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Thumbs up First family trip to Las Vegas and LA - August 2022 - Day 10 - DCA


This morning our plan was our first visit to DCA. I have to say the kids had slept so well on this holiday. Our 2 always have us up at some point during the night usually but they were so done in after our long days that we never had that issue during this holiday
We were up at our normal time just after 06:30 and we were over at DCA for 08:00.

We grabbed a couple of quick pictures with Mickey and Walt on our way in.

We also grabbed a photopass picture.

This part of DCA really reminded us of Hollywood Studios at WDW.

We headed in for our first look at Avengers Campus.

We headed straight on to Webslingers. Benjamin had worn his Spiderman T-shirt especially and was looking forward to this one.

We only queued for about 20 minutes and were soon into the pre show.

We headed on. We enjoyed this but can see what people mean when they think Disney could have done more with a new Spiderman attraction. The kids enjoyed it. I came off feeling like I'd done a work out... I can just about remember what that feels like.

Im not sure which was each of our scores. I'm pretty sure I didn't win... but I'll claim it anyway Sally will definitely put me right when she reads this!

The kids were doing so well with the rides so we thought we'd be brave and go for Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout next. The kids have never done Tower Of Terror as they were too small so this was a bit of a gamble. I always remind Sally that I wasn't allowed on Tower Of Terro last time we were in Florida as she made me look after the kids whilst she went on with Chloe

The queue line is one of the best ones and a really good little pre-show... not that I've ever watched the films.

I really liked the theming.

Emma loved it. Benjamin hated every second. He was not impressed at all and spent the rest of the day... and the following days saying, "I don't want to go on Garlics and the Galaxy again". We will forever know this as Garlics and the Galaxy now.

If we'd made this the first ride of the trip I don't think Benjamin would have ever gone on anything else for the duration We're glad he gave it a go though.

We had to try and cheer him up a little bit after this one or it was going to be a long day.

It was just after 09:30 by now and we'd already pushed our luck a bit too far so it was time to have a sit down and have something to eat.

Emma, by now, was desperate to get her first look at Incredicoaster. She had been getting us to measure her every few weeks or so since we booked this trip and knew it was always going to be a close call as to whether she would be tall enough. In the past couple of months it had become clear that she was fine. Since then she had waivered a bit saying she wasn't sure if she wanted to ride it or not until she sees it. She was feeling more confident now and couldn't wait any longer. Emm and I headed off to Pixar Pier and left Sally and Benjamin eating as she couldn't wait any longer.

We headed straight into the queue. You know when Emma is excited as she talks a lot... I mean non-stop... my ears were bleeding by the time we reached the front of the queue.

We took our seats and I was a little nervous as to how she would get on with her first ever upside down roller coaster.

I needn't have worried. She loved it.

She ran straight over to Sally and dragged her back on for another go.

I took Benjamin on the nearby Carousel a couple of times whilst we waited. The girls came and joined us ofr another go. This was a walk on.

We moved next door and joined the LL for Toystory Midway Mania.

The kids enjoyed this one too. Again I'm not sure of the scores but I'm pretty sure I won

A pretty successful day so far we headed to one of Sally's favourites. It took a fair bit of work to talk Benjamin into this one but we got there eventually.

Well, he loved it and so did we. We got the prime seats in the middle on our first attempt and it was perfect. No wonky Eiffel Tower or anything. The kids both loved it.

It was about 12:00 by now and having had a pretty successful morning we decided it was time to head back to the hotel for a rest... yes we are capable of a rest as well and the kids definitely needed it.. especially Benjamin.

On our way out we passed this quick service place that had quite long queues. Sally got a call from an empty window at the end.

The guy asked her if she wanted something for free. Sally being Sally asked what she had to do for it He handed her this plate.

We sat down and shared it. I can't remember what it was but Sally and I quite liked it. Sally always seems to get these little touches in Disney. She obviously looks much friendlier than me,

We took a stroll back to the Sheraton.

It did always make us laugh the way the homeless lay n the middle of the paths here all day. This lady was pretty much in this spot every time we passed. We did wonder why she couldn't lay on the bit of concrete just behind her that wouldn't be right in the middle of the path but hey ho.

We had our obligatory stop in 7/11 pretty which we did pretty much every time we passed. We had a chat with our latest police department who were really friendly and, as usual, they were prepared with pockets full of stickers.

I asked Emma who she thought was toughest out of the 2 officers and me. I came a distant third apparently

She obviously had to have her usual little snack.

We were back at the hotel before 13:00 and Bejamin immediately crashed.

Emma wanted to go for an overdue swim so I took her down. My job was to see if I could find a sunbed with some shade for Benjamin which I successfully found near to the bar. Sally carried Benjamin down.

Emma enjoyed playing with some other kids in the pool. Her swimming lessons have been coming on well and she was practicing picking up her sinkers off the bottom that we had bought in Target. Sally and I enjoyed a couple of beers and got chatting to a few different people.

Benjamin soon woke up after an hour or so nap and joined us in the pool. It was lovely to see him actually wanting to go for a swim after previously refusing to get in the pool on holiday.

I don't know if it was the beers but somehow I managed to kick a sunbed with my barefoot. I have to say it bloody hurt.

After a lovely afternoon by the pool we decided to head back to the parks via the kids first choice of Macdonalds for dinner. Benjamin was well and truly refreshed after his afternoon nap. In the meantime I had a completely black toe on my right foot which was almost certainly broken and causing me a bit of a limp. I'll spare you the picture as no-one likes feet! On the plus side it took my mind of my blisters a little which were getting progressively worse I'm just it was only me suffering with them rather than any of the others!

A short stop for dinner and Emma found time to throw her drink all over the floor again

We headed back into DCA. What with the water rides being amongst my favorites we headed for for Grizzly Peak getting on at about 19:00.

We were really enjoying this ride as we were loving finally being able to do this as a 4 now the kids are tall enough.

However, literally as we got to the top of the final drop we were held there for a few minutes. Benjamin didn't like this much and thought we were going to be stuck there forever!

I have to include that picture to show him as he gets older
Eventually we were released down the final drop.

Emma and Sally went on Goofy's Flying School next but having seen it Benjamin wanted to give it a miss.

Benjamin and I had a little sit down and relax while we waited for the girls.

Emma was desperate to spend some of her own spending money and knew exactly what she wanted most. He new favourite film is Encanto so she wanted a Mirabel dress.

She was happy. Benjamin now decided he wanted a Lightsaber that he saw in the shop at Startours yesterday. We did try to say he could get it next time we were in DL but you know what 5 year olds are like when they want something. Only now is good enough

Now, my foot was killing me. Sally decided she would walk with Benjamin back into DL to get him his Lightsaber. We knew it would be quicker without me hobbling along and slowing everyone down. Emma and I headed out to wait for them.

Emma and I sat chatting near where all the Ubers pick everyone up. Sally and Benjamin didn't take too long and soon caught up with us.

The kids grabbed a Mickey Premium Bar each from 7/11 and we were back to room about 21:00. We decided we would sit on the balcony and watch the fireworks tonight.

The only let down was that the fireworks didn't happen tonight Never mind.

We really enjoyed DCA today and definitely made comments along the lines of it being up there with our favourite Disney park so far.
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Well done for being brave on the ride & poor Benjamin on Guardians 😬Iím not a fan of ToT either 😩
Emma looked so good in her new dress & that lightsaber was huge 😳😳😳🙊🙊
Hope the toe got better 👌🤞
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Another amazing day, shame you didnít get to see any fireworks. A lightsaber is essential Benjamin looks delighted. A beautiful dress for Emma. I hope your toe is better.
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Hope your toe wasn't too painful for too long
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