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Liseberg(ers) & Chips (Oct 19) - Day 1

Liseberg(ers) and Chips (Oct 19)
Day 1: STN > GOT & Liseberg Part 1 - Mon 28th Oct

The Index is here
Pre-Travel Day is here

Last night’s early night resulted in a very restless sleep – I woke up at 10:30pm, 12:20am and 2:30am - luckily each time I was able to quickly drop back off to How I Met Your Mother on Netflix.

I woke again at 4:30am, and just dozed until the 5am alarm, getting up at 5:10am. I had a coffee and an Alpen Bar whilst I was getting dressed. Most of the pics of me coming up in this trippy will all look like this…

I was very glad that I’d bought the coat, hat and scarf from Tesco the day before 😊.

Rich popped down to defrost the car, with Tom and I ready and joining him by 5:35am. The carpark wasn’t booked until 6am, so we chatted in the car until 10-to. We were in Mid-Stay 1 this time, which is literally just across the roundabout from the hotel, but we were following the satnav / postcode which took us on a bit of a detour.

We parked up and our closest bus stop was L15 – obligatory airport bus stop selfies…

The bus was with us in only 2 minutes and we were at the Terminal by 6:15am. We just had the one case this trip and it weighed in at 19kg. Once that was sorted, Rich popped out for his usual final-smoke and we made our way through security at 6:45am – where the staff were really friendly 😊.

Obligatory mooch around Duty Free, WH Smiths and Hamleys – then we sat for a while whilst Rich had some Belvita. Tom and I fancied something a bit more substantial, so we mooched around the food outlets, deciding on Leon. Tom had a Sausage Muffin and I had Full English Poached Egg Pot and a Cappuccino (£10)…

I really enjoyed mine – it could’ve been a bit bigger but was good value for airport food 😊.

Rich fancied a sandwich for later, so we headed back down towards WH Smiths and then Boots to look at the Meal Deals – he went for a Boots BLT / Prawn Mayo / Chicken Salad Triple, with a Pepsi max and we got some Fridge Raiders as the snack option for Tom. We also grabbed a 2nd Pepsi Max for Tom and a pack of cleansing wipes (£6.89)…

It was 8am by now and our gate (40) had opened up, so we had a quick loo stop, grabbed a £1 water from the honesty stand for me and made our way down to the gate.

We sat down for 10-minutes then joined the queue to board. Our flight was at 8:45am, but we didn’t start boarding until 9am...

At 9:15am the Captain announced that we would be delayed by 2 hours due to ATC, but that they were trying to negotiate and earlier take-off 😊. It was really warm on the plane too, so lots of grumbly passengers 😊.

I wrote my notes up to here and did some puzzles from my puzzle book. The boys read Viz and ate their food.

At 9:35am we had another announcement, saying it would now be only 20-minutes until departure 😊

At 9:45am they announced that Ground Crew would start taxiing us out once everyone was seated, and they did the safety demos 😊

At 10am they told us that the Ground Crew hadn’t made it to us in time for the ATC slot and it would be another hour’s wait ☹

At 10:15am they announced we’d be taxxiing to the runway so that we’d be ready if an earlier ATC slot came up. I had a bit of a headache by now, so took some Paracetamol and we all shared a box of Jaffa Cakes.

Finally, at 10:35am they asked us to put our tray tables up, and we were in the air by 10:40am – almost 2 hours behind schedule!

I tried to doze and managed about half an hour, but I woke up really hot and had to take my cardigan off. I was wide awake now so carried on with my puzzles, and we shared a bag of Haribo (£1 from Asda, we’ve been stung by the airport ones before).

As we approached Sweden, the views over the little islands and forests were lovely…

We landed at 1:10pm (local time). Passport check was quick, and our bag was on the carousel by the time we got there.

Tom and I had a quick loo stop whilst Rich popped outside for a smoke and we met back up at the Goteberg bus ticket machine…

Rich nipped back in for the loo whilst I sorted out our tickets – 609 SEK (c£48) for 3 returns. Nice and easy to sort out and the buses run every 12-14 mins (We knew what to expect thanks to Shaun on TPWW). There was one waiting for us at the stand and it left a few minutes after we boarded. It was more of a coach than a bus, with USB chargers, AC and reading lights…

It took about 30-minutes to drive to Gothenberg, where we were the first stop – we could see the wooden coaster Balder and the Liseberg Wheel as we approached…

Our stop was in a little square of bus / tram stops, just outside Liseberg and we arrived at 2pm (so less than an hour from landing)...

There were lots of promo people giving away sample cans of smoothies…

We made our way across the road to our hotel, Gothia Towers, which looked impressive…

We were early for our 3pm check-in, but lots of guests were checking in so we joined the queue – taking a complimentary salty-liquorice sweet each which were very bizarre. We were ok for an early check-in. As usual, we’d booked pay on arrival, which was 6576 SEK (c£500) for three nights, with breakfast included. A little bit more than we’d usually budget, but we were paying a premium for the location.

We were in room 739 in Tower 1, which we were really pleased to find had a fantastic Liseberg view…

A quick 10-minute freshen up and we headed straight back out for an afternoon / evening in the park. Liseberg was open 11am to 10pm today, so we had plenty of time to enjoy the park.

We’d bought Europa Pack Club Card season passes during our August road-trip – a brilliant perk of these is that you get a day’s entry at lots of parks across Europe. We’d already taken advantage of our free days at Efteling and Phantasialand, and Liseberg is included to (hence the sneaky 3rd adventure of the year) 😊.

We went to Guest Services to get our tickets, they had a really bizarre ticket system (like at the Deli counter), which we couldn’t make any sense of, but we didn’t have to wait too long and we soon had our free wristbands, which also included all of the Halloween scare mazes.

There was no bag check and we were in the park by 3:10pm – first impressions were good, there was a lovely atmosphere and fantastic Halloween decorations…

Of course, we were heading straight for Helix, the Mack double-launch coaster that was probably my most anticipated coaster since we started watching them park vlogs (and a potential contender for the #1 coaster slot). To say I was excited is an understatement!

Helix was on a 20-30-minute wait, and we headed up the escalators that we’d seen in so many Vlogs…

The soundtrack was really good, but I wasn’t keen on the industrial-themed queue line...

It was absolutely freezing too, and I was really grateful for my new coat, hat and scarf.

It was finally time to ride – Tom went first (row 3) and Rich and I were on the next train (row 5) – we were familiar with the trains as they are the same as Icon at Blackpool, but the ride operator pinned me in quite tight.

The ride was good, with the 2nd launch being the highlight, and the hill-side setting was really cool – however, we all came off a little bit underwhelmed. It was good, but no where near as good as Taron at Phantasialand – it just didn’t have the speed or intensity. Maybe it would be better in the dark?

After Helix we had a mooch around the park soaking up the atmosphere – Tom and I were a bit peckish, so we shared a Cheesecake on a Stick (49 SEK), which was very nice…

Balder (the parks’ Intamin Woody) was next – this was in one of the areas where there was lots of Halloween theming…

It was advertised as a 30-40-minute wait, but it was more like 15-20. Again, Tom went by himself and Rich and I were on the next train. It’s a really superb Woody – fast and smooth, but Troy at Toverland retains it’s top-woody spot for me.

It was dusky by the time we came off Balder...

Tom didn’t fancy doing the Zombie scare maze so we left it for now. Neither of the boys fancied Loke (Gyro-Swing) either. Rich really isn’t into flat-rides and this is a big one. I was up for it but decided to wait in case they changed their minds for our next visit, and also as I didn’t fancy the 1-hour queue by myself.

It was dark by now and the Scare Actors were making an appearance – they were really good, but Tom wasn’t keen as they were hard to spot in the busy / dark crowds.

We just mooched around for an hour or so, soaking up the Halloween atmosphere, the park was really busy by now. We saw 2 of the park’s 3 Max Burger places (which was definitely on our Liseberg(er) bucket list) but all had horrendous queues, so we left them all for now.

We walked through the Circus Halloween zone next – the clowns were fantastic – my dodgy night-pics really don’t do them justice…

We walked through the kiddy-rides area and had a walk through one of the play-zones, then headed back up towards the main walk-way area...

We got what can only be described as hot bacon Frazzles and a Coke to share (59 SEK)…

We sat on some steps by Liseberg Bananaan to share them – they were really good and kept the hunger at bay for now.

Next we headed for the back of the park, which was really pretty in the dark – all of my pics are blurry though. We did the Vienna Wave Swing, which was a walk-on...

...and then walked up the steps to the hill-side area and did Uppswinget – another a walk-on and really good fun swinging out over the hillside in the dark with Helix whizzing around us. Even Rich quite enjoyed it.

It was 6:30pm by now and we headed for the 3rd Max Burger, which had another horrendous queue, as did the Lisebergshjulet (Big Wheel), so we left both.

We headed back to the Max Burger near Balder but it was still busy (we estimated 45-60 min wait) and the other one was the same.

We were all really hungry but could be bothered with the faff of waiting for food (or for any more rides), so we decided to leave the park now (7pm) and go on the hunt for something to eat.

We could only see the 3 in-park Max Burgers in the immediate area on Google Maps, so decided to leave it for another day when we could get our bearings in the city and headed up what seemed to be a main street, to see what we could find. There were a few Chinese restaurants and Bistros, but nothing that took our fancy, so after about 30-minutes we decided to just get some pic-nic bits and eat back at the room.

We spotted a Netto and headed in. I was quite tired, achy from the cold and not at all in the mood to decide what to have so I left it to the boys – they got some flat-breads, smoked turkey, cheese crunchies, Marabou biscuits, a selection of chocolate bars and some Pepsi Max. It all came to 127 SEK (c£10),

It took less than 10 minutes to get back to the hotel. I got into my PJs and made myself a coffee whilst Rich made up the turkey flat breads and we enjoyed our pic-nic on the bed…

We weren’t impressed with the Swedish chocolate though

By 8pm we were all settled down for the night – Tom was on his phone, Rich put a film on Neflix and I wrote up my notes for the day, getting to this point by 8:35pm. I put on some How I Met Your Mother and think I was asleep by 9:30pm.

It had been a long but good day. We all agreed that Liseberg was good but hadn’t lived up to the hype from all the enthusiast Vlogs and Blogs we’d seen about it – possibly the Halloween crowds didn’t help. We were all hopeful that we’d have a better day on Wednesday when we could go in for park-opening and we’d be less tired.

Coming Soons: Day 2 – Gothenburg and Double Liseberg(ers)
Ems 🎢🎡🎠
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WIP | Liseberg(ers) & Chips (Oct 19)
We still love Florida but have caught the European theme park bug

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Index | The Huxwolds Vacations - All Our Trippies In One Place
Index | Europa Park(s): Planes, Coaster-Trains & Autobahns (Aug 19) - Complete
WIP | Liseberg(ers) & Chips (Oct 19)
We still love Florida but have caught the European theme park bug
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We were in liseberg for the Christmas "Market" - also underwhelmed.
Was that the hotel with the swimming pool that stuck out of the side on one of the upper floors?
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