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Old 21 Jul 21, 12:04 PM  
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Florida Shrimp - any recipes/ways of cooking?

I suppose i have an odd request about how to cook/prepare prawns the same as when you have them with a steak or similar in restaurants in Orlando (and USA wide no doubt)

Anyway, the odd thing is i dont actually like prawns other than those ones lol

While in Orlando i obsessed about them to the point my partner though i was pregnant and getting cravings
Does anyone know how they are actually cooked? Or what seasonings are used?
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Old 21 Jul 21, 04:30 PM  
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i don't know what "florida shrimp" is, but chances are it will be seasoned with either old bay, cajun or creole spice mixes (all of which are variants of the same thing)

you can get big tubs of old bay from costco if that any use.

here's some frozen, tail on shrimp i made yesterday in paella. there were 2* 11-15 sized shrimp each (largest costco do) and a bunch of normal sized ones (31-40?) plus a couple of scallops

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Old 21 Jul 21, 04:36 PM  
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Give me coconut shrimp and beer
For dinner every day of the year
And I'd be fine!

I'd be fine! 🦐. 🍺. 😄
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Old 6 Aug 21, 12:09 AM  
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Technicallly shrimp and prawns are not the same
Florida taste
Buy fresh or frozen uncooked prawns defrost if need be
I useOld Bay seasoning for fish and sea food itís just a tad different from old bay
No matter how you cook them be it in a sea food broil or on a griddle pan the minute a hint of pink appears turn off the heat and as soon as they are all pink remove from the heat add to your finished dish and eat or cool asap in or over ice
My shrimp on the bbq or griddle pan recipe
Use raw or frozen king prawns
Raw clean and devein frozen defrost as instructed
Put prawns on a i briefer a wooden squer
In a bowl combine some soft butter ( Iím a fussy mare so I clarifie the butter ) a scant 1/4 teaspoon of old bay for sea food a small garlic clove and a dash of ground dill
And either grill and baste or on a griddle pan but again the minute they start to turn pink switch the heat off and watch like a hawk and remove immediately when they are all pink 3/4 mis max
I also make coconut shrimp if any one+wants that but I serve it with mango chutney itís amazing
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