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Old 9 Jul 18, 05:09 PM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
DIBB Villa Reviews: 2
Scottishnellies Redundancy Trip Jun18. Day 21. All Over For Another Year. Homeward Bound

Up at 8am and had my last morning coffee out by the pool before all the final packing and getting ready would start.

I was dreading this morning. Not just coz it's horrible going home, but all the agro this causes, trying to get Hannah out of her bed so I can strip it, trying to get her to hand everything over that needs packed, kevin getting himself all in a stooshie over the weight of the suitcases and, no matter what else we bought, blaming only the foaming hand soaps.

I would actually rather they each got up, had showers, dressed in what they are wearing to the airport then left me alone for 2 hours to sort everything. They just get in my way!

Randy had kindly said he would ask the cleaners to come a bit later so we didn't need to be out until 12, so that was good.

Kieran went up to the clubhouse for a wee while to visit the cat, then came back and played in the pool before his shower at 11am

Hannah spent the morning refusing to let me in to strip her sheets, refusing to let us weigh her hand luggage, insisting she had given us everything that needed to be packed then producing something else every 5 minutes. Yes. Not difficult at all.

We used up the last of the food for an early lunch so was very cobbled together

Eventually everyone was dressed and the cases were packed. Final weigh in time. Thomas cook allowance is 23kg and we got them to what seemed to be exactly 23kg each. That was with the old fashioned lift up dial scales. Pray to the god of luggage scales whoever that might be.

Final checks of the villa, all sheets washed and in the dryer. All towels in the washing machine. Why don't we get these big US washing machines? I'd love one at home.

Gave the kitchen and bathrooms a quick wipe over. I know you don't need to do this stuff but it makes me feel better leaving a place nice. There were 3 single beds that hadn't been touched while we were there so I left notes on those to say so. No idea whether that's helpful or they would just ignore it anyway. Left the villa at 11:50

We had to drop in my leftover seagrams to the clubhouse so while there we decided we would weigh the cases on their digital scales. They came in at 23.2 or 23.3 each so we decided to take the chance.

Each hand luggage we have is 4.5kg against a 6kg allowance so if they were to be really strict we would just need to pull stuff out into our hand luggage.

Kids under 18 are not normally allowed in the gym but since we were with him Kieran had a wee go on the cross trainer. He would love one of those.

The kids played a few games while Kevin cooled down again in the aircon after lugging all the cases around.

Then they said goodbye to duchess

Packing prayers n pixie dust 😳 we set off for the airport.

Easily found the rental return area at terminal B for Thomas cook as it's very well signposted. Dropped the car confirming the only charge was still the original full tank of gas (we had 18 miles left in it) and into the terminal building.

Got to the Thomas Cook checkin and only 1 family in front of us so only waited a couple of minutes. She weighed each case, labelled them and never said a word. She didn't even look at the hand luggage never mind weigh it. 👍

We did look at each weight though and they were each EXACTLY what the clubhouse scales weighed them at.

I had checked in online yesterday as I was desperate to see whether we had seats together (another thing Kevin and I disagree about paying for). I had been relieved to see we had row 11, 4 centre seats together and these stayed the same when she printed our boarding cards. I would have made Kevin's life hell had we been split up all over the place 😉

Off to security. We had to keep our cellphones in our bags but take out any electronics larger than a phone. We also had to take out all snacks or candy, all liquids in a separate clear bag as usual, anyone between ages 12 and 75 had to remove shoes. Hannah was getting in a right kerfuffle with her shoes!

had worn my blingy jeans and the body scanner didn't like them. So I was treated to an extra pat down. When she asked if I was ok to do it there or wanted to go to a private room I wondered how extensive it was going to be! But it was just because she lifted my top a bit to check around the inside of my waistband.

Confirmed as non terrorist we were free to carry on. Picked up a packet of Cheetos for me and some water for the kids. Went to the gate where there was a wee market with a bar in it. Bought Kevin a bud and a glass of red for me

Ooft airports are not cheap are they?!

As we are sitting at the gate with nothing to do I typed today's report up to this point and we also had a good chat about our highs n lows so I took a note of them for each person. Even though one of Kevin's is so completely unfair!

More later once we land...

We were supposed to fly at 16:35 but took off an hour late at 17:35. Hannah and Kevin were both asleep before we took off.

And so we started the long flight home.

I upgraded the films to premium for Hannah Kieran and I which is £5 each. Kevin refuses to pay for such luxuries remember.

I did check the economy movies but I had seen them all and knew that even if I slept a bit I would watch at least one film.

I watched A Wrinkle In a Time

I liked it but then I love anything with Reese Witherspoon.

After an hour they came round with a drinks service.

45mins later the kids meals came out, which was pasta, fruit snacks, cheese n crackers, chocolate cake.

20mins after that the adult meals were served which turned out to be exactly the same as the kids meals - just without the fruit snacks!

I watched Blockers after that, some of which was cheesy, but 4 or 5 bits I really did laugh out loud! Hannah wanted to watch it as I was laughing so much but she couldn't understand why she couldn't find it. When I looked at her screen she had a completely different set of films. Then I realised it's because she is only 14 and all the films over that certification were missing from her selection. Clever.

I had noticed that all the swearing was still in the film whereas it's usually dubbed over on the plane so this must be how they control it now.

about an hour away from landing they served breakfast, which was orange juice, yoghurt and a thin crunchy cereal bar.

The wheels hit the tarmac at 6:45 uk time. It took them a wee while to get the tunnel connected to the door but as we were row 11 and the door is at row 12 we were off sharp and through passport control by 7:02.

Suitcases were so quick! And all 4 came together which almost never happens. Straight out and into a taxi home.

We walked in our front door at 7:30am. 45mins after we landed. Must be a new record for us!

The first thing I did was go for my mail as I knew a very special letter was supposed to have arrived on 2nd July. And there it was. Official. I first found out my job was at risk on 15th March so it has already been over 3 months of decisions, sleepless nights, rumours, stress, moving goalposts, changing dates. But here we are now. After 28 years with the company my job is no more

Gulp! Such mixed emotions.

We all headed straight to bed for a couple of hours, setting alarms for 11am so we can try to get back on track before work tomorrow.

We really struggled to get up at 11 but we did. Well, apart from Hannah who point blank refused, but I am just leaving her to it. With no school she is old enough to sort herself out over the next few days. Besides she has about 45 episodes of Love Island to binge watch so we will be lucky to see her face within the next fortnight.

My fabulous wee mammy had been in before we came home and left fresh milk and bread, potato scones, and her amazing home made lentil soup. Which is Kierans favourite thing in the whole wide world when he comes back from a holiday 😍 so we sorted. She had also left some farm fresh Ayrshire totties for tonights dinner. That woman sure knows how to welcome us home!

Our wee cat was delighted to see us - running from one to the next for a good pet while we were unpacking the cases (god knows where I am going to put everything).

The garden was like something out of Jurassic Park! 3 weeks of glorious sunshine while we were away and we had weeds knee high! The good thing is my lillies look incredible and my lettuce is plentiful. My hanging herb garden has died a death though, as that would've needed watered at least twice a day to survive that heat, so that will all need to be replanted.

So we cut the grass, weeded the path and flowerbeds, and washed the cars. And actually just enjoyed the strange sensation of being home yet it still being gloriously sunny ☀️

And now, I am sitting on my sun lounger, having a wee kopparberg, finishing this report and already planning next year.

Ssshh don't tell Kevin. We don't want to give him a heart attack.😉

Here's to all of you who have read along and commented - it's so very much appreciated.


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Old 9 Jul 18, 05:18 PM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 9 Jul 18 5:18 PM.
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Old 9 Jul 18, 05:33 PM  
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Welcome home Helen! Have thoroughly enjoyed your report which has given me some good ideas for my trip next year! Best wishes for your future plans and hope you're not too sad over the redundancy. I quit work last year after 22 years in a primary school and haven't looked back!
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Old 9 Jul 18, 05:42 PM  
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Another fabulous trip. Thank you for writing. Enjoyed reading along again !
Good luck with the coming months after the redundancy.
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Old 9 Jul 18, 05:48 PM  
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I’m going to miss your posts 😢 glad the journey home was quick and uneventful
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Old 9 Jul 18, 06:01 PM  
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Welcome home the weather here is fantastic isn't Hope the last few weeks at work go well
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Old 9 Jul 18, 06:24 PM  
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Welcome home to the sunshine. A cracking journey home. Thanks as always for taking us along on your holiday, it’s been amazing. I’m sure there’s plenty of fab things ahead for you, you’re so positive I can’t see redundancy holding you back. Good luck with everything, can’t wait for your next holiday.
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Old 9 Jul 18, 06:24 PM  
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Helping Mickey
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Have thoroughly enjoyed reading all about your antics. My daily dose of the ‘Scottishnellies’ has been fab and have got some good ideas for our summer hols- definitely off to Anna Maria Island after reading about your day.
Thank you for sharing.
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Old 9 Jul 18, 06:38 PM  
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Earning More Ears
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Just chiming in with the thanks, I’ve loved reading your posts on the commute!
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Good travel day Helen, despite Hannah not getting ready as quickly as you would have liked in the morning. I thought I was the only person who left notes on the beds we didn't use, but apparently not! . Glad the cases went through the scales ok, your prayers to the scale gods must have worked

Wow, that was quick getting from the airport to home! Glad you for home safely and that the weather was still good for you.

I understand your mixed feelings about your job. I've been 28 years in my job as well but there are lots of changes going on, many of which don't sit well with me so I'm seriously considering my future there. I hope you find something that makes you happy, whether it be staying home or a new job.
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