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Day 2 Tuesday 12 October

Turned the lights off just after 10, having switched the a/c off. We discovered that the noise of the a/c totally drowns out the noise of the entertainment. I was woken at 11 by the sound of the family next door coming back to their room so I decided to switch the a/c back on. I reach for the remote control, drop it, back falls off batteries everywhere, both girls awake. Luckily the bed is on some kind of plinth so the batteries do not go under the bed. A/c resumed, sleep is not. Jas gets up to go to the toilet at 3.30 and is then crying because the pain in her back from laying on the sun Bed is so bad and she just wants to go home. We’re now all awake again. Jas is the one who would benefit most from a deep tissue massage but her fears won’t allow it to happen - we went to the hospital/physio when she was around 10 as her back was always aching and she always needed to ‘click’ it and they discovered that she can’t relax her shoulders. I’m trying to comfort her but the room is split level and I can’t see where the 2 steps down are, I’m doing a weird foot taping step to try and avoid breaking my neck. Everyone is too hot so the a/c is back on. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just the sound of the motor/fan/blade but every 10 seconds it makes a noise like someone is taking 2 steps on the tiled floor so I keep lifting my head up thinking one of the girls is out of bed. Not holding out much hope for a run at this point.

I wake up to discover that it’s 6.50 and if I’m going for a run then I need to go now. Get changed and head out towards the beach. The down hill is lovely and sun is rising down at the beach, there is one person swimming and another doing yoga. I carry in until just over 2k and then turn back. There are lots of other joggers out. I get to the bottom of the hill and my legs do not want to know, I make it to the top but had to have 3 small walks, an old man jogger overtakes me while I’m running!
A quick lap of the hotel grounds gets me to 5k. I text the girls to ask ask them to drop the towels off the balcony but there is no response. I badly climb the 21 stairs and knock on the door and there is no reply. Several minutes later I’m texting to say that I’m going to find an area to set up camp when Jas opens the door. I grab the towels and head out to a new area - forecast today us saying sun and cloud until 11 and then cloud/rain until 6, so I’ve headed straight to the sunny side.

Quick shower and Phoe and I head to breakfast. The girls have had another spat which I somehow missed so now Phoebe isn’t talking to Jas

Straight from breakfast to the camp to sit under the thick black cloud. There is the odd 30 second interval of sun. I pop back up to the room to tell jas to come down between 11 and 11.30 and when I head back out it is raining. The ground is soaked, mr poolside entertainment is wearing a disposable poncho, so it does feel a bit like Florida! Phoe has swapped beds and got everything under the umbrella. We look like fools. The pool area is pretty much deserted. Jas comes down just after 11 and declares that she is hungry so we pop to the snack terrace and grab some chips and a slice of pizza. The wind is starting to whip up and it’s really cold. We manage to last until 12.15 when the restaurant opens and are first through the door. We choose seats in the open air part but where the plastic window things have been pulled down so we’re not in the breeze

Phoebe has selected her beige plate and I go off to get mine and Jasmine’s. I get back to the table and phoebe says to me ‘did you not feel that?’ I say ‘what?’ And she says ‘an earthquake!’ Turns out that the floor and the tables had shook, everyone was looking at each other. I said, ‘oh, no I didn’t notice anything’.
Phoebe is all about high drama so was trying to convince me that it really had happened and was worrying about tsunamis. I did believe her and was gutted that I’d missed it. We carried on eating it and discussing and then had a google to discover that there had been a 6.4 earthquake not all that far from us. Phoebe announced that she was an earthquake survivor.

While Jas was finishing up her icecream, the sun made a reappearance so we dashed back down to the beds. It felt so nice and warm. I looked up and declared that there was quite a big blue patch so quickly jumped into the pool to cool off (it’s only been sunny 10 minutes but I was too hot!). After 10 minutes of drying off time the black cloud was back and it was freezing. Jas went back up to the room and Phoe and I shivered under towels

I went and got us a cup of tea and as I got back to the beds the rain was starting so we moved under the tree to tide it out. It got heavier and heavier until there was just one other pair left and they decided to bail. Well, then the thunder started so that was us done. We made a run for it but my flip flops kept skidding on the paths so I had to adopt a weird run. It was absolutely hammering town and gutters were unleashing gallons of water. Made it back to the room with Jas laughing at us.
While we were in the room Some of Phoebe’s friends contacted her to make sure she was ok as Sky news had just reported a 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Crete sparking a tsunami warning - I’d only just talked Phoebe down from worrying about tsunamis!

An hour later and it was blue skies so we headed back out to make up for lost time. This is how it is meant to be but it only lasted an hour and a half and then the cloud was back and we were freezing

Back to the room, showers and ready for dinner. I’m feeling so full that I don’t really want anything but still manage some chicken risotto and broccoli. Jas has her usual and Phoe is fed up with having the same thing and trying to avoid gluten and not succeeding

We sat on the lounge terrace after dinner playing Harry Potter Dobble and cards. Jas has had a winning streak the last few days but that seems to be over so she’s not happy!

Day 2 from Phoebe’s point of view:

Day 2

11pm - Mum dropped the air con remote and which woke everyone up.

I did not sleep well. It turns out I needed the air con on because it was a million degrees and it drowned out some of the noise from mum and Jas. As I thought, I was super tired the night before and did sleep through it all where as tonight I am not!

It’s currently 03:45 am. I’m too hot and wide awake. Jas gets up for a wee and declares she’s too hot which then turns into a bit of a breakdown for her. She wants to go home, she doesn’t like the bed as it hurts her back and she can’t lay on the sun bed anymore.

Now we’re all wide awake, too hot and stressed. Jas said something is making her feel ill and I didn't hear the first bit so now I’m worrying about hurricanes, tsunamis and Jas being ill. If it wasn’t for random baby cats everywhere I’d be sleeping on the lilo on the balcony!

There’s also a small set of stairs down to Jas’ bed and mum can’t see to get down them so is dicing with death and talking us through the whole process. It’s now 03:52. We’re all still too hot. We’re all still wide awake. Jas has walked around stretching her back. Mums gone for a wee because she may as well whilst we’re all up. Now they’re both standing under the air con in the wind tunnel.

03:45 - Mum asks what colour water bottle she is. She’s already having issues remembering the colour of her toothbrush EVERY SINGLE TIME SHE USES IT. She’s blue just as an FYI.

03:57 - It’s declared we need to all get back to sleep!?

I was still half awake after everyone had fallen asleep and developed a really random pathetic cough which I couldn’t make go away! I must have fallen as sleep again and woke up just after 8. Got up and ready for the day and headed down for breakfast. I ate 5 croissants. 5. I don’t know who I thought I was but I don’t regret it.

Mum and I then went to the sun beds where it was still cloudy and the odd bit of sun coming through. It decided to rain a little so we swapped the beds around and curled up in under the umbrella. We repeated this several times until Jas came down at 11! More sun and then more rain until we decided to go to lunch at 12:15 after spending the last half an hour sat under our towels!

We were sat in the outside area of the restaurant which is still undercover, Jas and I had our lunches and we were sat minding our own business, mum was inside getting her plate. All of a sudden I looked and Jas and she looked at me and was like “can you feel that?” I said “yeah I can that’s not you is it?”. She replied with no. A few other people sat outside were all looking around at each other and one lady asked one of the waiters if he could feel the floor shaking. It must have lasted around 30 seconds and the stopped immediately. I said to Jas was that an earthquake and her response was I don’t know. Mum then came out and just sat down with her food like nothing had happened!?! I looked at her in pure disbelief and asked did she not just feel that!? She was like “eh what?” I said there was just an earthquake. She said she didn’t not believe me but you could tell she was looking at me like I’d really lost it. Jas and I then had to explain the whole thing and couldn’t understand why she didn’t feel it. It was kind of like that scene from Freaky Friday where the mum and daughter are in the bathroom and feel the earthquake but no one else did! Except Jas and I haven’t swapped minds or bodies.

I was then Googling the earthquake because mum was still skeptical of the incident. I found an arrival of an earthquake in Sitia which is 14km from us but there wasn’t anything ‘official’ released yet. I bloody felt it surely thats official enough! By the time we’d finished lunch the sun was fully back out and mum had located an article where it proved a 6.4 earthquake happened and was felt across the island! We survived an earthquake.

We were then back down on the sun beds in full sun and decided to get in the pool quickly as there was a massive patch of blue sky. After we were out mum sat back down on her sun bed and tried to move her towel but ended up flinging the sun bed towel clip off and it hit her right in the face!

Shortly after the sun went and we were freezing like yesterday again. Jas called it a day and went back up stairs, not long after it started to rain again. Getting heavier and heavier until we were the only ones left by the pool under the umbrella! I said come on mum this is a joke and her response was it will pass! Long story cut short, it did not pass. It peed it down with rain and the wind was like a hurricane and then the thunder started. We ran back to the room and Jas said she saw the lighting right near us!

Back in the warm room and the balcony is flooded from the rain and there’s now tsunami warnings right where the centre of the earthquake was!

Within the hour the sky was blue again and we had full sun. An hour or so’s tanning time and then the cloud was back and it was freezing cold. Back up to the room we went!

The balcony was still flooded so mum tried to push the water down the drain with a flip flop which didn’t really work very well. Showered and headed down to dinner where I really wasn’t fancying food. I’m too tired from last nights drama, the earthquake drama, possible tsunami drama and I think the 5 croissants pushed me over the edge. I still don’t regret it though and may do the same tomorrow morning.

I ended up with two chip buttys and some chicken risotto type thing but picked the chicken out. We then sat on the terrace and played a few games of Harry Potter dobble and then normal cards. Jas is such a sore loser. When she wins she’ll be loving life and be really chuffed with herself and then when she loses she sulks and says it’s not fair. The night ended with her losing another card game and going back up to the room sulking!

I eventually followed up and tonight the air con will be on all night to hopefully drown out the noise of mum and Jas and the outside world, any possible hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquake and we’ll see that this sleep brings me! X
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High drama today! Glad that you were all safe despite the earthquake. Hope Jas feels better with her back today.
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