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Unread 13 Aug 18, 01:30 AM  
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It's A Long Way To Itinerary DAY 4 GRAND CANYON

Day 4

I did my ates and cleaned the room because of course we had spent the evening in our room.

I am Groot

We were off at eight and didnt stop for breakfast because our Lily didnt want anything.

As usual we all went along with it


Because we are sheep.

For the rest of this trip I am going to call our Lily Bo Peep because whatever she dictated we followed like sheep.

We did stop at Safeway and buy salads and sandwiches to take in the cool box. Plus a few more barefoot bottles.

We couldnt use the card because it hadnt been registered to register it we needed a zip code.

It took about an hour to drive up to the canyon.

We arrived at the Grand Canyon and bought an 80-dollar park pass because it was possible that we would be visiting more than one park.

We pulled in and demolished the salads and sandwiches we had bought.

I sensed we had not bought enough.

We did the scenic drive and our Lily and Larry were very impressed.
We stopped at every pull in for photographs so were pretty much at it all day.

The place was quite busy.

At times there wasnt anywhere to park, so we made Al drive up and down the road until we had finished our photo fest.

We called to the gift shop and bought the usual fridge magnets etc our Lily had a total melt down because Larry wanted to buy a colleague a pen.

Welcome to fight club.

I understood her point of view nobody buys gifts for colleagues these days.

I finished up springing for the pen because I was worried that the colleague was the same bloke whose apartment we blew up in Fuengirola a couple of Christmases ago. (Another story)

Anyway, I digress exiting the canyon, we set off for Monument valley although the drive was quite scenic there was nothing on the way to stop and eat or drink.

We did think about venturing into Tuba City but decided to stay on the main road.

We were starving.

Finally, we made it to Burgher King in Kayenta.

I didnt mess about asking them to choose I did a Lily and took charge. I ordered four double whoppers with four large fries and four hot teas take it or leave it.

For once our Lily was eating, happy and smiling and not sitting there with a face that looked like she had been weaned on white vinegar.

I did wonder if they were pumping Pinot Grigot through the air system because thats the only time she laughs.

There was also an interesting exhibit on the Navajo Code Talkers in the restaurant. It was housed in a huge glass display and we were seated nearby so we were able to read and look whilst eating.

Behind the Burgher King was a Bashies supermarket, so Al and I did a Supermarket Sweep.

We had a sort of list and Larry is desperate for Weetabix and fruit he sees to his own breakfast at home because Bo Peep doesnt eat it.

Lily had a list of crap to devour later.

Whilst queuing to pay I noticed most of the Navahos bought abundant amounts of energy drinks. That must be their substitute for alcohol I dont know which is worse really.

Originally, we were going to stay for one night at the canyon and one night at Monument Valley then on reflection decided to change it to two days at Monument Valley.

I e mailed Gouldings to see if they could accommodate us for an extra night. Unfortunately, they were full however they did have the Casita. It was a caravan and the cost was the same as one night in a room. I cancelled the rooms and booked the caravan for two nights.

The check in at Monument Valley was heaving and I was so glad we had eaten because the place was packed, and they were advising people to go straight to the restaurant because dinner finished at 9.30 and it was first come first served.

I enquired about a tour the lass told me because we were staying for two nights we would have no problem getting on the afternoon tour. Most people book for one night and do the morning tour then move on.

The Casita was fabulous it was huge the size of a double caravan. It was a little dated but very comfortable. There were two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The outside had distant views of the valley but views none the less.

It had a washer and a dryer in it, (another bonus) so we cracked on with the washing. We then settled down at the dining table and played cards. We made sure we closed the curtains we didnt want to offend any passing Navaho with the fire water.

Every time we heard a noise I was telling Lily it was probably a Navaho getting through the window with a hatchet wanting to steal her Pinot.

That put her off the monkey nuts. Saved me cleaning the bloody shells up the next morning
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cant wait for this date
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Unread 13 Aug 18, 04:56 PM  
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miss lumpy
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Smashing views
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Unread 14 Aug 18, 11:09 PM  
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Fab views! The casita looks great.
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Happy Birthday dear Alan...
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Unread 10 Mar 19, 11:46 PM  
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Unread 13 Jul 19, 02:16 PM  
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Great little find with the casita - lovely views too.

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Back to our second home!
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