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The Center Parcs and DLP Bonanza Day 1 - A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Full Trip Report Index here:

Last minute packing done, and Poppy the Hamster handed over to the in-laws (not that MIL was much impressed at having to look after the hamster for two weeks! )

The picture is of our mini sunflowers which have decided to come into flower just in time before we left. Hopefully they'll still be in bloom when we return.

We set off just after 11am, bang on time. We were planning on stopping a couple of times on the way u, meaning we'd be in Cambridge to check into AirBnb number 1 of 4 for 3pm.

We were no more than 2 miles from home outside Ringwood and the first traffic jam! Serves us right for choosing to go on a roadtrip in August haha.

Having travelled no less than 40 miles then BANG!

A stone was thrown up from the road, and we picked up this beauty of a shiner on our windscreen

Paula was driving at the time but she did a great job at keeping calm and carrying on, as the motto says.

It's the size of a 50p coin, but low down on the passenger side, so at least the driver has a relatively good view out.

In the meantime I'm frantically going through our paperwork to find out car insurance details. I phone the insurers up and we have an appointment with Autoglass first thing tomorrow morning to get it fixed.

A great start to the holiday, but in the greatest tradition of the Blusteryday Clan motto: "Non posset esse peius"... roughly translates as "It could be worse!" 🙄😂

We stop off at Fleet Services if only to calm our nerves and grab a cuppa (it's midday by now but none of us are hungry).

I hop in to McDonald's and grab a coffee and tea.

Whilst I'm waiting I grind my teeth as I overhear a dad having a conversation with another random person waiting that he's off to "Disneyland in Florida". If this was you, hang your head in shame sir!

We sit down outside and I take my first sip of coffee. McDonald's coffee is usually the temperature of the surface of the sun so I took a little sip. It's stone cold!

I don't have the energy to go back, but I do down in it one.

The last picture above captures Izzy's signature Donald Trump look. She takes after her mother, surely.

Then on the way back into the car, Izzy somehow manages to cut her toe! She's a brave lass and a plaster seems to do the trick!

We push ahead to Cambridge via M25 and A1M.

Because of the slow traffic we decide not to stop again and grab some lunch when we get to the AirBnB.

We're all checked in. The AirBnB is over three floors and overlooks a little park. Our bedroom is huuuuuge!

The kids soon work out the WiFi code and everyone settles in.

We hop to the local corner shop and grab a few bits to make a sandwich - £5 for some tortilla wraps and grated cheese, not bad for lunch for 5.

Paula is watching the athletics and I'm starting to calm down.

We have a reservation at Cafe Rouge in Cambridge tonight and Izzy is keen to go as they do the world's best Mac and cheese apparently. Who knew?

I'll pop back with an update later but I'm hoping we've had all of our bad luck now!

Spoke too soon! The girls wanted to go to the park...as soon as we go outside the rain starts to pour down!

How does the song go?

"Why does it always rain on me?" 😂😂😂

We've just returned from a very pleasant evening at Cafe Rouge. Paula had the Moroccan tagine and I had the asparagus and mint risotto. The kids had the statutory burger / Mac n cheese.

For dessert we shared the Cafe Gourmand, featuring a mini lemon curd, chocolate mousse and creme brulé.

A fine meal all round, and with 25% off courtesy of a discount via Gourmet Society

Izzy is sporting her new Dumbo nightie, and is excited to join me on an early morning visit to Autoglass tomorrow. Odd child, but someone's got to love her

Night all!


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