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Old 18 May 19, 12:28 PM  
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Mobile Help for Disney ideas for details at our wedding

Hi everyone!

Getting married in less than 3 months and want to start trying to bring some very subtle Disney Park hints to our big day. Neither of us are in-your-face Disney or character fans - our favourite things about the parks are stopping to smell the roses and appreciating the small details. We love the art and theatre of the parks and finding the little hidden meanings.

Iím a wedding cake maker by trade so making my own cake - the plan is to stencil a white pattern onto a white cake around the bottom tier - itís a hexagon so we will pick our 6 favourite attractions and Iíll make stencils for them - for example, the geometric facade of IASW. The rest of the cake is covered in sugar flowers so you get an idea of how subtle the Disney is.

Planning to use Disney parks as an inspiration for our table names, but switching it up a bit. For example, so far we have:

- Hollywood Tower Hotel
- Andyís Room
- Tortuga
- Briar Patch
- Thunder Mesa...

We need some more table ideas though! I thought you were the best people to ask! Youíll see that we arenít actually using the ride name, really going for the subtle approach. Weíd love to try and get nods to Wishes and Illuminations and maybe some other things that arenít attractions like restaurants or shops.

The plan is, on the reverse of the table name sign, to have a blurb about our memories with that attraction and either a photo of us there or a photo weíve taken of it. Weíve only been to WDW and DLP but done them extensively. DL and TDR are our honeymoon destinations!

Does anyone have any other ideas of small subtle nods to the Disney parks? Iím planning to create a playlist of dinner music full of the BGM from the parks as well as things like illuminations Fantasmic but trying to get all instrumental!

Thanks so much in advance! Time is flying now and we need to get our skates on!
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Dis-trotting round the globe - DLR & TDR
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Old 18 May 19, 12:41 PM  
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Pin instead of button hole?
Disney table quiz ... match the princesses and princes? Where is the quote from as an ice breaker?
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Same castle, new horizons!
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