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Unread 12 Jun 16, 07:57 PM  
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-40to+40 in 4 months Thailand Day 5 - Chiang Mai Temples

Day 6 Chiang Mai Temples

We had a fantastic breakfast by the river - Andy aways wants to sit inside but I always win and we end sitting outside - it aways seems such a shame not to make the most of the weather(ie heat!) and the beautiful setting.
There was lots of choice, fresh eggs any way you want, pancakes, cereal, fruit, continental stuff and Asian food too. - you name it it was there. I tended to stick to eggs, some toast and a few picky bits - noodles for breakfast aren't really my thing though Andy loves a bit of dhal if he can get it.

So today we were off to the temples - again in the 40deg heat! I had specifically bought a beach type wrap thing as it would fit nicely in the bum bag. The front desk called us a tuk tuk which took us all the way - haven't written down how much but it cant have been more than 100thb.

As we go to enter the temple I realise I have left my wrap in the room! AAAARRRGGGHHH.
On the way we had passed hundred of shops but could we find one within 30 miles of the temple - ok maybe not quite 30 miles but we wondered around for about 30 minutes before a very kind lady in the shop said you can hire them at the temple entrance! DOH!

So half an hour and two very hot an sweaty bodies after we arrived at the entrance - AND when we got there they never asked for any money!

I cant remember which temple this was in - I think it was the main one. There were loads of these little blue tables all to the right side. When we arrived most of them were empty. We sat in the temple for about 1/2 an hour and by the time we left they were ALL full of stuff brought in for the monks to eat.
Apparently the monks only eat/drink what is given to them - according to Bhuddist ways - and there was certainly lots of food brought in. Two ladies spent most of the time rearranging all the tables.

This was one of the funniest things ever!
These poor lads were having to sit still for hours - although their teacher was clearly more interested in his phone! The little lad 2nd in had clearly had enough and spent the whole time we were there making faces, twisting and turning and then playing with the random dog that just walked in.

We did all of the 3 main temples although we missed the main entrance to one of them so no opportunity to get a wrap. I tried to sneak into a teeny weeny temple - didn't look like a temple at all. I had taken my sandals off - and had put just my big toe on the walkway down the door when this maniacal man appeared like Mr Benn (As if by magic!) and screamed and shouted at me NO NO NO! I knew I was being a bit naughty but I didn't want to go IN I was just going to stop at the door. I serisouly thought I might get myself arrested so the sandals were quickly put back on and I backed away into the main area so he could tell I want going to go in. It was serious and funny all at the same time. The bloke looked like he was going to blow a fuse!

Its a shame it was SOOO hot as I dont think we were really able to do the temples justice - yet another reason to head back to CM

We found a lovely place for lunch and by now it was nearly 2pm so we got a tuk tuck back to the hotel.
Tom yum for me and some sort of curry for Mr C.

Back at the hotel we had a quick shower and went down to the pool. There were a coupe of kids in it but I have in my notes noisy! I think they were throwing stuff about and at one stage something ended up in the fish pond so I said fish dont play with footballs so they dont want it in their pool! I can be such a miserable cow at times!

A huge thunderstorm followed so I spent an hour at the gym.
We had the obligatory cocktails in the lounge and headed over to the night market. Tonight we went down to the proper end and found a stall that was really busy - turned out they were ready busy doing food for the other side of the market..

We ordered calamari for starters and some sort of thai curry and rice. After about half an hour! the curry and rice came along with 2 other dishes we hadn't ordered (sent them back!) and then when we had just about finished the guy brought out the calamari - which was burnt to a crisp - also sent back.
We dont see to have much luck with street food but I think weve given it a good go. Hopefully tomorrow well get it right!

The only negative and its really teeny is that the pavements are a right mess - big holes everywhere and not 2 slabs at the same height wherever you go.

We had quite an early night as tomorrow was THE day!
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Coming for ya Key West :-)
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Unread 20 Jun 16, 03:01 PM  
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Another busy day! That setting for breakfast looks amazing!
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Our bonne vacances...
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Unread 11 Feb 18, 02:37 PM  
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Great read Katie, thanks for guiding me to your report 😁
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