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Europa Park(s): Planes, Coaster-Trains & Autobahns (Aug 19) - Day 2

Europa Park(s): Planes, Coaster-Trains & Autobahns (Aug 19)

Day 2 – Thursday 22nd August (Europa Park)

The Index is Here
Day 1 is Here

We were up, showered and down for breakfast by around 8:20am this morning.

I started off with a cup of tea and some pancakes from the make-your-own machine…

Next, I tried some of the fresh bread with the lovely black cherry jam I’d had yesterday, but I think it might have been sour dough and it really wasn’t my cup of tea, so I had a pretzel roll with Philadelphia and jam instead – it was lovely so I ended up having 2…

Rich had his pretzel rolls and cold meats and some cereal, and Tom had cereal and pastries (sorry, no pics).

I grabbed a cappuccino to go…

We popped quickly up to the room to sort out the park bag and left just before 9am – it was a sunny start today…

We arrived and parked up by 9:25am. Wodan Timburcoaster was the main aim of this morning, so we headed straight there, via Scandinavia…

Wodan had a 45-minute queue – we could’ve done single-rider but we were up for the wait and it was worth it as the queue line theming was fantastic…

The ride was really good, a fantastic GCI Woodie – although we all agreed it isn’t quite up to Troy (at Toverland) standard.

Whale Adventure (splash battle) was a walk-on so we had another ride on that. It was 11am by now, so we joined the 30-minute line for Fjord Rafting, know that it would get much busier when it warmed up later. The queue moved really fast and it was actually more like 20-minutes in the end…

It was a good rubber-dinghy-rapids – pretty standard and not much of a soaker, but with some good waves. One of them was so strong that I knocked into Tom, whacking my chin on his shoulder – owch!

We mooched around Spain next, looking for somewhere to buy a bottle of Coke and to use Tom’s voucher for a free Snorri Calippo – but we couldn’t find anywhere – only post-mix Coke, so we left it for now and did both of the family flat-rides in the area, Ferria Swing and Kolumbusjolie, which were both less than 5 minutes wait, and both surprisingly good fun…

By now it was 12pm, and we found somewhere that sold the Snorri Callippos…

FYI – Snorri is the mascot for the new Rulantica waterpark – he’s a magical octopus and a great character, with loads of merchandise already .

We had a mooch around Grimms Fairytail Forrest – I love this area so much, it’s really charming and I would’ve loved to have visited when Tom was little. They had some great quirky thinks to see, including this little fountain outside the loos…

There was even a mini urinal with another wee-ing gnome inside the gents – I made Rich go in to take a photo…

We went into Nimmoys Kingdom to have a proper look around – the boys had a go on the slide…

I used Rich’s free Cappuccino voucher…

…and we finally found a bottle of Coke for Rich (€3.30).

We sat for about 15-minutes, just enjoying the ambience 😊...

...then carried on mooching through Grimm's enchanted Forrest...

By 1pm(ish) we’d made it to the Ireland section...

It's mainly kiddy rides here so we didn’t do much. We chilled in the beach cabanas for 5…

Then had a look around the gift shops. We spotted a nice box of Lindt Pralines that we thought would be a good gift for Mom but left them for now as it was another hot day…

I through this dummy / pacifier tree in Germany was a nice touch...

We’d decided to watch the 2pm showing of Rulantica The Musical, so we mooched back towards the Europa Park Teatro in Italy by 1:30pm - Tom and I were a bit peckish, so we got some 2 pizza slices and 2 Cokes for us all to share from Marios Pizza (€12.70)…

The pizzas were really tasty and a decent size for what we paid.

We were still a bit early for the show, so chilled in the Teatro lobby for a few minutes…

Photography wasn’t allowed during the show, but it was a really well produced 45-minute musical, with great vocals and sets. It’s all in German, but they have screens on either side of the theatre, one in French and one in English, giving a brief summary of what’s happening – just enough to keep track without having to spend the who show reading.

The story line is based around pirates hunting for the magical healing powers of Rulantica, which is guarded by mermaids. Snorri is part of the show too – he helps the main character (the bullied deck-hand who dreams of captaining his own ship) – here are a few pics from Google…

Continuing the laid-back theme of the day, we’d decided to do the 3pm viewing of Nachts Im Parc 4d, which was in the France area. This is shown every 20 minutes, with the on-the-hour shows in French...

Even though we don’t speak any French, it was easy to follow the plot which is all about Ed and Edda Euromause and things running amok in the park overnight – it utilises the park’s rides and characters really well, including a Blue Fire scene, the brilliant Madame Fraudenreich and cartoon versions of the inventor and air stewardess from Voletarium.

More pics from Google….

This is a superb 4D show – better than any that we’ve seen in Disney and Universal - Mack Media have done a fantastic job producing it.

It was around 3:30pm by now, and were ready for a few rides, so we headed to Switzerland to find Swiss Bob Run – this is tucked away in a fab little Alps-themed area which we’d completely missed yesterday…

We waited about 30-minutes and it was a great bob-sled ride Tom went solo and Rich and I went together.

The park is so pretty...

After, we grabbed a bottle of Coke and a Nutella Muffin for Tom from the Boulangerie in France (€6)…

Then did the weirdly wonderful Madame Fraudenreich’s Curiosities, which was a walk-on – we all loved this…

We had just enough time to get to Luxemburg for Ed’s Party Parade at 4:30pm – we literally walked up to the roped off area as it started coming past – it was only a few minutes but (once again) really well done...

My favourites were the Blue Fire roller-coaster float and Eurofant dancing at the end – he was really funny…

We decided to call it a day after the parade and left the park at 5pm...

I love the views of Silver Star as you walk down the central walk-way between the car-park rows...

It had been another fantastic day and we all enjoyed the more laid back approach to the day after a full-on day of rides and coasters yesterday.

We had a really chilled evening at the hotel, popping out a couple of times – once to the Norma supermarket to get some drinks, bread and bits for a pic-nic tea - Crusty rolls with turkey for Rich and pate for me (€12.49)…

Tom hadn't fancied the crusty rolls, so we popped out again to the Kebab shop next to Norma to get a pizza for Tom (approx. €6.50) - the sunset was lovely on the walk back...

Tom went up to the room to eat hispizza (which he said was really nice) whilst Rich and I popped over to the Garage next door to put in some air in the tyre for tomorrow's long drive to Bonn. we also got a couple of packets of cigarettes for Rich (€7 each).

One final sunset pic from the room (looking out towards Europa Park…

Other than that, we just watched stuff on our i-pads, I did our ride / attractions list for the day and and we all had an early night .

Today’s Stats:
11 Attractions, inc. 2 new Coaster Credits and 1 re-ride
Walking: 15,915 steps (= 6.92 miles / 11.14km)
Driving: c10km

Day 3 - Europa Park & Driving to Bonn is Here
Ems 🎢🎡🎠
Index | The Huxwolds Vacations - All Our Trippies In One Place
Index | Europa Park(s): Planes, Coaster-Trains & Autobahns (Aug 19) - Complete
WIP | Liseberg(ers) & Chips (Oct 19)
We still love Florida but have caught the European theme park bug

Edited at 03:50 PM.
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What a lovely park! I love the vibe so fairytale like and very quaint .
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