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Unread 14 Feb 20, 01:34 PM  
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Here we go Again! Charlotte's 2nd WDW trip Jan 2019 - Day 12 Girl's trip to Epcot & California Grill

Index is here

Day 12

Monday 4th Feb 2019

Martin had booked to play a round of golf this morning, at Lake Buena Vista golf course. As Virgin now charge for you to take sports equipment, he had decided to just rent his clubs for this round. He'd booked an early tee time, and left us asleep so he could get there to be fitted for his clubs. If anyone cares, he said the clubs he rented were better than his clubs at home and the course was very nice!

I planned for Charlotte and I to go into Epcot this morning, have breakfast at the France bakery and just generally have a little girls trip.

Once we were both ready, we made the short walk over to International Gateway. It's not lost on me how lucky we were to be able to do this, the Boardwalk resorts are fantastic for this reason alone.

We scanned in, and made our way over to France. There was a photo pass lady on the bridge, and she was so lovely. We had a picture taken, then continued in search of breakfast.

I'd never actually been into Les Halles Boulangerie, so it was exciting going in and seeing all their lovely baked goods! I let Charlotte pick whatever she wanted, as she'd eaten first breakfast in our room before we left So she asked for a macaroon with raspberries , and I got a pain au Chocolat and a mimosa (when on a girls trip to France...) We sat outside at one of the little tables and ate. It was so nice watching the world go by for a little while, and to see this part of the France pavilion so nice and quiet.

Once we were all finished, we made our way round to Norway as I had booked fastpasses for us for Frozen Ever After.

The ride photo showed a similar reaction to the drop as last time we rode! But again she said she loved it.

We popped into the Mexico pavilion next, and rode Gran Fiesta Tour. I love this, nostalgia maybe but I think the whole pavilion is so atmospheric. Once we were done with the ride (Charlotte loved it again) we went over to the Kidcot station to complete her little traveller's pack. There was a child already there so we stood and waited. I'm trying to encourage Charlotte to be a bit more confident, so when the child went I told her she could go next, and she let go of my hand and started to make the few steps to the table. A grown woman pushed in front of her, no children with her (not that that would excuse her, but just makes it even worse in my opinion) to get her travellers card stamped. Now, I've never had the longest fuse, but now with whole mama bear thing going on I honestly don't know how I kept my mouth shut. How low can you get, cutting in front of a 2 year old to get to an activity designed for children?

Loving girls day, despite rude people!

Anyway, that extremely irritating moment behind us, we decided to tick off another item on our list for the trip - meet Pluto! So it was off to the front of the park.

We spotted him and joined the short queue. I think it's fair to say that this was Charlotte's favourite character meet of the whole trip. She ADORED him. He was "licking" her, jiggling his whiskers, balancing her castle on his nose, she was absolutely howling with laughter. Look at her little face on the photopass picture.

I was gutted Martin had missed this one, it was so cute. She still talks now about how cheeky pluto was, and tried to lick her

Our next fastpass was for Figment, so we walked back into Future World (absorbing the Innoventions music loop) and took the chance to get a Bubblegum wall picture.

As we were just walking through the Figment line, I got a message from Martin to say he was done and asking where to meet us.

Magic wrist

Once reunited, I'm fairly sure we got a drink and some popcorn from one of the booths but I haven't made a note of it. I did note that Charlotte had a banana and a croissant.

I really wanted to meet Baymax next, as we hadn't ever done it and we love that movie! Except the end we pretend that doesn't happen.

There was a fairly long line, but as it was coming towards the end of the trip we decided to stick it out in case we didn't get chance to come back again. When we got to the front, we were instructed by the cast member to leave all our things to the side (I'm guessing in case of accidental injury to Baymax!) When it was our turn, Charlotte ran felt tilt at him and bounced off his tummy

Because Martin wouldn't be around to ride Frozen with us, I'd booked him a FP for Test Track which was just starting now. He went off to ride that so I put Charlotte in the buggy with the hood over and walked her round the area where they're building/remodeling Guardians. Nobody else was around so I could do a little loop easily and she was soon fast asleep.

Once Martin was done riding Test Track, we decided to get some poutine and a few more things from the Festival booths. On the way through, I saw Eunjung June Kim was the artist at the Wonderground Gallery so decided to go and buy the prints I'd seen of hers that I wanted (some for me, some for gifts) and she could sign them for me. She was so, so lovely. She even drew little sketches on them.

Poutine was up next! We popped to Refreshment Port and got the normal one, which was devoured in about 6 mouthfuls, it was so good (plus we were starving!)

We debated getting another, but decided to try some different stuff instead. We did a slow lap of the lagoon, browsing the art on the way through. I know we got something from the Canada booth, but I haven't made a note and there's no picture so that's a mystery! In fact the only thing I have a photograph of is 2 plates from America, the beef Wellington and the scallop dish. I have no idea if we ate anything else!

We strolled back to the resort now (again, the dream).

Mousekeeping had arranged Charlotte's toys on her bed and it was super cute. We left her sleeping while we started getting ready for our meal at California Grill. I think she woke while I was in the shower, and loved her new toy layout!

I gave her some crackers and a yoghurt to keep her going until dinner. Once we were all scrubbed up nicely, we went to get the bus to Magic Kingdom. The sunset was incredibly beautiful. We had to go through security at MK, despite the fact we weren't actually entering the park which was a bit frustrating.

We took the little path towards the Contemporary, into the lobby and got the lift to the 2nd floor where we checked in.

We were then escorted to the 15th floor and seated in the bar area until our table was ready. Our bums had only been on the seats 20 seconds when they came to get us and take us to our table.

Now at first, I was extremely disappointed. We were seated at a table in a side room, pointed away from Magic Kingdom so had no view of it whatsoever. However, I came to realise that this little room had Mary Blair art and photographs all over the walls, with little snippets of information about them! It was so cool. And the view of all the other parks was great, we saw Illuminations and the Star Wars fireworks from our table.

Our server was really nice, and let me taste a red wine before I ordered to make sure I liked it. The "sample" pour he did for me was huge, basically half a glass for free!

I had steak, Martin had chicken and we ordered Charlotte a $12 pizza that she ate 1 bite of

There was a couple at the table next to us, in their 50s I'd say. They didn't speak to each other for the whole time we were there, and paid their bill and left before the fireworks - leaving almost full glasses of champagne on the table! Outrage!

Anyway, in between our main and desserts we went out to watch the fireworks.

It was a bit difficult to see properly, we didn't go out early enough to be at the front. Charlotte got a bit fed up just before the end but we had a cuddle, stuck it out for the finale and then scurried back in as we were keen to get our desserts! I have picture of them, but can't for the life of me remember what they were.

I know everything we ate here was delicious though, and Charlotte was very well behaved, despite not actually eating much.

It was a very nice meal overall, but we wouldn't necessarily rush back, although I do think the brunch they do looks fantastic.

We had a look in the gift shops once we were done, then got the bus back to Yacht and Beach from Magic Kingdom. The buses at this time were shared between Yacht & Beach, Boardwalk and Swan & Dolphin. There was only a few people on the bus, and they all got off at Beach Club or Yacht Club anyway!

I have really lovely memories of this day, spending some time in epcot just me and Charlotte was so special and ending with such a lovely meal. Top day!

Tomorrow - all Epcot!

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