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Did anyone see this? Won't be taking my CBD oil to DisneyWorld I guess...

  • 13 May 19, 12:11 PM
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    Could I ask which brand you use and how you take it? It seems like the new snake oil and that there's a million brands and some outrageous claims of what it does. Its something id like to try for my arthritis but wary of what to get and from where as the stuff I did get had zero effect.
    I use Hempassion, it's in the form of drops i put under my tongue. if i'm maintaining and not being overly active i use abut 3-5 drops 2x a day. before i go to WDW i ramp up a bit with at least 5 drops 2x a day.
    I use for pain in my ankles, i have extra bone in the ankle joints that 'grate' on me so i get pain from that and then swelling when bad and then pain from swollen ankles!

    Hempassion come in a few strengths and they do an ointment rub also. i use the rub when very bad! look at Hempassion website, what kind of pain relief are you on now?
    will we get there? trying for BLT!
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