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Unread 19 Jul 18, 10:02 PM  
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Trying for More Ears
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Cheating on Walt Disney World with TWO wives! - Day 1

Hi everyone and welcome to day 1 of our July 2018 DLP trip.

If you've missed our Pre-Trip Report or Pre-Travel day they can be found here:

I went to the loo about 4.30am and dozed until James' alarm went off at 5.15. It took him ages to turn off becasue he hadnt quite woken up and his arm was asleep. I was shhhhhing him as I didnt want Alex to wake up this early after a late night especially as he'd been awake in the night. I ideally wanted to put him straight in the car so he could carry on sleeping. James got up first and as he came out the bathroom Alex was wide awake but in a good mood.

Then I jumped in the shower. I thought I would be super tired but actually was full of beans and very excited. James got Alex ready and he had some cereal. I messaged Yaz to see if she was up , she was! (Yaz can quite easily sleep through her alarm) so by 6am we were loading up the car and putting on the headlight deflectors - seriously need an engineering degree to work these out. we put them on as well as we could and hoped for the best.

View from our room wasnt too bad!

Alex was enjoying playing with his new fan whilst James and I sorted out the car. Yaz was watching Alex.

The drive to Le Shuttle was pretty uneventful and really simple when you get to it, we got there in 20 mins. When you drive up to the barrier there is number plate recognition and brings up your booking details. SIMPLES!
You then drive round to the service stop. We all got out to get some breakfast but realised we didnt have enough time so I quickly got a coffee from LEON.

While I was waiting with Yaz, James was letting Alex have a run around and a member of staff handed him a little string bag with stickers, crayons and activity book in it. Which was very sweet of them and also FREE.

We headed back into the car, I was a bit worried that we were running late so it was a quick drive round to the first security. We were straight through passport checks but then we had to line up at a security point for a 2nd check. We had to go really close to the car in front, which was a brand new white Merc. The security man kept waving for me to park closer and closer, which I didnt really fancy doing just in case I wrote off the Mercedes.

That was really quick too. Just asked if you had any weapons and swabbed your steering wheel. Then round to the France passport check.
I think this is brilliant that they do it this side, you are straight off the train quicker that way. Wish they did this in airports too! How much quicker would it be at MCO after all the horror stories of a 3 hour security wait!

We then joined a queue with rows and rows of cars waiting to board the train. All the rows to the left of us filed though the gates and ours was still waiting. Then a member of staff started walking down the row and talking to each car.
He said they have delays and we will be on the 7.50 train and will be loading in 10 mins and we had priority booking. Oh wellll! Nothing can be done.

There was butty wagon over the way. So me and Yaz thought we would make a quick dash to get some bacon rolls. The total came to 10 something and we only had card and euros. The woman said it is better if you pay in sterling. So I made a quick dash back to the car but could only make up 8.20. So Yaz paid in Euros and ended up paying 5 more. ☹ Lesson learnt.

As Yaz was paying there was announcement to say the 7.50 was now boarding. As we were walking back to the car we could see all the cars going around ours, so we got a little sprint on, desperately trying not to drop our bacon. Yaz was doing a quick walk behind trying not to spill her tea and there was definitely a few people laughing at us. We were laughing so hard when we got back in the car, it was like we were fleeing from a crime scene. I'm sure someone shouted GO GO GO!

Anyways we made it in time and were sitting in a queue to get on.

This took quite a while to load. They loaded the top first and we was the second car to get on the bottom row.

On the train we pulled up right next to the toilets which meant that James couldnt open his door at all, not that we really needed to get out. Yaz got Alex out of his car seat and they did a bit of colouring together

I dont need your help

Then a bit of Peppa Pig on Daddys lap! Then 35 minutes later we were there.

The welcome to France roaming charges texts came through. Then the doors opened! The nerves kicked in. Stay on the RIGHT Rebecca, RIGHT not the left, the RIGHTTTTT!

What can I say about driving to Paris from Calais. It was boring! Yaz had fallen asleep, Alex only had a little nap.

And when he woke up was quite upset but nothing a mini cheddar couldnt sort out cake as Alex calls them.

Yaz was on snack duty. She did really well on the old snackages. Kept us going.

There were hardly any cars on the road. Dont know if we got lucky or its always like that. Very cloudy skies in France, we thought it was meant to be hot?

The Toll road was 20.10. The toll booth was on the passage side so James put in 25 but struggled to collect all the change. He panicked as the barrier comes up straight away and we weren't sure how long it would wait for and he thinks he missed a euro or two. A nice little gift for the driver behind.

We got to Disney at around 1pm! Headed straight Davey Crocket ranch with the small chance our room was ready.

Security at the gates checked our booking details. The guard studied the paperwork and then poked his head though the passenger window a little, looked into the back of the car and said "Master Alex, welcome". Little touches like that made us feel at home.

James queued up at reception while Yaz showed me her new phone and Alex was playing with the steps

Oooooo I want a new phone now.

Look Mummy, I can do it all by myself

After about 10 mins, James came over to us and was full of knowledge. He had our breakfast vouchers, our tickets which had our food passes but no room key! We were told to come back at 4pm for one so we headed straight to Disney!

We parked in row F, which had a picture of a squirrel (We couldnt think of the squirrel from Bambi starting with an F, but should have taken the clue from what it was holding - Shame on us for our lack of Disney film knowledge, Yaz was convinced it was Flounder but we said that is a fish from Little Mermaid) We had google it in the end. It wasnt even a squirrel its the skunk from Bambi called Flower .

The walk from the car park was quite long but we were excited to get there. Once though the security check the grounds are lovely and the Disneyland Hotel looks great.

I was so excited to see the Castle. We got into Disney about 1.45pm.

Now for many cheesy castle pics.

Alexs face is either saying PLEASE STOP with these pictures or the sun was in his eyes? I think its the millions of pictures the three of us were taking.

So after many pictures of the castle. We headed round to Buzz, the fast pass machine had a return time of 2.50pm. Perfect, just enough time to get some food. The counter service restaurant next to Buzz was really busy so Yaz and James queued up and I waited to the side.
Waiting for about 10 mins and they hadnt moved. So we went over to Casey's and James, Alex and I shared hotdog and chips (didnt want to fill up too much as we had 6pm dinner reservations) and Yaz just got a hotdog. Sorry for no picture but you know what Casey's look like, right? Everyone has to have a Casey's at Disney. I really like the theming. It makes me want to watch a baseball game.
Once we eaten our hotdogs we headed round to Buzz to use our fast passes.

We had a quick look in the shop next to Buzz and Alex took a liking to this classic for 12.99.

And I found this mug that I wanted for work for 10.99 which I didnt get but got it later on in the trip

So the plan was to put Alex in the sling. We already knew we would struggle in the queues because he likes to be free and wander about. If we hold him he pushes on your chest and pushes his bum over your arms. You know like if you were going to ping a pack of cards to play 52 pick up! Thats Alex. Why we never took the sling on this ride I will never know, but we left it in the pushchair.
Even the fast pass queue took 15 mins

James face is for 1 of 2 things. 1. French Buzz 2. The human pack of cards was going to do his trick again!

I never miss a photo op!

When we come to the front of the queue I was in front with Alex and then James, then Yaz.
I got on thinking James was following and he didnt get on the same car with us. Maybe we smelled? But luckily Yaz saw we was on our own and jumped in.
Alex did not like it at all. I had to hug him tight and cover his ears, all while trying to defeat Zurg #mumlife
Our picture didnt come up but this little beaut of James did.

After Buzz we walked round to space mountain which had a 45 min wait. None of us fancied waiting for it and said we will get a fast pass at some point. Then over to the Train which we thought was closed on our trip (just one of the stations is closed). 60 mins! No thank you. So we walked round to Its a small world which was only 10 mins. Perfect!

This time as we parked the buggy up we remembered the sling and this worked perfectly. Alex strapped to my back like a baby monkey. He lapped up the attention from other riders and could be nosy with being up high ( I say high but Im only 5ft 3&half but you get the idea.)

We were on before we knew it, right at the front too! I know people moan how annoying this ride is but for me its nostalgic. I love it.

By the time we came off it was 4 o clock and it was getting very hot. I said we should go back check in and freshen up for dinner. Dinner was at 6pm at Chuck Wagon, Cheyenne Hotel.
James went to the reception while we checked out the shop, I went to see if they had full fat milk just in case we need to buy some more and Yaz basically just followed Alex round the store.

This was the only milk I came across, not sure it was full fat. It was blue. Is that the universal sign for full fat?. But it had demion it. Is that French for Semi as it rhymes? Cockney rhyming French? Who knows , if you do let me know.

James came in about 5 mins later with the key! Woooo Lets go.
Lodge number 113 which means we were quite far down, when I say far down I mean we might as well have stayed at the premier inn in Dover. But we got in and it was really lovely. A double room with an en-suite and a triple room with shower and separate toilet. But there was no cot. James called reception but no answer. So back we went to reception and James went to talk to a castmember. Then back we went to the Lodge. They delivered one pretty quick and to fit it in we moved the bedside tables and pushed the double bed up against the wall. It worked okay. It was only for sleeping. We got the feeling that there are other lodges that are slightly bigger with more space for the cot as the cast members were saying that the cot goes at the bottom of the bed but there was no room in ours.

Time was getting away from us and I hate being late. We quickly changed and me and Yaz put on our matching tshirts!
Then it was about 13 mins to the Cheyenne and Alex was running around and pointing at every flower. We had to drag him away otherwise we would have missed dinner.
But there was time for a quick photo shoot while James is pulling Alex away from the 6,000th flower.

I stayed at Cheyenne with my mum, dad and brother when I was 15 so I sort of knew which direction to go in. We got to the restaurant at 6.01! Damn Im late. There was a family in front of us and no one in the restaurant. Did we need to rush? Maybe not.
The restaurant is buffet style and the selection was good. There was the standard pizza and chips. But also some pasta and sauce, rices, meatballs, salads, stew, stir fry, and bbq ribs and chicken. There was a chef BBQ-ing outside which was good. Then a load of different desserts to try too.
We got Alex a selection first and then went back to get some stuff for us to eat. The food was very nice, so would recommend for a nice family dinner. Again, sorry no photos, we were too hungry!

More photo op! I know our tshirt isnt Disney but we always quote friends.

Once we'd eaten we decided to head back into the park to see if we could get on anything else. Despite being right next to the main entrance we had to go on a big loop round and the drive was about 10 mins. The road layout here is a bit weird and you sometimes have to head away from where you want to go and then double back on yourself.

We'd parked in "F" last time and that was quite far away so we ignored the cones in the road and managed to park at B which was much better.
We headed in to the park and had a wander round for a little while with no real plan. Checked the live wait times on the app and used that as our guide. Pinocchio was showing 20mins so we jumped on that.

Alex back in the sling. And absolutely loving the attention again. Wow if I was a man this would be a huge babe magnet! Women flock to babies everyone waving at him. All I have to say is Alex, you wave and he does.

Just time for a quick selfie

And we are on. This time Alex cannot cling to me like a joey. He has to sit forward as there is a lap bar. So in the hope that does not have a massive meltdown I wrap my arms round and hold him close. He handles it like a pro! Thats my boy.

Emmmm. Is it just me or is pinoccho really dark and a little bit scary? I would have not liked that when I was little.

After that we heard round to pirates.

5 min wait? When in Florida was pirates ever a five min wait? It never was when I was there. 40 mins at least. We took this opportunity and went for it. As we floated straight to the front of the queue I forgot how dark the ride was, oh no! Alex is not going to like this. And the hill climb right near the beginning? That's not in Florida! My heart started to pound and instant regret taking Alex on. I couldn't remember if you get really wet, if there was a giant drop. Wait a sec, hold the phone. Its a family ride, right!?!?! I needed to calm the down. Its pirates. It will be OK. He clung to me like a baby panda but didnt cry. Just didnt really like the loud noises.

After my traumatic experience we walked around without a plan, and then I remembered that hadnt seen Thunder mountain yet. Then the little cogs started going round. Wait, where is Indian Jones?

As we made it round the queue was 10 minutes. Yaz and I jumped in line and a woman on her own started chatting to us. There was a bit of a language barrier and she asked if it went upside down. As she said it we all watched the car go upside down. The answer is yes or oui. Her face was a picture. When we got to the front of the queue, the woman in front made a beeline to the exit.

I got a parent swap from the cast member that was sending us to the rows. That was really simple, and we were on. Now I went on this when I have been previously and it used to go backwards, I remember because my head was going in between the restraint like a pinball. Why has it started going forward again?

After we come off, James and I went on. Yaz really insisted. So James and I went through the exit and straight to the front and got into front car! I could just see Yaz as it came round the corner so I called out to her but a woman was standing in her way and the woman said can we see a phone. She does know this ride goes upside down. I can safely confirm that there is no phone in the foot well.

I like the front of the ride, you feel like you're the only person on the ride. If you block out the screams behind you. Me and James came off , I was feeling slightly dizzy. I am not cut out to ride out a roller coaster twice in a row.

After this we headed round to Thunder mountain but it was 30 mins and it was just coming up to 9pm. We all were shattered. Alex was still going strong, we made the decision to call it a night.

So we made it back to the car and back to lodge without any dramas. We gave Alex a sink bath, he did not like that at all (he normally loves a good splash about in the bath) so it was quick wash, into the grow bag with some warm milk and into his cot. Then three of us were just chilling in the lounge, talking about our day and listening to Alex sing himself to sleep. What a trooper. Eventually he fell asleep and we all went to bed.

Wellll what can I say! What a great travel day and we smashed it. Fitting as much as we can in and enjoying every minute. The pace didnt slow down one bit and I have the blister to prove it.

Day 2 is coming up.

Thanks for reading

Love Bec x
DLP July 2018


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Unread 20 Jul 18, 12:09 PM  
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Excited about Disney
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Aww what a little cutie he is, fab report xx
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Unread 20 Jul 18, 04:08 PM  
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slightly serious Dibber
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Great report!

Indiana Jones didn't stay backwards for long, I think around 4 years maybe. They turned it back around for the reason you mentioned - because you couldn't see where you were going and 'brace' for the turns and drops it made it much rougher and quite a head banger!
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Unread 20 Jul 18, 04:16 PM  
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Gone all Goofy
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Awesome stuff. We are thinking of doing Davy Crocketts next time, there seems to be a real lack of reviews from people that have stayed there. What did you think? Are there more photos of it to come?
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Unread 20 Jul 18, 05:05 PM  
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Trying for More Ears
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I really liked it. Only used it for a base, it was very clean. The pool and resturant was closed but i would stay here again. I'm sorry I didn't take any more pictures.
DLP July 2018


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Unread 20 Jul 18, 05:06 PM  
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Trying for More Ears
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Originally Posted by Jules32 View Post
Aww what a little cutie he is, fab report xx
Aww thank you
DLP July 2018


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Unread 23 Jul 18, 01:36 PM  
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Apprentice Imagineer
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Great start! Look forward to the updates x
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Unread 28 Jul 18, 08:12 AM  
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Brill report 💕

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