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Holiday to Florida with Florida4less
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Unread 17 Jun 19, 12:36 AM  
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:) A Mi11ion Dreams = 2018 - Day 21- A farewell to Epcot and some Baymax magic!

Welcome back and thanks for reading so far, on a long report like this, that is so much appreciated.

There was one star of the show today and that was Baymax, after yesterday it would be a difficult day to beat, however we managed it

Speaking of yesterday - Our trip to Clearwater to see The Alarm is here.

The whole index for this trip is a click here away - in case you have missed this epic trip so far!

Also by popular demand I have the added link to the index of all trip reports, ever written by myself previously - amid all the words are some lovely photos of the boys growing up over the years. You can see them by clicking here.

Welcome to DAY 21

Wednesday 15th August 2018

After such a late end to yesterday we were on a slow one today - a lie in and a swim were enjoyed and needed- before heading to Ihop (once again) at 1pm.

The Ihop on the US 27 at Berry Town centre is relatively new, but I have to admit the welcoming server/s need a bit of PR training , second visit and once again met with a welcome that was anything but!
However, the food was amazingly good as was our server

We got back in the car and drove at least 500 metres to Publix.
Milk, bread, water and wine replenished, we returned to the villa just to put them away before having a serious conversation about getting an Uber to Epcot.

Tempting though it was, I would rather have enjoyed my one beer with illuminations rather than pay the price of beer and wine around World showcase- that beer in Clearwater yesterday @ $1.75 was possibly better than the near ten dollars a pint offerings available in Epcot.

So, we got in the car again and headed for Boardwalk.
There is always such a good vibe around here and as we walked past Flying Fish we reminisced of our previous visits here.
It was also interesting to look at the Skyliner - I'm wondering what this will look like on our next visit and also wondering what will happen when the Floridian weather hits in August?
Not sure they have fully thought of that

We had some Kidcot stuff to do today, but our very first port of call was for the America pavilion and especially The Voices of Liberty

Spine tinglingly amazing- the whole audience just spell bound and having watched before, these singers were different than the ones we had seen before, yet equally as good

They were the very reason we had arrived into the park early. There are some things in EVERY trip to WDW that must be done, this is one of those.

Unfortunately, the film show after was cancelled- due to technical problems- which was a shame, as to do Hall of Presidents in MK and this film would surely earn us the right of at least a GCSE in American history or a pin to congratulate us on the two best uses of air con without having a snooze in either!

As we did the kidcot stop, it was also dutiful to look in the shop, Alison had been looking at a top that had Walt Disney World on the back,( Remember that lovely Minnie one from AK) yet today saw a top that was just that bit different.

At that moment, the gift card that we made that trip to Disney Springs over two weeks ago was about to be pressed into service!
The thing was, it was not in the one place I had been 100% certain it was.
Wallet emptied, gift card nowhere to be seen and so it meant we paid cash for the top we had earmarked for the card.

Keep that moment noted as I am sure it will cost me in the next few days! As long as I find the gift card!

Just shows the power of a Kidcot stop -although Im not sure how much of the Moroccan pavilion stuff is ever bought, which was our next stop for a postcard sponsored by Ziploc - fab bag they have provided as opposed to the Duffy on a stick momento - that usually gets ditched when case packing to go home!

We kept walking -Joe updated his wrist band from previous trips with a 2018 addition in Canada and there was something that really needed doing.


Having queued a couple of times last week the queue today was a lesson in perseverance- it was longer than ever before. The boys stuck it out as we joined the line to meet Joy and Sadness.

The Baymax meet and photos were more than ever imagined- even the CM looking after the line for Joy and Sadness came across to us to ensure we saw the wonderful interaction.

One set of Baymax ears, and a meeting that was second to none, all of the comments made towards Josh were amazing and really made such a huge fuss of him - we did keep it quiet that they were a bargain at the Disney shop at the outlets!

As we photied with Joy and Sadness, it is possibly a notable point in the whole trip report to make mention that this years trip has involved the least number of character interactions and we have not been autograph collecting either.

Too much You Tube, and a sign that a half hour queue for a character photo is time not well spent in the parks and a true sign that the boys have moved on from those things we always used to do.

We were in exactly the right place.

Joy, in accepting your children are getting older and not doing the same things.
Yet an inner Sadness that things have changed.

I will type it now and await the question- but we are not doing the Mickey meet in MK on our last day- just because he no longer talks, such a backward step in the technology that Magic Band allows.

I also feel that is one reason they are not that bothered, but lets see how the next few days go!

Anyway Baymaxed, then Joy and Sadness all experienced within a short space of time - we had a fast pass on our final Soarin of the holiday.

The very moment I type that really hits hard on any trip, it just seemed so much closer to the end today, we lingered as we left Baymax, we walked slowly as we exited Soarin

Thankfully we have a winter of candle scent to remind us of Soarin thanks to Maple and Whisky on Etsy.

Just a wonderful way of filling the senses as a reminder of such a happy place.

From there we had a FP for test track. Baymax came too!

We were on a time limited mission as Joe still had loads of kidcot stops still to do we do like to be complete on all of this stuff you know!

We split up, josh and I headed clockwise with Norway, China, Germany and Italy still needed.

Alison and Joe picked up Canada and the UK on their way to meet us in France. You see who got the shorter journey there!

Ice creams incoming for the boys and a decision to be made for fireworks- we went with our long time tried and tested.

Having also looked at the Dibb illuminations smoke advice(you can find it on the right hand side of the desktop version and it is a fab way to ensure you dont watch Illuminations amidst a whole host of smoke) having felt the very little wind or indeed air, we set out our stall on the Channel bridge.

After a quick Rose and Crown visit we had a beer awaiting illuminations- whilst Alison and Joe found time for a photopass picture!

We were stood next to a lovely man from Grimsby, who was holidaying with his extended family and proud of it too- eldest son had just graduated.

It was such a lovely moment, his pride was wonderful to share and to hear his stories just what you enjoy in the time spent awaiting night time parades or fireworks.

The arrival of the boats under the bridge served as a reminder of the two voyages we have shared with friends who are not here in person this year , yet I know are sharing this trip whilst thousands of miles away they have shared every single day of our holiday and as always, appreciate their love of all things Disney.

I have a true love of Illuminations- it is however really showing its age and I have to be honest, I felt there were huge chunks of the show that were simply missing, the increased laser show covers it, yet there were periods of time when you looked and saw nothing, I know what I should be seeing and yet on the lake it was not there.

Most of the fireworks were there though, just the additional effects that made this show what it was.
Still love it though!

The news that Illuminations is being retired this summer is something that was expected and I am more delighted that we have the ability to watch for one last time, having never been afforded that opportunity with Wishes (or Spectromagic if we come to mention it!)

We bode farewell to Epcot and for this trip we did wonder if we would ever see Illuminations again, what we did not expect was the announcement of the changes to the front of the park being done first!
It is always a moment in any holiday, when you know you are about to do things for the final time Not a good feeling but one you need to put to the back of your mind to avoid making the final days of your holiday miserable!

The good thing about 9 pm Fireworks and Epcot is you can grab a quick and easy exit, we were back to the villa and whilst the boys were swimming we cooked them a Pizza, whilst Alison and I enjoyed a sandwich we did not need anything else after our lunchtime IHop.

Pool time/ hot tub and then sleep.

Thanks for reading and Day 22 is just a click here away

Edited at 12:16 AM.
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Unread 17 Jun 19, 02:50 PM  
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Another nice day

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Unread 17 Jun 19, 03:31 PM  
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Another great day! I'm intrigued to see how the International Gateway will change once the Skyline is open. I don't think it will as quiet as it usually is.

We met Baymax a couple of years ago and the interaction was brilliant. It was one of those meets and greets that I will always remember because I couldn't stop laughing.

I'm looking forward to the Illuminations replacement's as every time we have watched it - I've never been that impressed.
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Unread 17 Jun 19, 04:31 PM  
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Palm trees
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Another fab day for you all. I've said it previously in my comments on your trip report but your writing style is fantastic. The fun, joy and love for your family jump from the page, its lovely to read. I also particularly liked seeing the photos of your boys with baymax and your words about growing out of it were quite poignant, my eldest is likely to be 14 when we next visit and I hope he'll still want to meet the characters, but appreciate that may not be the case.
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Unread 17 Jun 19, 06:36 PM  
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Jakey Neverland
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Great photos today esp of the boys with Baymax. IHop food looks great too, we also really like it there.
Natalie Xx
Don't wait for the Storm to Pass, Learn to Dance in the Rain..
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Unread 17 Jun 19, 10:27 PM  
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Baymax looked a fun meet
Your joy and sadness thoughts are spot on 👍
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Unread 19 Jun 19, 12:48 PM  
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Originally Posted by mick View Post
Another nice day

Thanks Joan, glad you enjoyed it😎
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Unread 19 Jun 19, 02:57 PM  
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I am another ruing how busy the International Gateway will be once the Skyliner is up and running. It's always felt like a secret place before, we love browsing in the little store and we refer to the restrooms as our 'favourite toilets.

~ collybird's Unfinished Business - a Fall 2019 Dining Report ~ COMING SOON!
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Florida Escapes

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