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Unread 24 Oct 19, 09:53 PM  
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Melanie R
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Glaciers & Glowtinis - Day 8 Sea day

I awoke on my final full day onboard the Coral Princess at around 7am and had the luxury of not needing to get up and go anywhere as we were to have another sea day but this one was planned!

I checked the forecast for the day, and headed outside to confirm that it was a lovely day, warm and sunny if a little breezy, but a light long sleeved top would sort that.

I had a very leisurely start to my day before heading up to Horizons the buffet restaurant for breakfast. The main dining room stopped serving at around 9:30 and it was almost this time by the time I had emerged from my stateroom so didnt want to feel rushed and cause them issues by heading there.

I started with some toast which was freshly made and added some scrambled eggs and sausages to my plate before heading to find a free table. It was busy today as I had expected, but I was lucky enough to find one close to the window so I could enjoy the passing scenery as I ate. A passing waiter asked me if I wanted a hot drink and I was very quickly served with a cup of tea.

I was happily chatting to the couple on the table next to me while we lingered over our meals, and I was enjoying the scenery out of the window it was a lovely sunny day today and I had no plans at all other than to enjoy the last day onboard.

I headed back to the buffet to collect some pastries and another cup of tea, and as I had expected I lost my table the staff on this ship were super-efficient and tables were at a premium this morning, so rather than wander aimlessly looking for somewhere to sit, I headed outside to the pool area with my plate and tea and found a sheltered spot close to the bar.

As I was finished and sat looking around the deck, I spotted the ice cream machine. I have no idea how I had managed to miss this for the whole week, but they were serving cones of soft scoop (vanilla or chocolate) with sprinkles and although I am not a huge fan of ice cream I suddenly really fancied one!

I headed across to the lady serving and ordered a vanilla cone then kicked myself that I hadnt noticed this earlier! It was delicious and completely free of charge too 😍

Once I had finished my ice cream, (and managed to stop at just 1) I headed down to my stateroom to collect my kindle and to check out the activities for the day on the Princess Patter. I went via the shop to collect the 2 crystals I had bought and was happy to see they were both there ready for me.

Back at the stateroom I contemplated the activities for the day, but decided I was more than happy chilling on deck with my book again it had worked so well yesterday, why spoil a good plan! I also vaguely acknowledged that at some point in the day I would need to pack, but I would do that later!

I headed back to the spot I had found the previous day as it had comfy sun loungers, good bar service and was in a sheltered spot and I set up camp for the morning.

Reading and relaxing were on my agenda for the day, and I had the added bonus that I could hear the commentary from the talk the Alaskan specialist was giving across the other side of the deck. She was extremely interesting and informed us that we were very likely to see some whales from the ship as we cruised the Georgia Straits back to Vancouver and was telling us about the scenery and wildlife of the area as we cruised along. After she had finished, the captain made his usual noon announcements and reminded us the time would be changing again tonight so we would have an extra hour in bed, and hoped we had all enjoyed our cruise on the Coral Princess. He also mentioned that the lady who had been giving the talk that morning would be happy to sign copies of her book which were available in the shop.

On hearing this, I made my mind up to check out the shop and see what the book was like as I do like to have a memento of places I had visited I also needed to pick up a fridge magnet of the ship as I do collect them, so around 2pm I gathered my few bits up and headed down to the shop.

I managed to resist buying a mug (a big weakness of mine) but did find the magnets I was looking for along with a copy of the book mentioned by the captain.

I also spotted the tubes of Pringles and got a sudden craving! I know they are ridiculously expensive onboard, but I hadnt really spent very much during the week, so I caved and bought a tube to enjoy that afternoon!

I headed back to my stateroom with an idea that I would do some packing, but when I got there changed my mind and headed out to the balcony instead with my Pringles and my kindle!

I tuned the tv to the channel so that I could hear any commentary as they were very good at announcing any wildlife sightings and settled back in the sunshine to enjoy my last afternoon onboard.

Before long, we had sightings of whales swimming alongside the ship! There were 2 orcas which we were informed were both male and they were so close to the ship! As I glanced behind us I could also see several other cruise ships in the same area it was obviously the day to head back to or away from Vancouver!

I was so thrilled to have finally seen the orcas that I forgot to take any pics of them 😂 By the time I had thought to do so, they had vanished so missed my opportunity then I remembered some advice the Alaskan expert had given. She was talking about the wildlife and mentioned the whale tours available at the various ports, and the advice she had given was leave your camera at home. She told us that almost all the tour operators took pictures on all their tours which were available free of charge to download so to leave your camera behind and just enjoy the experience rather than trying to view it through a lens. I thought this was excellent advice which I planned to follow if I was lucky enough to manage to get a tour in the next couple of days.

Time was now ticking and I knew I needed to get packed to leave my luggage outside for collection, so I headed inside and dragged the case from under the bed and started to pack a job I hate doing!

There were still some bits and pieces I would need the following morning, so I had planned ahead for this and brought a soft bag to put them in.

I left the case outside, and then headed back up to the buffet for a cupcake and cocktail a winning combination I had discovered and reviewed my copy of the Princess Patter to plan my evening. I had been grazing on Pringles most of the afternoon and had my sweet fix with the cupcake, so decided I wasnt hungry for a full meal so picked up a burger from the grill bar these were so good and I really enjoyed it. There was a show in the theatre tonight British Invasion I had considered going to see it, but I have seen it before on a previous P&O cruise and wasnt really feeling in the mood, so opted to go back to watch movies on my iPad and finish up the Pringles I had bought!

I picked up a coffee from the International Caf on my way, and stopped to watch the activity in the atrium putting a golf ball into a beer glass gutted I had missed this one!

I headed back to my balcony with a little regret that this would be the last evening I could do this and spent a very pleasant evening watching Marvel movies and enjoying the peace and the sunset before heading to bed for an early night as I would need to be up early the following day to disembark.

As Im writing up this report, Im aware that I have been gently dissing the onboard activities, but just to set anyones mind at rest who may have a Princess cruise booked , there was lots going on in different areas of the ship talks, quizzes, music etc., it was just that I was really enjoying the mix of exploring and relaxing that I was doing and I loved making the most of my balcony! I would really hate to give anyone the impression that there is nothing to do onboard it was entirely my choice not to participate 😊
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Adventures on Ventura
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Unread 25 Oct 19, 01:13 PM  
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Deck 4, Disney Wonder

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Another fab day! I love how much relaxing and reading you have done this cruise
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Unread 25 Oct 19, 11:30 PM  
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As above, I like a day of relaxing every now and then too. Especially when all round is stunning scenery.
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Snow fun in Whistler
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Unread 29 Oct 19, 11:31 PM  
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Another lovely day and so relaxing.
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Going out in a Blaze of Glory.
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