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Eat and Play Card
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Unread 6 Mar 19, 12:07 PM  
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... and Then There Were 3 -Day 12- Rain! and Hollywood Studios

We woke this morning to the first bad weather of the holiday. Temperatures had plummeted to 12 degrees and it was chucking it down.

The weather forecast suggested that this would continue until lunch time so I hastily re-arranged today's FPs to this afternoon. DH had relented slightly on his anti theme park stance and said that if the weather improved he would come with us for a few hours later on.

We took our time getting up and ready today as there was now no rush to do anything. It was 10am before we were all showered and dressed.

DH chose to go back to Golden Corral to eat as he still hadn't had a proper breakfast there and it was the closest option in view of the weather.

At last he managed to get a full cooked breakfast - although he was disappointed to find that they no longer appeared to have fried eggs.

I had another omelette - ham and mushroom - which was very nice as usual. Whilst waiting for this to be cooked I realised that the reason for the lack of fried eggs on the buffet is that they now cook these to order too.

So DH finally got his plate of fried eggs, cooked exactly to his liking (ie. solid!). He'd also managed to get a cup of tea rather than coffee with his breakfast so he couldn't have been happier.

DD had her usual coco pops followed by ice-cream. Successful breakfast all round.

We popped over to Walgreens for some supplies and also picked up an umbrella as there was no let up in the rain. At this point I was beginning to wish that we'd not used the Sealife / Madame Tussaud's tickets so early in the holiday and had something left to do indoors.

We ended up returning to the hotel room and just chilling for a few hours as there was no pleasure in wandering round in the rain.

By 1pm the rain had almost stopped and DD was getting really bored. Our first fast pass window was opening at 1.35 so a decision had to be made.

Despite earlier promises, DH said that he didn't want to go if there was any chance of rain (he's a window cleaner so doesn't go out in the rain!). DD and I set off without him for a 3rd day.

I donned my Happiest Celebration t-shirt which was another souvenir from a previous trip that had never seen the light of day at home. At this precise moment the slogan was starting to feel a bit ironic!

We got an Uber from the hotel (which due to a 30% discount only cost $12.10) but whilst in the car I got a text from Disney saying that an alteration had been made to our first FP - it appeared that ToT was out of action so they had instead issued us with a FP that could be used on a choice of several different rides (although unfortunately NOT Slinky Dog!).

DD was disappointed as prior to the holiday ToT was the one thing that she'd seen in the WDW ads that she really wanted to do. I was just confused as ToT was actually on the list of attractions that we could use our new FP for. I told DD that hopefully this meant that they were hoping to get it fixed at some point that day and promised that we would check out exactly what was happening before wasting the FP on anything else.

By the time that we reached the Tower it was up and running again = one happy little girl!

I was glad that we still had our FPs as the closure meant that the standby queue was at 120 minutes!

Our second FP, for Toy Story Mania, didn't open till 2.50 so we had time first for a ride on Star Tours which only had a 30 minute wait. We both enjoyed this. I'm sure that the new Star Wars Land will be amazing when it opens but this area of the park is currently looking very bare and uninviting due to all the boarding.

The theming of Toy Story Land is amazing with all the larger than life characters and icons. I was very impressed with how it's been put together. DD loved the monopoly board on the ceiling of Andy's room - Monopoly is her favourite game.

There is almost so much to see and do in the queuing area at TSM that it's a shame to be in the FP line!

Without DH, who's really good at shooting games, to show us how it's done, our scores weren't brilliant. It was pretty close all the way through but DD eventually won!

Slinky Dog looks absolutely amazing but with a wait time of over 2 hours there was no way that we were queuing for it.

We checked out Alien Swirling Saucers but even these had a wait time of 55 minutes and it's essentially just another tea-cup ride so we didn't bother. Hopefully the opening of Star Wars will take some pressure off this area of the park and make the rides more accessible to those without FPs.

Our next stop was Muppets 3D. I know this show virtually word for word but it still makes me laugh. DD who didn't remember seeing it before, found it hilarious.

Our final FP was for Rock n Roller coaster. I love this ride but wish that it went on for longer. DD was quite blas about it after some of the coasters that she's ridden in the last few days!

I really wanted to watch the Beauty and the Beast show so was disappointed to find that there wasn't one today.

It was only 5pm and we'd been here for less than 4hrs but had pretty much done everything that we wanted to. We considered waiting for Fantasmic but this is my least favourite of the evening shows at Disney and it still wasn't very warm so there didn't seem much point in hanging around for it.

I found it quite sad that so many of the rides and attractions here are currently closed, hopefully the new ones will breathe life back into the place when they open. At the moment, even in good weather, I don't think that it would be a full day park.

On the way out DD bought herself a Stitch cuddly and pin. The cuddly was $27.99 and the pin $12.99. She's had her eye on these for most of the holiday and Stitch replaced the owls in bed tonight.

When we returned to the hotel DD was hungry so we grabbed her some chicken nuggets and fries from McDonalds. Neither DH nor I wanted anything to eat. I'm not sure whether it's the change in diet or the weather but we're both finding that we can't eat more than one proper meal per day.

This evening we went swimming. This might seem mad given the weather conditions today but the water was lovely and warm. It felt like being in a jacuzzi and there were actually more people in the pool tonight than we'd seen all holiday. DD managed to swim 2 lengths without stopping!

She watched Spy Kids 4 on Netflix and was asleep by 9.30 pm. DH and I relaxed with a drink and watched a few episodes of American Chopper. We used to enjoy watching this back in the U.K. but no longer have Sky at home.

Tomorrow is our last full day and it will be a late start and back to Epcot for Illuminations. This is DH's favourite park and favourite firework show so he's agreed to come with us and hopefully end the holiday on a high!

Day 13 is here:- https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/sho...3#post13722023

Edited at 02:50 PM.
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