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Eat and Play Card
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Unread 13 Aug 18, 12:57 AM  
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It's A Long Way To Itinerary DAY 3 TO WILLIAMS

Day 3

Once again, I was up early and had to do the cleaning.

I have added another ate to my list sanitate.

Lily and Larry were sleeping off the previous nights excesses.,

We were off by 8.30.

I did enquire about breakfast, but I already knew the answer.

Our Lily didnt want any.

Poor Larry likes to eat as soon as he wakes so she had made him make do with the last 4 custard creams from the packet she had scoffed the night before.

Breakfast was at Rosies Den on route 66.


Rosies is about sixty miles away, so we must have been travelling about an hour before we got anything to eat.

I have been to Rosies before but apparently it had a fire so has changed a lot.

I knew the woman behind the counter wasnt Rosie and I found out that sadly she passed away in 2015.

Brad our server was obviously new to the job. I would say he was about eighteen and he was very nervous.

He kept sniffing.

To make things easy for him we ordered two bacon breakfasts and two sausage breakfasts with four rounds of toast.

He came back he had forgotten to ask how we would like our eggs.

Our Lily just gawked at him and said she had presumed they would be fried.

Shes a newbie.

He then went through a repertoire over easy (sniff) sunny side up (sniff) easy on the fry (sniff) over medium (sniff) over hard (sniff).

Its a lot easier in the UK two choices take it or leave it.

We told him what we wanted off he went within a couple of minutes he was back.

What kind of toast would you folks like?

His nervous twitch must have measured about eight on the Richter scale.

He then went into a whole repertoire of bread types.

I put my hand up to stop him.

I now know how Simon Cowell feels when he halts a bad audition.

I told him to just bring 4 white.

Then he was struggling putting our order through the till and his co-worker wasnt helping him in fact I would say she was relishing his discomfort.

I felt sorry for him I know what its like to be nervous the brain just disintegrates like a wet bun.

He did make sure the meal was ok and brought drink refills, so he was doing his best.

The woman in charge told him he could take a break and he told her that he wanted to just finish these folks off.

I knew he was waiting for his tip the bill came to 45 dollars, but we gave him 65 because we felt sorry for him.

He might have been working for tips only at least he was trying.

They say God loves a tryer and so do I.

Plus, it would wipe the smirk off Miss I aint helping yous face.

The shop was a lot bigger than the last time I was there Al wanted to buy me this.

It wasnt my colour.

Back on the road we stopped off at the Kingman museum it was four dollars each and a welcome break from the 350-mile journey.

The museum is sited in the Powerhouse building. Its a smashing little place. There are plenty of interesting exhibits relating to Arizona and Route 66.

It also included an electric car collection that would be very appealing to car nuts, but I dont really fall into that category.

It was not packed full of historical items, but they were displayed well. It basically filled up the top floor of the Powerhouse, and then you went back downstairs for the electric car museum.

There was also a large train across the road on display.

For some reason most of Williams was totally booked up. I booked Motel 6 and it was very basic.

In fact, it was so sterile I had to check the beds for wheels and in-built restraints. Come to think of it the receptionist had a look of that Nurse Retched from one flew over the Cuckoos Nest.

For 80 dollars for two rooms we couldnt expect anything else.

We called to Safeway and our Lily decided we had to buy everything in the store. The chap in there gave me a Safeway membership card and the bill was reduced by about 25%. He told me before I used it again I had to register it.

We had chicken wedges salads sandwiches and hot soups. We ate about half of it and binned the rest.

We were going to have a swim but when I saw the indoor pool I decided to sack it. The water didnt look to be aerating much and I fancied all sorts of organisms were waiting to dive into my crevices.

It was 6.30 and very cold outside we had considered going into Williams, but it was far too cold. This is the second time I have been to Williams and missed the gunfight etc.

There was a dollar store next door so me and Al ventured out just for a walk it was very cold. That night must have been a freak cold front because it was the only cold night of the holiday.

Medication time

Once again, we played games, drank beer and the barefoot.
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cant wait for this date
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Unread 14 Aug 18, 11:03 PM  
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Gr-eat day! (See what I did there?!)
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Happy Birthday dear Alan...
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