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Unread 6 Mar 19, 02:57 PM  
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Argentina: Summer In Winter - Spring 2019: Day 10 - Buenos Aires and a Carnival

We woke up to rain! The forecast said rain all day. Added into the mix that it was a Monday (so lots of museums closed) and a bank holiday we were unsure what we could do.

We decided to start with breakfast - a buffet with an option to have eggs. We both had easy over fried eggs and toast! Coffee and juice (and dome cakes for O) completed it.

We decided we would wait an hour and see what the weather bought!

An hour later it looked yo be easing off so we decided to ho for a wander - taking in the local atmosphere and sights. The area we were in is very much a trendy place to be - but more so at night. 10am on a bank holiday Monday was not the busiest time of day!

We started off in Plaza Serrano which has a lot of older houses surrounding it. It has to be said that it was s bit scruffy!

Some of the side streets were heavily painted and graffitied! Graffiti was a common theme all over Palermo. Having said that, there were some lovely wide tree lined streets and you could see why people wanted to live here.

It started to pour down so we headed to a busy cafe where I had a coffee and O a smoothie.

After about 5 minutes the rained stopped and we thankfully didn't see it again!

While the cafe was busy when we entered I think a lot of people were doing what we were!

We continued on our walk - we headed south toward Plaza Italia. BA seemed to be built on a similar grid system yo NUC but with a lot of South American countries as toad names. This made it fairly easy yo work out where you were.

Once we were at Plaza Italia, O asked how far we were from Malba. I reckoned about 2 minutes so he suggested going there for lunch again!

It was heaving out the Museum. When we had been earlier in the week there was just one person in front if us in the queue - today it was snaking half way down the street. I think it was one of the few museums open!

I had my usual ginger and mint lemonade snd O had a smoothie!

Then O had s bit of a whoops - he thought he had ordered the salmon bagel but in fact it was the salmon sandwich - which came with a lot of undesirables like avocado and cream cheese. I manage to make a good job of transforming it into a simple salmon sandwich.

I had my avocado on toast!

It took and hour to walk back! After a rest, we decided to try yo work out where the carnival would be. We ended up back at Plaza Serrano which was a lot busier and with a market!

We decided to have dinner again in the restaurant. O, a creature of habit, had salmon and chips. I had a fried rice bowl.

We decided that ice cream would be a suitable dessert!

About 9pm we headed out yo where we thought the carnival would be. This was just the local once - there was a bigger one elsewhere but too complicated for us!

At one end of the street was a stage with a band playing and singing. On the toad were dancers. From what we could work out, each group had a set ( the musicians were from each group). When they had finished, they got a pennant and then went on their bus (to the next venue? There were lots of local carnivals all over the city)

The music was typically Latin and the dancers all had a set routine. It was fab to see it!

We watched for about half an hour - avoiding the foam sprays that the kids loved spraying on each other (a tradition! )

We went to an ice cream shop where we got a 250g box of ice cream. As it was in a polystyrene box we decided we had time to go back to the hotel to eat it!

We were exhausted - we had walked 18km!


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