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Old 23 May 20, 03:45 PM  
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The Blake-woods: 'you couldn't make it up' trip! Day 5

Saturday 17th Feb, 2018

So, I left you with the projectile vomiting at 3am so ran a bath part!...

It turns out I can't run a bath and be sick everywhere without waking Jason up! He noticed the way I was talking was very strange - but hey! at least I could talk now! I laid in the bath (crying mostly!) then climbed back into bed.

I woke up around 7.30am and decided something wasn't right and I needed to see a doctor (Again!) We went back to Centra-care and saw THE most FANTASTIC, FABULOUS, AMAZING doctor in the whole wide world!

I sat on the bed while they took more swabs, my temperature, blood pressure etc and I burst into tears...I dont mean crying...I mean that thing that children do when they cry and try to take a breath, I sobbed. Jase got upset (I'm not surprised...he held it together for so long) and the doctor, I think, took pity on me!

My results all came back and I was told that I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics I was given last time, although it was (kind of) treating the strep A, the side effects (tongue swelling, vomiting, dizziness) were worse! He then said he wondered whether I had something else and proceeded to prick my finger...yep, I had Glandular Fever as well as the strep A!

again... 'couldn't make it up'

The amazing doctor said to me...how long have you been here? I said since Tuesday night...he asked how long I had been poorly... I answered since Wednesday afternoon... he told me it was time Cinderella went to the ball.

He helped me stand up and said 'I hope you'r not scared of shots!'
next thing, I had one injection in each butt cheek! I don't actually know what it was... I didn't care!

He said just like Cinderella had a time limit on her magic, so would I. He turned to Jason and said give her an hour and she will be okay. But in around 12hrs she will go back to how she was (honest to god this is how the conversation went ) . The doctor recommended a wheel chair from Disney and off we went with new antibiotics and a boat load of other medication to keep the symptoms manageable.

Once back home, I attempted a luke warm cup of tea with sugar (yuk but Jase made me as I hadn't eaten much and I needed energy!). We decided to head out to Disney springs and take it from there.

We used Disney transport to get to DS and once there Jason went in search of a wheel chair (which is right next to where the disney bus drops you off). He got a wheel chair for 12hours for the price of $12 (you had to leave $100 deposit). By the time I had my wheel chair, had my antibiotics and pain relief and felt the lovely warm sun on my face, I was starting to feel semi-human again.

The children were super hungry so we headed to Blaze. All I can say is wow! the choice was fabulous and the pizza's were found to be yummy all round! We found it a great use of a quick service credit and will definitely be returning on our next trip

I managed one slice and sipped on water!

Next up was shopping Even the boys didn't mind the shopping in DS! I must admit though, being in a wheel chair I felt some shops quite difficult, in particular MAC! though, the amount of time the girls were in there, I was glad to have a seat

We went all over DS and decided to head back home for a sleep (and a swim for everyone else) and that we would come back one night because I bet the atmosphere at night is fab!

I loved the fact that staying at OKW meant we can use the water taxi's... I know we now have the sky liner but the water taxi's definitely come in to play when deciding on the next resort to stay at for future trips

Now, because of everything that's happened, I never got to take pictures of our beautiful villa. Once home, Jason told me he took them...great I thought, except the beds weren't made so excuse the mess but you get an idea of size!

the lounge has 2 sofa's and a chair. One of the sofa's turns into a double sofa bed (thankfully as that is what Jason slept on for 4 of the 5 nights) and Tom had the sofa chair...both said they were incredibly comfortable

The 3 girls slept in bedroom2. They had 2x queen beds between them but Chloe got one to herself each night as she's quite violent in her sleep and has been known to kick and even punch when dreaming again, all girls said the beds were comfortable.

A great thing about their room is that the sinks (they had 2) and dressing area was seperate to the bath, shower and toilet which is good for three girls sharing, getting ready etc

I loved having the utility room with washing machine, dryer, ironing board etc. I knew we would have this so it meant I could bring less and just wash (great for leaving space in your case for treats and goodies)

The kitchen was fabulous. It came with full size dishwasher, oven, microwave, kettle, coffee machine and all the usual amenities. One thing I wasn't expecting but found great was that mouse-keeping provided washing up liquid, soap powder etc...I thought I would have to purchase those.

Finally, our bedroom - which you will look at and think oooo thats spacious, oooo the bed is huge! I look at it and shudder as its where I practically lived

Jason looks at that bed and thinks its a waste! poor Jase, don't quite think he is over the fact he never got to enjoy it!

ahh that bath

Once the kids had a swim (and I had more tablets) I decided that I would accompany everyone to Boma for our ADR... I didn't want to waste any time as I knew that I may not feel as good later!

We took the car (just incase!) and parked up at AKL. Our ADR was late (9.30pm) and whether it was because it really was getting late and service was getting towards the end or whether it was just not the children's cup of tea!...we didn't enjoy it.
Our server wasn't very attentive and I waited aaaggeeesss for the opportunity to ask for some water. The desserts (as always) went down well with everyone but it's not a place we would visit again. It was however good for me as they had mash and gravy so at least I could eat something (soft!).

After Boma we went for a wander round...such a gorgeous resort. I would quite like to stay here! We knew we had our last 2 ADR's booked for tomorrow but decided to let the kids go crazy and spend the rest of the credits!

This picture makes me so so sad... I know there will be gasps when you see the credits we had left (bearing in mind we had a table service and QS meal booked for tomorrow so need to keep those!)

it means by the end we had...
2 qs credits
40 snack credits
6 table service credits
1 child table service credit left

what else could we do? but it really does show you the impact of me being poorly had upon this part of the trip

We headed back to OKW with bags and bags of sweets, chocolate, krispy treats, popcorn, candy floss...you name it, we had it! and Jason got me a disney cup-cake! I LOVE the buttercream/frosting they use and although I couldn't eat it that day, I was thankful for it and couldn't wait to get an appetite back!

So, this was our last night staying in the beautiful resort of OKW. Have we successfully completed the on-site section of our split stay? absolutely not! but as with life, you sometimes have to adapt and make the best of a bad situation... so far, MK has been the only park. We lost reservations and table credits and I am yet to have a steak but for now, I made it out, I made it to a meal and once home I made it to the hot tub and had a half of a bottle of bud light before the clock struck 12 and I turned back into a pumpkin with a swollen tongue, sore throat and temperature!

I honestly did feel great (weak but great) that day. I slept better and for the first and last time Jason got to sleep in the enormous bed - not that I knew...it was so big he was miles away!

Here's hoping for even just a slightly better day tomorrow... seeing as I haven't got my magic shots!

*** just to say, I promise the days do get more structured and there is more to each day than just me being poorly***
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Blakewoods 'do' Disney #3rd time lucky!
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Old 23 May 20, 08:55 PM  
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I'm glad to hear that you got to see a good doctor today. I've got my fingers crossed that you are finally on the mend.
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Here we go again...
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Pleased you had a good day and feeling better if only a little xx
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Going in August Are we mad? xx
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