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Reports and Reviews for Dining and Restaurants Trip Reports
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Unread 16 Aug 19, 03:09 AM  
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Relaxing at the Grand Floridian
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Mobile 4 people, 2 weeks, 1 room! Offsite trip report, Wednesday 14th SeaWorld

SeaWorld day. We had the hotel breakfast which we didn't picture as was the standard, cereal, toast, scrambled eggs, tiny weird sausages.
We got to SeaWorld not long after 9am and bought a refillable cup, it was well worth it, I quite like the cherry slushy as well as the lemon one.
We watched the killer whale show and I'm sure that's changed, it seemed very short and I remember the trainers performing in the water last time but this time they didn't get in at all.
We booked shark underwater grill for lunch, it was really special to watch the sharks and fish swim by as you eat but the meal was just so so.
I had tempura shrimp with rice and veg. It was quite salty but I liked it.

Cecil had chicken and mushroom with pasta which was unlike him and he didn't like it as the sauce was like creamy pesto and he hates that. He didn't like much on the menu, it was a bit fancy for his plain tastes! He ate the chicken, the server didn't ask if there was a problem when the plate went back mostly uneaten and the descriptiondidnt say pesto or garlic so he should have complained really but we just don't!
he also had a beer

Dd had chicken tenders and DS had hotdog, they both had the shark sundae for dessert which was ice cream with jelly sweets, it came in a bowl they could keep which was nice. I'm glad the server left them kids menus as they didn't like anything on adult menu either.

The rain called an early end to the day, we sat down for the dolphin show at 2.30 and they kept saying there was a delay due to bad weather approaching but it was just drizzling. After waiting 30 mins more we walked to turtle trek and it started pouring down. We hung around for an hour but it wasnt looking good so we left. We popped to CVS on the way back for yet more mini krullers! Spent another $90 in there but nothing to show for it again!
Oh yes, we saw a stand in SeaWorld saying 'get your free 2nd day ticket' we have 2 day tickets and thought it was probably just 'buy an experience' to get a free day or something but we asked anyway and they just gave us return tickets! There was a bit of sales pitch... come to our hotel breakfast, its 2hrs and we want feedback..might be timeshare or something but we said we couldn't lol. They didn't seem fussed and we got free tickets to go back and see the dolphin show we missed!
For dinner we went to the village inn. Every Wednesday is free pie day! Me and the kids had chocolate milk (probs cos I bought some from CVS and the thought was in my mind) Cecil had a tea. The chocolate milk wasnt that chocolatey, the adult one must have been well over a pint so I shared mine with the kids.

I had chicken pot pie with mash and gravy. It was nice to have something not fried!
Cecil had the double cheeseburger with a side of chilli.
Ds had kids qtr pounder with hash brown.
Dd had cheese melt with fries.
Everything was really good. It came out quick, it was really quiet in there.
Looks like Cecil forgot to take pic of his! He said it was good though.
for our pies I had key lime, Cecil had caramel apple with ice cream, ds had lemon meringue and dd had French silk which was chocolate cream and all of them were utterly delicious. I just noticed we all got charged for ice cream when only Cecil had some! Even so I was astounded at how cheap this meal was, even if we hadn't had the free pie it would have been a bargain.
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Our 2nd Florida Holiday!
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Unread 18 Aug 19, 10:17 PM  
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Village inn looks good!
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New York and Treasure Island... soo excited!
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