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My Magic Holiday
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Unread 8 Feb 20, 11:44 PM  
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Relaxing at the Grand Floridian
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4 go to DLP - Feb 2020 - Day Two

Monday 3rd February

Thankfully last night wasn't too bad from the kids, just one wake up each. Matt was also up with a headache at one point, possibly hindered by the room being pretty hot.
We were all awake at 7.30, I gave Alice and William a little pot of dry cheerios each to snack on to keep them going before our breakfast at adc which was booked for 9.45. We packed the bag, had showers, got dressed and left the room at 8.45.
We popped into the Lego shop while going through the village and Matt was pleased to see they had the new space station set and that it was a similar price to Lego UK site too so we plan to buy that later on.
We take a few pictures in Fantasia Gardens and make our way into the park and up to Auberge de Cendrillon.

After a small queue we were soon seated and already on the table was a large tiered stand with bread rolls, croissants, pain au chocolat, pain au raisin and various preserves. A server immediately brought us hot drinks and juice. Then a few minutes later he brought our plates of hot food which was sausages, scrambled egg, Mickey waffle and potatoes. There was also little glasses of fruit, yoghurt, smoked salmon.

William didn't specifically have his own but there was plenty to share, even with his huge appetite. He ate some sausage, waffle, pastries, bread, yoghurt and fruit. He loved the mini wooden spoons and tucked into a jar of jam much to the amusement of one of the waitresses. We just let him get on with it as at least it was keeping him quiet and he was happy!

We could see the princesses at the other end of the room as we were eating and it was Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Our plates were cleared by the time Cinderella got to our table. Unfortunately I felt like she didn't have an awful lot of personality. Alice is pretty good at bouncing off the chatty characters but can be a bit shy if they're not instigating much.

Next we had Aurora and she was brilliant. Really chatty and fun, asking lots of questions and chatted to William too.

We had to wait a little while for Snow White to come to our table and William was getting a little restless but not too bad. She was pretty good too, although Alice didn't know an awful lot of the film references she talked about as she got put off by the huntsman last time we watched it so we didn't get very far!

Overall I was really pleased with the breakfast. The food was really tasty and plenty of it and it was great to get 3 princesses ticked off without a long queue for them. It was a lovely experience for Alice, she really felt like it was all so real.
After breakfast Alice and I went on the carousel which is always one of my favourite things to do at Disneyland. We were going to do Dumbo next but the queue said 20 mins and looked longer so we saved it for another day. Alice wanted to do the Alice in Wonderland maze next, we couldn't take the buggy in and William seemed tired so Matt was happy to wait outside with him. We really enjoyed the maze and the view from the top of the queen of hearts castle is beautiful.
Came out of the maze and William was asleep
We wander round Fantasyland and see Alice and Mad Hatter meet with a fair size queue but not crazy long. We figure with William asleep it would be a good use of our time but wow the queue moved slowly! They gave really great interaction but it did mean the wait was long. I checked out ed92 on twitter whilst in the queue and spotted that there was going to be an unadvertised meet with Belle by the Old Mill so asked Matt if he'd mind waiting in that queue while we finished off this one. He was happy too so off he went. Alice and I get to the front of our line just as it's time for them to have a 15 minute break, doh. When the break was nearly up I got a whatsapp from Matt getting a little twitchy as he was getting fairly near the front of the Belle meet, hehe. I don't think he fancied doing it by himself!
Alice and the Mad Hatter were brilliant with Alice, really chatty and and fun pics. Alice was great with them too.

We then rush round to meet Matt and join him about 4 families from the front Alice changes her Cinderella dress for a Belle one (though not the town dress that the Belle we are meeting is wearing, but never mind!). The queue line is stopped immediately after us for a break, phew! William is awake now so they both meet Belle and he finds it fun too.

It turns out to be a double meet onto Snow White too - shame we just met her at breakfast, but ah well! Heading to lunch next, via a toilet break, Sleeping Beauty walks past and compliments Alice's dress. We'd planned to go to pizzeria bella notte as it's nearby but it's rammed inside so we head across the park to Colonel Hathi pizza outpost instead as it's the same menu. It's much quieter in here. We order an adult pasta meal and 2 kids meals as I'm not overly hungry. We ordered William pizza as it's generally one of his favourites but he decided he'd rather have pasta and was quite vocal about it! Luckily Alice wasn't too hungry so they shared her pasta.
There were lots of characters around either at meets or on their way to them and we saw Aladdin, Chip & Dale, Rafiki and the genie while walking to and from lunch.

Next we use our hotel fastpass for a ride on Peter Pan, bypassing the 60 minute queue. Alice loved this. William was ok as long as he was on my lap cuddling in. Just before we got off the cast member called out that he had to be facing forward - easier said than done though!
It was 2.30 now so we went to central plaza to get a good spot for the Frozen mini parade. It was nice and quiet here so we grabbed a bench in the central bit and I went to one of the cafes on Main St to pick up some hot drinks and Frozen biscuits.

The Frozen show was good, I'd changed Alice into her Anna dress which Anna spotted so Alice loved that.

We headed out of the park now, purchasing a Frozen balloon on the way out. Back to the room to decamp and change and then went down to the Golden Forest Lounge for the afternoon snacktime. There was a great selection of things here and we had a pretzel and roll followed by cakes, sweets and a crepe. We probably spent a good hour here snacking and the kids doing some colouring and sticker books.

We went back into the village for some shopping. William was happy enough to be in the buggy while we browsed. Smiling despite these teething cheeks!

Matt tried to buy the Lego set but their card machines were down so we'll try again tomorrow. I scoped out the jumpers in Disney Fashion and Alice looked at the cuddly toys to choose which one she was going to have. (But later in the week as she's already changed her mind 4 times!)
Tired children so we get back to the room shortly after 7, they're in bed by 7.30 and asleep by 7.45, thankfully with no grumbles this evening!
I took some time for myself to browse the hotel shop and grab a hot chocolate in the Golden Forest lounge. Then went back to the room where Matt and I chilled out with a cocktail in a can - we are so classy!
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