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Disneyland Paris Trip Planning Disneyland Paris Holiday Planning Questions and Tips.
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Unread 21 Apr 19, 09:27 PM  
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I have been to Anaheim x1
Orlando x 10
Paris x 3... I usually choose Orlando for a longer stay but I LOVE Paris DL it is a charming ,beautiful park,just as good as the others in my opinion just all on a smaller scale ,so only a few days needed...
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Unread 21 Apr 19, 09:31 PM  
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Originally Posted by Gill H View Post
Extra Magic Time is pretty much always the same rides - yes, not many but if you get there first thing you can do Peter Pan, Carousel, Teacups, Dumbo all as walk ons, then go through to Discoveryland and do Buzz, Orbitron and Space Mountain with virtually no queue either. Then go to Frontierland for your BTMR Fastpass and you've done half the park before 11am.

We would never want to go during the Easter holidays (busiest time as the whole of Europe is off at the same time) but we have been many times at quieter times of year and in 11 trips we have never waited more than 40 minutes for anything. All comes down to strategy.

Agree the merch is somewhat lacking and the fast food not great (though the more expensive restaurants can be superb - save your money for the likes of Remy or Walt's).

Interestingly the tactics seem to be the same for Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Anaheim - both 'locals' parks so the wisdom is avoid all weekends and public holidays.

As with so many things, WDW is the exception, not the rule.
I am seasoned at WDW strategy but DLP defeated me! Pinocchio and space mountain were supposed to be EMH but every morning had technical difficulties which magically got fixed at 10. Big thunder and the riverboat werent supposed to be open but were. We didnt wait more than 40 mins for anything... but at WDW we never wait more than 15 mins for anything, and that is with visiting at busy tones, eg 4th July. It felt like they randomly opened and closed stuff when they felt like it, and the app wasnt updated and there was no other info either, so hard to strategise!

Walts and phantom manor both werent meant to be closed but were. Dumbo also had a scheduled closure. Remys was fine but not spectacular and definitely not worth the c.45 euro each it would have cost if out of pocket (we were on meal plan).

Glad others like it and there were lots of pleasant surprises but overall trying to actually get on attractions or eat good food was really frustrating for us!
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Taking our baby!
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Unread 29 Apr 19, 07:56 AM  
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Excited about Disney
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Originally Posted by HFJohnson View Post
According to the website the Magic Plus does still include access to EMT. I think it was just guest storage that was taken off from 1 April.

Also, Big Thunder Mountain was added to the list of EMT rides from 1 April.
We are just back from DLP last night and DS has the magic plus pass and went in for magic hour with no problem, and we were still able to take our guest (DH ) in for magic hour on a friend ticket bought with our annual passes too.

After this weekend, I feel like Paris is a beautiful park but in need of some love right now, as little things chip away at the magic here and there. The thing I can never get over is how CMs walk through the park to start or end a shift in their full costume but also their own things and through the other lands - so you might be on the edge of Discoveryland heading to Main Street and come across someone in full Pirates outfit plus a Hogwarts backpack. That is the sort of thing you can lose your job for in WDW and it just stuck out to me so much that then I noticed it everywhere!

But I think mostly I need to get used to the idea of a cold park with Paris! I ended up wearing all the layers in my whole suitcase the last day because it was so cold and wet and windy. What to wear is a significant part of my Disney fun so I need a different mindset!
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Leaving DH at home this time
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Unread 29 Apr 19, 05:47 PM  
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Gill H
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Ha! Our first WDW trip in Dec 2010 was mostly in winter coats, it was minus 2C some days. Personally I hate heat, you can dress for cold weather but there is only so much you can take off before they throw you out of the park...
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Budget DLP trip!
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Unread 29 Apr 19, 07:47 PM  
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Originally Posted by Gill H View Post
...there is only so much you can take off before they throw you out of the park...
Tell me about it
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Unread 30 Apr 19, 11:48 PM  
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Originally Posted by DiszeeBelle View Post
I'm of the opposite mind set. Been going to DLP since it opened, finally going to WDW for first time end of July, we will be home for 9 days then head off to DLP with the rest of the family and I can't wait. I'm actually looking forward to DLP more for some strange reason, I think it may be due to the familiarity and knowing how close we are to the parks and the less planning, you can just go with the flow. I'm going to WDW with the mind set that it's a different resort so everything will be different and not to compare.
I feel the same as this. Its years and years since I went to WDW, so I might feel differently after we go back there next year, but I cant wait to be booking DLP again. Im really, really excited to go back to WDW, but DLP is my happy place, and its familiar and lovely and easy.

I also think its better value. Admittedly, were spending a lot on WDW, staying on-site, adding in Universal, etc, so not really comparable, but theres certainly no way we could get hotel, tickets and travel* for 650, which is what we spent on 5 days on-site (4 of us) last year. And when we did go all out, it was still only 1200 for the Disneyland Hotel, tickets and travel* at Christmas, which doesnt come close to the cost of our hotel and tickets for WDW, even if we only stayed for a week.

Im hoping the weather in WDW wont be quite as hot as our first DLP trip in the summer. We had 37 degree relentless heat every day in DLP in August 2016, which was much warmer than we were expecting, and not pleasant (but didnt spoil the holiday, so well manage if WDW turns out to be similar in temperature, which it probably will!)

*not including petrol though
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Edited at 08:39 AM.
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Waiting to make memories in WDW
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