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Unread 13 Jul 19, 03:27 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellies 5th Element 2019. Day 21, Last Shopping, Disney Springs Poutine & T-REX Dessert

New specs, new day. Thank god I had spares with me

I had a long lie to 8:30 this morning. We had originally planned to the kayak down Rock River Run today (like we did last year) but yesterday our wee weather watcher (Caitlin) reported it was 90% chance of thunderstorms. We might get the kayak done but would likely be caught in it while waiting at Wekiwa State Park for our ride back to our car. Plus last night was a late night having stayed out for HEA. (Kevin and I stayed in the spa til almost 2am last night once we had all agreed we didn't have to be out this morning. It was lovely) so to get up at 6am was quite an ask. Caitlin is gutted though, as she is desperate to do the kayak. Hannah is not!

So we decided to pull Saturdays plans forward to today instead and maybe do the kayak on Saturday (weather looks better)

So today should now consist of
Lazy morning, packing (ouch) last shop in Walmart for stuff to take home, return to a Charlotte Russe to get a security tag removed from Caitlins trousers, a wander round Disney Springs. And an early night.

It was beautiful around the pool this morning and quite quiet. The alligator popped up on the bank again but he was gone back into the lake in seconds before I got the SLR.

I had a wee whatsapp chat with JudeB who moves in here the day we move out (hi Judith!) and I sat by the pool til 10:30 then thought I better make a move.

The rest of the morning was spent packing, weighing, packing again, showers, getting ready and eating up leftovers from the fridge.

Went out at 1:30, first stop Walmart liquor store where we picked up the vodkas Caitlin wanted to take home. We also got this for us 1.75 litres for $8.50!

Then Walmart grocery where I picked up a years supply of secret deodorants, some heartburn stuff to take home and a couple of the Weber seasonings I like.

Next stop, rolling oaks. The kids all went to dollar tree for lots of sweeties to take home. I went to Ross and TJ Max to check the tranny sized shoe aisles but nothing interesting today. I didn't even look at clothes as I would just have had to talk myself out of buying work dresses. It's like an addiction.

Next stop, Vineland outlets. Kevin dropped us off while he found a space so we could get a head start. When we bought stuff last week at Charlotte Russe at the international outlets, they left a security tag on caitlins trousers, so we needed that removed plus the girls wanted another look in there. Yup. We only remembered the Charlotte Russe in Vineland had closed down once we were there. I wasn't for going to international drive or Florida mall today so that will need to be patched til on the way to the airport.

Caitlin did go back into Michael Kors to buy a bag her mum wanted so at least wegot that done

Kevin went to Ralph Lauren (yes, yet again) as he now has a $20 off $40 code burning the screen of his iPhone. He bought a black polo top.

last stop Disney Springs. We had a look at House Of Blues to see who was playing.

Then onto the marvel shop where Kieran bought a Spider-Man figure $15.

Looked around the Star Wars shop and Caitlin bought a wee thing for her brother

Then we went to the balloon. I've had a groupon for this since 2016. Yup 2016. Which was for 4 people to ride. We brought it in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Every single time we were in Disney Springs it would be grounded for weather. Every time we were out and about and not doing Disney Springs we could see it flying up there for miles. Thus it has become known in our family as that bloody balloon. I even offered the voucher out on the dibb last year and nobody took it. Because it's now expired it should still be worth face value $40 towards a balloon ride so I brought it yet again and took it with me today. When we were in the marvel and star wars shops we could see it was up. Yay! At last!

We stood in the queue, gave the vouchers over, and he said we could still use them for 4 flights. Yes - result. Paid the $20 for the 5th flight, signed all the waivers, got the tickets and went and joined the queue. It was up in the air at that point, it came down, refilled with the people in front of us and up again. It came back down and... the guy told us they were grounding it due to weather. Whit?

We were told to go back for a refund and when we did the guy was really nice and said if we wanted to hold onto it the rest of the evening while we were there and come back later we could, and if it didn't go back up he could refund us then. Hey ho.

We wanted to try the poutine (well I've been dying to try it and everybody else agreed). We walked round to the daily poutine

and ordered 2 Italian, a classic and a Latin.

Oh my, this is delicious. Every single one of them. Yum! I wish I knew how to make cheese curds at home. If anyone does please do tell.

When we had finished eating, the balloon was still down even though the sky was a lot lighter, so we went into world of Disney for a bit.

And we had a wander down to Ghirardelli for a nosy and all got our free chocolate

I had my Landry card with my $25 joining credit and my $25 birthday credit on it. You used to be able to use both these credits together but now they need to be used in 2 separate visits. We decided to get dessert so went to T-Rex. The woman in front of me was told it would be 90 minutes wait. When I asked for a table, showing my Landry card, I was given this receipt and shown to the line waiting to be seated.

We were seated within 15 minutes.

We ordered a chocolate extinction (for four) and a meteor donut bites (for two)

Plus lemonades and waters. the chocolate fudge cake was very dense and only kevin managed to finish his portion. Even Kieran got beat. I wouldn't rush to order this to be honest. It was all effect and no flavour. The donuts were lovely though. I also had a Candy apple Cotton-Tini cocktail

We handed over the Landry card and asked them to use whatever credit they could off the bill. It came back with the expected $25 off.

when we got to the door we were met with this.

And of course I still had to stop by that bloody balloon for a refund coz that thing was going nowhere.

God bless Kevin and Kieran. They ran back to the garage to get the bag with the fleeces and ponchos and us girls cowered under the shelter of T-Rex, just out of the rain in front of us and the aircon behind us.

When they came back we ponchod up and over to that bloody balloon. They refunded me the $20 I had paid plus $46 cash saying it was $23 per groupon. I've no idea how they worked that out but since I only paid $40 (and appear to be cursed never to use them) who was I to argue.

Goodbye to that bloody balloon. It was never meant to be.

Back to the car and set waze for home through the pouring rain arriving back at 9:15.

Poor Caitlins cold seems to have come back with a vengeance. I've never seen anyone sneeze so much. So as much as she is desperate to do the kayak, we will need to see how she feels in the morning. Aircon just does not agree with her and T-Rex was baltic.

Trippie done, rain off, we've been watching an episode of stranger things while I've uploaded this, and the spa is heating up. Kevin is waiting in the spa with my drink ready so I'm off!

Night all x

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1 week Anna Maria then 15 nights Villa
Unread 13 Jul 19, 03:38 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 13 Jul 19 3:38 AM.
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Unread 13 Jul 19, 06:36 AM  
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Taffy1959's Reviews
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Shame about the balloon at Disney Springs just don't think it's meant to be.

Hope you don't mind me asking but where are you getting the discount codes for Ralph Lauren please?
My hubby would be made up of he could get some.
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Endless Summer and RPR
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Unread 13 Jul 19, 06:40 AM  
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Lovely relaxed day. Hope you feel well rested now. Love the idea of the 2 of you having a bit of couple time at the end of the day.
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Trip 9 : 7 Nights on Symphony & Orland
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Unread 13 Jul 19, 07:12 AM  
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Tranny shoe aisle 😂😂. Youre funny! Shame about that bloody balloon - maybe next year?

Lovely relaxing day, hope Caitlin is feeling better this morning x
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All over for another year...
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Unread 13 Jul 19, 08:05 AM  
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What a pity about the balloon but a result to get a refund!
Hope Caitlin feels better in the morning. Thanks for sharing your day!
Orlando 1993, 1995, 2005, 2011
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Orlando - May 2015, October 2016, October 2017
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We really shouldn't...
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Unread 13 Jul 19, 08:28 AM  
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Rob & Jan
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That bloody balloon is just not meant to be ! Hope Caitlin is feeling better today-enjoy your last day
Aylesbury Villa

2 Master ensuite bedrooms
2 twin bedrooms
Large pool (30ft x 15ft) with mosaic dolphins!
Extended deck and Lanai
WiFi, Games Room, Xbox 360 with games
Monitored Alarm & safe
Florida Licence no DWE6312349 -This is a collective licence under our MC's name.

see our website
email dawson.jan@gmail.com

Jan & Rob
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A long stay at Aylesbury Villa !
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Unread 13 Jul 19, 08:54 AM  
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Love your shopping haul, the seasonings look good, will look for them. I so wish we had a disney springs where we live, its such a great place to spend time! I often say this at weekends when we have nothing to do. Shame about the bloody balloon! Great that they refunded you so much though. The Landry card is such a shout, we used it at Yak and Yeti (best honey chicken I have ever had) we got seated so fast, and a visit from the manager to make sure we were happy! I have to ask, if you stay in the hot tub that long dont your fingers go all raisiney?
I would love a link to your villa, for future ref, it looks fab, especially the wildlife. So sad your trip is coming to an end Helen.
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