Disneyland California and West Coast Trip Planning

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    24 Sep 20, 04:24 PM
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  • For those that been to or are going to Vegas here a question. There been a lot about the Luxor closeing do you think it will and what world you like to see put there if it dose.
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    24 Sep 20, 05:18 PM
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  • There has been speculation for a couple of years that MGM might tear down Luxor and Excalibur hotels and casinos and replace them.

    Given that the last time MGM did this it very nearly bankrupted the company in doing it I'm not sure they will be doing it again in the current climate.

    More likely they will look to sell it off to someone else than rebuild.
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    24 Sep 20, 05:30 PM
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  • The location is very good for the new stadium and there are relatively few ‘easy walk’ hotels to it so I think someone will want it at some point.

    The problem for the next X months / years will be that there are going to be way more hotel rooms than visitors - look what happened after 2008 and all the economic indicators now suggest that 2020 will be far worse.
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