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Old 18 May 20, 08:22 PM  
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slightly serious Dibber
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Take 2 - August 2019 Travel day

August 10th Travel day

I never sleep well the night before we fly. Obvious holiday excitement but also whenever I set an alarm for a really important thing I seem to dream all night about the alarm, either over sleeping, it not going off or it going off continually in my dream.

This night was no different so when I heard Andrew get up to use the loo I checked my phone to see what the time was. I had several missed calls and a voicemail which panicked me, and when I checked it was our house alarm company! Not exactly what you want on the first night of being away so I quietly rang the alarm company from the bathroom so not to wake the kids. It turns out we are complete idiots and we turned our internet router off so the alarm lost internet so it was just the alarm company telling us there was a problem with the connection. The alarm app was also showing that the front door sensor was disconnected which was very unusual so I was also worried about that. So that was it, 5:00am and we were then wide away. I rang my Dad at 6am to ask him to go to mine and turn the router back on and also check the front door sensor.

We seem to have a thing with pre travel day/night panics. Last holiday it was Andrew not being sure whether he had locked the car when we left it in the long stay car park but he couldnít be bothered to go back and check. He said there was only a car seat to stealÖ.glad he could switch off and not worry about it (it was locked and all was fine when we landed back).

At 6 as planned we got up and showered ready for the day. We also watched the planes moving about out the window for a while and then left around 6:30 to head to terminal 3. There was a train there waiting so jumped on and was happy as it is a 20 minute wait between each train so luck was on our side.

The walk into terminal 3 was easier and shorter that the walk from terminal 2 last night. We checked our luggage in at Virgin Atlantic where they printed out both boarding passes for our flight to Atlanta and then Atlanta to Tampa with Delta. We went straight through security and stopped at Spuntino for breakfast.

I try not to eat too heavy before getting on the plane as I get really bloated so I just went for porridge.

Joshua had his beloved pancakes (the first of many).

Ava went for kids pancakes and Andrew had eggs on toast. Ava was kids eat free so it came to £36 including a tip. We enjoyed the food here and was nice to sit and have a meal together.

I picked up a pair of new sunglasses from Accessorise while Andrew was video calling his parents in Cyprus with the kids

Did the usual and picked up some snacks from WH Smiths. We then surprised the kids with their new tablets which they had been doing chores and earning points for at home but we hadnít told them they had earned enough. They were pleased and so were we that they would been entertained on the flight out as we had preloaded some games and films for them.

Our gate appeared at just gone 9 and we headed off to gate 17 which was a 10 minute walk. We boarded near enough straight away and got settled on the plane. We taxied right on time at 10:10 but had a short 15 minute queue to take off. This was our first indirect flight so I was nervous about the connection and having enough time. I was pleased we took off near enough on time and felt better about hopefully making our connection.

We were given some pretzels and a drink once we had levelled out. Kids went straight onto their new tables and I started with watching 5 feet apart which I enjoyed. Sad movie though!
Kids meals came round about 30 minutes later. It consisted of tomato and cheese pasta, mini cheddars, fruit roll up and a chocolate moose with a bottle of water.

Ours followed shortly after where I went for pesto pasta and Andrew went for chilli. Both served with a cucumber salad, crackers and boursan cheese and a GU chocolate and caramel yuzu pot which was small but awesome!

I moved on to watch A Star is Born while Andrew and Ava did some colouring together. We generally never hear from Joshua on any flight as he is so happy to get unlimited computer/TV time he takes full advantage of it. Ava always needs a bit more entertaining (see how I put her next to Andrew on this flight!

Afternoon tea was served around 5:15 UK time with the kids coming round first which had a cheese & ham and a cream cheese &cucumber sandwich and a scone with clotted cream and jam.

The adults was the same except with a mozzarella, tomato and pesto seeded roll.

The last part of the flight went quite quickly and we landed 25 minutes early which gave us 2:30 hours to get to our next gate. It was a long taxi to our gate and I kept prepping Andrew to get off the plane as quickly as possible so we were not at the back of the immigration queue.

Off the plane as quick as we could and into the immigration hall which thankfully was not busy at all. Not sure if anyone else gets it but I get so nervous heading off the plane and try to prepare myself for the worst queue so i am not disappointed but I just end up with so much nervous energy.

Took 15 minutes to get through Immigration and within half an hour we had collected bags, done 2nd bag drop and got the sky train over to the new terminal.

We were still a big hungry so we grabbed a bagel, sandwich and a grapes pot with water from goldbergs which was right next to our gate. It cost $27. We had an hour until boarding began and it was very slow when it did start.

Once on the plane it was lovely. The kids were invited to meet the pilot which Joshua took advantage of, Ava went all shy!

Leather seats, much more space than virgin plane. The seats were a full bench rather that individual seats next to eat other so you felt like you had loads of space. The TV entertainment was also really good with lots of shows from the US that we donít get. I would rather have done the 9 hour stretch on this plane.

Kids both fell asleep pretty much on take off.

Flight was 58 minutes and after a very quick drinks service where water, fizzy drinks and coffee were offered with cookies or cheezits we landed.

Straight off the plane and down to baggage claim. It was lovely not to have to do immigration again. Tampa airport was very quiet and it was easy to find the Marriot which had a quick check in with no queue.

We had a lovely spacious room but made no use of it what so ever.

Kids straight in to bed at 7.30. I laid out clothes for tomorrow and we relaxed in bed for a bit feeling so thankful that travel day went well for our first ever indirect flight and excited for the 3 weeks to come.

Next to come - Day 1 travel to RPR and our first time at Universal
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The husband loved it, we're going back!
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Old 19 May 20, 09:03 PM  
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Great travel day , looking forward to rest of report
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Disney - cannot wait
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Old 19 May 20, 09:22 PM  
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A lovely smooth travel day. I'm looking forward to hearing all about the rest of your trip. We stayed at RPR on our first trip and loved it.
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Here we go again...
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Old 20 May 20, 03:57 PM  
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slightly serious Dibber
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Thanks for reading and commenting. Next day will be up shortly.

RPR was great and we will definitely return.
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The husband loved it, we're going back!
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Old 20 May 20, 07:22 PM  
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Oh no what a pain with the alarm, Dave always goes round pulling plugs out and making sure everyhting is turned off. Finding out your alarm isn't working cannot have been fun, at least your dad was able to go round and sort it out.

I like all your breakfast choices, starting as you mean to go on, you're on holiday after all

Lovely to see the photos of the kids all tucked up in bed at the end of the long travel day.

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6th time lucky, CBR again
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