasty sounding food! Weve never been, but Im always drooling over the sound of the bread service! x
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All over for another year...
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Unread 16 Aug 19, 07:46 AM  
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Lovely day, I dont like rushing in the mornings on holiday, spend far too much time doing that when we are at work/school. 🙂
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Florida Escapes

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