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Unread 14 Jul 19, 12:48 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellies 5th Element 2019. Day 22, Kayak From Kings Landing, Final Dinner At Teak

So today is our last full day. I can't believe how fast the last two weeks have gone! I know it maybe seems from reading the report that we've been away for ages but it's flown by.

Today we wanted to do the kayak down Rock River Run that we did last year. Hannah doesn't want to do it it. She admits it was stunningly beautiful and good fun, but says she doesn't want to deal with the spiders again. Fair enough. I would force anybody to do something they don't want to so she is happy to stay at home, eating eggos and binge watching greys anatomy.

Caitlin is desperate to do the kayaking, and although she hates spiders she thinks she can handle it. I hope so - coz if she panics and capsizes our boat I'll murder her! It's not that I'm scared of being in the water, I'm just scared I won't be able to haul my butt back in if it's deep, and knowing me I'd then start laughing til I was incapable anyway. I'm also hoping the spiders might be less this year as it's now 18 months since the hurricane that brought all the trees down over the river so more of them should have been cleared away than last year.

I woke Caitlin at 6:30 and checked whether she felt well enough for it and she said yes.

Needs to be an early start for this place as you want to be on the river early before it's busy, and also to make sure you cover the 8.5 mile run in time to be picked up at wekiwa state park, where you end up. With this now being Saturday we expect it to be busier than last year.

Last year we did it by 1pm but we really hammered it because we had no idea how far along we were and were worried about missing our lift. We are looking to do it a bit slower this year.

So we left at 7:20 and after a 50 minute drive we reached our turning and the road was closed, with a sheriff at the top and a queue a mile long. I could see this queue were buying the inflatable tubes from a truck for kelly springs which is along the same road. This is something else still on our possible to do list, but having seen this queue we sure as hell wouldn't do it on a Saturday!

Kevin u- turned, we drove right up past the queue and I wound the window down to speak to the sheriff. She told us to put on our hazards and drive right along the road on the opposite side until we reached kings landing so that's what we did. We drove right past the queue then after that turned off into Kelly Park we were able to go onto the right side of the road again.

We arrived at Kings Landing at 8:10 so only 10 minutes after it opened. Last time we were here there was only one other car!

We had to queue to pay which took 30minutes and when we got served we got the last canoe, and had to take a kayak for the other boat. If we hadn't had the brass neck to skip that traffic queue and speak to the sheriff we would've had a completely wasted journey! They have obviously become way more popular. Last time it was just a woman and what seemed to be her 2 teenage boys that launched us. Now they are a full team of maybe 20 people with kings landing uniforms. When we told the assistant we had done it last year she said it's a lot busier this year huh? You can thank social media for that. We ain't no hidden secret anymore!'

we climbed in at 8:50 and off we went with the boys in the kayak and us girls in the canoe. The canoe felt way more shoogly than last year, with one seat either end. I'm sure last year I was sitting nearer the centre. The fuzzy photos are taken in my iPhone inside a plastic waterproof cover. I'm hoping kevin will upload his GoPro ones so I can add those.

It was overcast so thankfully a bit cooler today. We were still roasting but not as hot as last years blazing sun. On the first half we saw a couple of alligators, both away up on the banks, and loads of turtles and massive fish that looked like catfish. The water is so clear, it's gorgeous. It goes from really narrow leafy areas to big wide channels with water lilies either side. It's so peaceful and calm. It's beautiful. There are parts where it's so silent you can hear every fish that plops out.

They also have deeper pool areas with rope swings where you can stop and play. The biggest difference this year was there were no spiders! And no limboing under tree trunks. They have obviously managed to clear away all the hurricane damage we had to navigate last year. It's now a full clear run. Caitlin and I did fine. We did get stuck on a couple of submerged trunks and at one point kevin had to lean over and push us back off, but for the most part we were fine. When I was telling Caitlin which side to paddle depending which direction we wanted to go I said Here Caitlin, this is like when you were learning to drive and we were doing parallel parking!' When we were out in the dual control car and I was trying to explain which way she needed to turn the wheel to reverse park. It was hilarious. The paddling was much the same! Left. Left! No Caitlin your other left!'

When we reached big buck camp at the halfway point we pulled the boats up and had some water and some cereal bars. Kevin said he was finding the kayak much easier to manoeuvre so Caitlin and I decided we would have a go at that. It was SO much easier. And felt more secure. We were a far more coordinated team on this!

We reached Wekiwa State Park at 12:30, and much like last time it was full of families playing and barbecuing. Last time it was all country music. This time it was more salsa/South American and R&B. Fab atmosphere.

I had a few of these off the bar at $4 each

And we ordered food

We had

Chicken quesadillas

Banging shrimp quesadillas

Chicken tacos

And sloppy hog fries

Came to $43 total inc tax. The food was absolutely delicious and we hoovered the lot having worked up an appetite.

Then Caitlin and Kieran had a bit of a swim, Kieran had some ice cream

Caitlin was chuffed with her wristband because of the Game Of Thrones Thing. I've no idea. I don't watch it but she says it's where everyone dies?

and we just people watched til It was time to leave for our shuttle home. We also saw lots of turtles from the bridge and a wee alligator that only had wee stumps for front feet poor thing. It was swimming around with the turtles doing no harm.

Midweek the only pickup is 4pm, but sat/sun they do a 2:30, and with today being so busy they also did a 1:30. We got the 2:30.

Caitlin said she had loved this, that is was a perfect last day and was so glad she had got up to go and do it.

On the shuttle back to our car the bus driver was telling us that the line to get into Kelly Springs had started at 5am and by 8:35 it was closed for being at full capacity! So a word of warning there for anyone looking to do the tubing at Kelly Springs. Avoid the weekend!

Unloaded at KL, into the car and set waze for home. Both kids were sound asleep within 10 minutes!

Reached home at 3:40.

Kevin and I relaxed beside the pool for a while, and I checked in online for tomorrow's flight home. Then showered and got ready to go out for dinner.

There was only one place all 5 of us wanted to go. It had to be Teak!

Left home at 5:40 and arrived at 6:20 and seated outside. It's perfect out on this patio. Warm with a nice breeze from the fans and good music.

Kevin ordered chicken wings in bbq sauce with a blue cheese dip. We never normally manage starters but kevin saw someone with these last time and was just desperate to try them.

Kevin then had a spicy veronica with garlic bistro fries. He loves this burger too - it's pretty spicy!

I ordered the cedar plank salmon again, and Hannah ordered the same having tasted mine last time. It was delicious again.

Kieran ordered a fundamental burger with chill cheese fries. He loved the burger but barely made a dent in the fries again, despite being certain he would manage them tonight!

Caitlin had the donut burger again but this time with the garlic mash as her side (having tasted mine with the salmon last time and loved it)

I had a strawberry lemonade as I had already been drinking those ciders this afternoon so felt I needed something non alcoholic (don't all faint now) and the others had various cokes etc.

As always, our server was cheery and friendly and the service was excellent.

despite talking most of the day about how we were aiming to manage dessert tonight not one person could fit it in, so we asked for the check

and as an extra bonus Caitlins mum and dad insisted on treating us to dinner tonight (thanks Julie & Derek!)

We are now in the car on the way home and I am doing the trip report as it's a beautiful night and we are headed straight for that spa.

See ya!

Edited at 01:25 AM.
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1 week Anna Maria then 15 nights Villa
Unread 14 Jul 19, 01:06 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 14 Jul 19 1:06 AM.
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Unread 14 Jul 19, 02:09 AM  
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Wow what a fabulous day! Thank goodness you got the last canoe /kayak - it looks so beautiful. Great to see a family business doing so well too.

Hmm Teak... most firmly on the to do list. It felt like such a run out to it last time, but obviously worth it.

Sorry to hear its your last day. Ill miss living vicariously through you guys. Safe travels home & thanks for taking the time to write this xx
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I can't wait to go back...
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Unread 14 Jul 19, 02:47 AM  
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Fab day Helen, glad you didnt have a wasted journey! I was just saying to my family that we will have to go to Teak before we go home! We might also try & squeeze in the Kings Landing trip ( if I can convince them to get up early one morning)
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Dubai for our 20th anniversary
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Unread 14 Jul 19, 05:43 AM  
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Great last day safe flight home
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Halloween Thanksgiving pre Christmas
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Unread 14 Jul 19, 06:22 AM  
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JudeB's Reviews
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What a great last day! You have given Caitlin an amazing taste of Florida and Im sure this is a holiday none of you will ever forget. Hope your travel day goes well. Im sure Im not the only one who will miss your daily blog.
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Unread 14 Jul 19, 06:49 AM  
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I have really enjoyed reading all of your reports!
Its great to read about all the other things you can do in the area and you have given me lots of inspiration for our next trip
It must be good to go for more than 2 weeks
Are the school holidays earlier in Scotland then?
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DD is coming to Disney!
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Unread 14 Jul 19, 06:56 AM  
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Excited about Disney
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4fromsuffolk's Reviews
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Great day. Have really enjoyed reading about your adventures each morning and wishing we were back in Randy & Barbs villa! Have a safe trip home!
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