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Unread 8 Feb 20, 10:13 PM  
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Relaxing at the Grand Floridian
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4 go to DLP - Feb 2020 - Day One

Sunday 2nd February 2020

I had a shocking nights sleep unfortunately. A combination of travel nerves, both kids up several times and the hotel fire alarm going off at 1am! Thankfully it went off after a few mins so we didn't have to evacuate!
We were properly up at about 6.30, had quick showers and then were driving off at 7am for the 20 minute journey to the Eurotunnel. We weren't sure if check in might take longer as it was Brexit leave weekend but if anything it was even smoother than we've had in the past. Matt nipped into the terminal to grab a coffee and then we were called to board. Our 8.20 train left about 10 mins late. We had some bananas and brioche while on the train, quick toilet stop for Alice and before we knew it we were driving off in France.
Unfortunately William was pretty hard work for this journey. A couple of days later I noticed he'd cut a new tooth so it could've been that, or maybe he had indigestion from eating the banana in his car seat (he wolfs them down embarrassingly fast!) but he kept shouting or screaming intermitently for the whole journey and only slept for 25 mins We stopped off for some lunch and a break after a couple of hours in the hope that this might reset him but it didn't really.
Always uplifting to see this sign though:

Luckily the journey itself was very smooth and we arrived at about 1.30 a little frazzled but could've been worse!
The car park at Sequoia Lodge was busy with quite a few people double parked but we eventually found a space, quite a way from reception so we left our luggage in the car for now and went to check in. There was no queue at the Golden Forest desk which was great. The cast member was a little uninspiring though, no interaction with the kids or anything. Just went through the motions and sent us on our way.
We nipped up to check out our room (6222) which was great, and Matt downed a quick coffee. We headed down to get a luggage trolley to help unload the car. The man in the luggage room told Matt to fetch his car closer and then they'd load the luggage up and take it to the room. So I took the kids to the childrens area in the lobby while Matt did this. He was back within about 10 mins looking chuffed as the man had directed him to park in the VIP parking area right by the entrance for the week. He took our luggage up and we tipped him and thanked him.
Matt needed a bit of peace now before heading to the parks feeling tired from the drive and with the stress William had added. Alice was tired too and loved lounging on her big bed so I took William off for a bit of an explore while Matt and Alice chilled out quietly.
William happily had a run around in the lobby, playing on the stage for the character meet area and with the toys in the childrens area.

I attempted a browse of the shop but he just wanted to grab everything or climb on the shelves so I made a swift exit and vowed to only do shops when he is restrained in the buggy!
I'm itching to get into the parks now so head back to the room to pack up a park bag and get sorted. The weather looks threatening so I put William in his waterproof all-in-one and wellies and pop the rain cover under the buggy. Alice is adament she is wearing a princess dress no matter the weather so she chooses Rapunzel and we are soon on our way, leaving the hotel at about 3.45

Unsurprisingly William fell asleep in the buggy on the way to the park which was a relief as he was definitely tired. A shame he missed the first trip up Main St but there'll be plenty more this week!
We head up to the castle and take a few selfies.

The parade is at 4.30 and central plaza is pretty busy. I want Alice to have a clear view so we head back to near the start of Main St where we get a curbside spot. I guard it while Matt take Alice off to grab a snack to bring back. She is very pleased with her Olaf cupcake.

Unfortunately it now started raining but then the parade started so we didn't really notice it much. The parade was brilliant, we got lots of waves from the characters, Alice was spellbound throughout. Rapunzel and Flynn were in a carriage and spotted Alice's dress and blew kisses and made heart signs to her - just magical!
Once it was finished Alice then asked to go back to the hotel I think it wad a combination of being tired, excited about the hotel and maybe a bit overwhelmed. I suggested we maybe do a couple of rides first (as William was now awake) and she perked up then, remembering ones we had watched on youtube before coming away.
She declared she wanted to do It's a Small World and Ratatouille. I started to say no and explain about the 2 different parks but then thought 'what the hell, why not?' We are here for 4 nights so I'm trying to just go with the flow and not stress too much about making the most effective use of every minute.
We walked through the castle towards Small World. It was showing a 20 minute wait but only ended up being 10. Luckily as William had only just woken up he was still quite floppy and happy to just be carried in the queue. Both kids were entranced by the ride, it even kept William sitting still which is generally unheard of!
We grabbed the buggy back and walked out of the park.
On the way past Auberge de Cendrillon we showed Alice the carriage and told her that Cinderella had invited her to breakfast there tomorrow. She was thrilled, so excited. She and William had a little play in the puddles here and by the castle before walking to the studios park for Ratatouille.

We used our Golden Forest fastpass to bypass the 35 minute queue. Me, Matt and Alice loved the ride, William not so much. He was sat in the back next to me and once the rat started moving quickly in the chase bit he was trying to scrabble up onto my lap but there wasn't really room due to the bar. He managed to half sit on my lap, cuddled in and then seemed to enjoy it a little more. He didn't like the waiting around for our turn to get out of the rat at the end though, I really had to cling onto him as he was fighting to get out, little monkey.
It was now about 6.30 and raining heavily so we left the park for dinner as both kids tired and we were all wet and getting cold. I wanted to try Vapiano's so we went straight there. We got a table straight away , there was barely a queue for the food and because it's made straight away we were soon tucking in. Matt had Carbonara, I had pesto pasta and the kids shared a pizza as well as some of our pasta. Our bill was 47e which I thought was good for Disney as it was very tasty and fresh.
The rain had thankfully stopped so we walked back to the hotel and got the kids ready for bed. This was where it all got a bit stressful. William really struggled going to sleep tonight. He would be quiet for a few minutes and then cry loudly. We'd sooth him and he'd go quiet again. Repeat what felt like about 50 times. It was preventing Alice getting to sleep and Matt & I were both feeling frustrated as we were tired and still feeling a bit frazzled from the journey earlier. I sent Matt down to the Golden Forest lounge to get himself a drink and said I'll message him when it's safe to come back up. I actually found it less stressful then, I think Matt and I were winding each other up with our frustration. Anyway, eventually William went to sleep and Alice did pretty much immediately after. Matt came back, feeling refreshed from his peace and we calmed down, thought feeling slightly anxious that every evening might end up like this! (Spoiler: Thankfully, it wasn't!)
I'd initially planned to head out and have a little wander round the village this evening but I was feeling wiped out and didn't fancy going back out into the rain so just rested in the hotel instead and grabbed an early night.
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Unread 6 Mar 20, 05:48 PM  
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Such a great first day, impressed you made it to both parks after that long journey there! And I love that your first ride of the trip was IASW

Happy to hear the rest of your bedtimes went more smoothly!
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