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Unread 27 Jan 20, 08:27 PM  
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Mobile Marella flavours of the Caribbean - day 6

How are we at day 6 already, a week really can fly sometimes. Im looking forward to getting home though too, so I am glad its not another whole week. Maybe wouldnt say no to another day though...

I wake up on the dot of 7 as usual, but read my book instead, as Im in no rush today.

About 9.30 I get up and go to the main dining room for brekkie. I get an orange juice and coffee, and order the chocolate pancakes. Unfortunately they were so rich I could only eat a couple of bites, but I pinch a croissant, and go to reception to wait out my tour.

Looking at the cruise news it looks like I may want to eat lunch early so Im glad on the whole that I didnt eat much.

I wait and wait, and nothing happens. I go up to reception and they tell me they changed the time to 10am, but I didnt know, I must have missed them by only a few minutes. They page the social Co-ordinator who runs and gets me and we have to run to the bridge. Well I nearly die, we go up the crew steps about 5 decks and there is no air con, and Im gasping by the time I get up there. Well unfortunately I miss meeting the captain, tea with him and photos, but I get to briefly see the bridge, and hundreds of dolphins playing in the wake of the boat. Stunning.

We get a talk by the chief navigator, then we go behind the scenes of one of the bars and see how it all works. Followed by the engine control room (fascinating) then the main galley where we meet the chefs, and get cheesy photos in chefs hats.

Was brilliant. Lastly we go to the restaurant and have a glass of bubbles with the hotel manager, who is really chatty.
Well worth it. I wonder if because I signed up late last night if they had already issued the letters about the time change. I am debating if Ill end up charged, as nothing on my account yet. Should have been 39 which is expensive for ship activities but would have been well worth it all in if I had had the full tour. Unfortunately we werent allowed to take photos.
Its 12pm, and I go to the main restaurant for a quick lunch, and I order the quiche and the salmon, and some rose.

I fancy listening to the captain talking as I missed him this morning, and so I find somewhere to perch in the atrium. Hes very funny.
There is a ladies pamper party at 1.30, and I love a freebie, so I sneak out 5 mins to the end, however its running really late so there was no need. It was the same as last sea day but thats ok, my skin is grateful for some posh potions.
I decide to do the wine tasting again at 2, Ive been told its different wines, so I pop in and sit down. The talk is the same but the wines and foods are different, and I have a nice bunch of people, so again, it kills a good 90 minutes.
Once thats done I head to the shops, I buy my FIL his tobacco, and notice the sale on Joules dresses. They have lovely easy fitting summery dresses on 40% off, and they werent expensive to begin with, and then if you buy 2 you get another 10% off so I end up going for it. I never buy clothes so its quite the indulgence, but I end up with 2 lovely dresses for 45.
Back in my cabin I debate the rest of my day, its 4pm and I have dinner reservations at 7.30, Im doing the second speciality restaurant tonight, surf and turf.
Indeed the skin on my forearms are almost free of psoriasis, and so I make the effort to go dunk in the salt pool and try to get 10 mins sun on my legs which are no where near in as good a state. Cant do long though as Im a red head of Irish descent... The pool was lovely after a day in the sunshine, and then myself and a strongbow hung out in the jacuzzi for a while, really relaxing.

I shower and change, and put on one of my new dresses, and get the lift up to Bar 11. Im hoping for a nice sunset as its been beautiful weather today but it just goes dark. I order a cava and just read my book.

I go and check in, and Ive only gone and booked it for tomorrow, what a muppet. They cant fit me in tonight so I go down 2 floors to the glass house, which is where I would have eaten tomorrow. Its a 45 min wait though, so I sit with a drink and wait. Im definitely now missing the show, but I was torn anyway.
Im seated in about 30 minutes.

I ask for a small cheese platter and a small 4 cheese pizza, well its all lovely as before, exceptional in fact, but they are definitely feeders, its all massive.

My fave staff across the ship in here though. I start to need a wee half way through my pizza, so I decide to just call it a day, as I cant physically eat any more. I take a seat right in the back of the theatre and they are still on the first song. Hmm, its supposed to be a tribute to broadway, but I dont actually recognise any of the songs/musicals except for Chicago, so I duck out and get a seat next door in the live room where a band is playing.

I reserve a seat then pick up my cheesy chef photo. On my way back in I hear the Circle of life coming on in the theatre, so I nip back in for 5, but then I dont know any of the songs after so I leave again. Bit obscure for me but they are very talented.

There is loads of great stuff on tonight, but its all on so late, which is random because its an early port arrival tomorrow. I had heard that the Freddie Mercury guy starting at 10.30 was excellent, but Im knackered. I see the end of the band, then a chilled out acoustic set from my favourite guitar man, and I call it a day.

Ive had a really busy sea day, but its been a good one. Georgetown Grand Cayman in the morning.
Mitch xx
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Sneaky solo caribbean cruise
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Unread 25 Mar 20, 12:22 PM  
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Bargain - 2 Joules dresses for $45
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Back to the Caribbean
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