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Relaxing at the Grand Floridian
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Mobile 4 people, 2 weeks, 1 room! Offsite trip report, Friday 9th IHOP & universal studios.

Geez its humid! Found a spare hour to catch up with things!
So after the disappointing but free hotel breakfast we wanted a big belly busting breakfast so went to our old favourite IHOP. Tbh the menu seems smaller than I remember but we all found something we wanted. For drinks I had coffee, ds and Cecil both had Hershey milkshakes and dd had dr pepper... I am seriously regretting lifting the sugary drink ban. Who wants a dr pepper at breakfast?!

I had the combo which was bacon, eggs, hash brown and I had blueberry pancakes. The bacon was a bit chewy and fatty but I'm not a fan of American bacon so Cecil helped out. The pancakes were ok but blueberries tasted like they were tinned in syrup, just like the hotel peaches, I miss fresh fruit!

Cecil had breakfast sampler

Ds had split decision which was sausage with eggs, hash brown, French toast and pancakes. He didn't like the toast but luckily Cecil was there once again to help out!

Dd had chocolate pancake stack

It was so busy in there! Bill was $69 inc tax & tip.
We then went to universal studios where I finally tried a frozen butter beer, we just got 1 to share in case we didn't like it but we all did! Queue was too long to get more though. I expected it to be like root beer or ginger/cinnamon for some reason but its delicious and sweet like vanilla marshmallows!
This is ds enjoying it!

Dd and I also had a Starbucks, she had her usual peach iced tea and I had the pinky dinky...? Not sure if that's what it's called but you can only get it here and she really wanted to try it but also wanted her tea so I just got it for her really, of course she didn't like it! It's like a week strawberry milk.

We had to dodge a downpour so dived into fire eaters, we had a beef kebab meal and a chicken kebab meal while dd had her usual chicken tenders, ds was going to eat our chips... I told Cecil chips were crisps but he said not in this case because who would have crisps with a kebab? I insisted but he wouldn't listen... ds ate 2 bags of crisps and shared dd meal.
We bought a refillable cup this time and kids had Gatorade which is the drink of the devil, honest I'm going to reinstate the drinks ban it's getting ridiculous! I'm sure Gatorade is just liquid sugar.
The plan was to go to chocolate emporium but none of us were hungry enough so we went to cvs for snacks as it was on the way and I wanted a different suncream. Well $2.40 for 6 Krispy kremes! Made my day and I got a bag of mini krullers... krullers are my all time fave but rarely find them at home, I was so happy! Kids got 2 boxes of lucky charms as they were $2 a box because Cecil got a loyalty card. One was the usual cheerio type the other was frosted flakes. I cant even remember the other bits of rubbish we got!

Of course we weren't hungry enough for a proper dinner after the doughnuts. Cecil had a huff because we didn't have a proper meal the day before and says he's only snacked since he got here... guess he forgot Hoovering up everyone's breakfast and lunch but I agree he definitely needs to eat or he will waste away... so he walks to McDonald's and gets all sorts of unnecessary fast food, I think he may have just asked for 1 of everything... I've only pictured what he got for me when I told him I wasnt even hungry!, a cheeseburger, nuggets and fries, I ate half the fries and 3 nuggets. I would be skinny if I got rid of Cecil!

Kids ate some more of their solid chocolate frog we all went to bed, I should have written my blog as it's hard to remember everything days later but I'm reading a very absorbing book...its called monster love by Carol Topolski for anyone interested and it's really not for the faint hearted, I'm honestly shocked at it, i want to read on but also want to burn it!

Pool day tomorrow, I'll report it soon.

Thanks for reading!
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Good prices on the donuts, who can resist such a bargain?
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