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Disney Dreaming :)
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Cool He did a thing - June 19 - Day 3 - Epcot, a poolside storm & Port Orleans Riverside

Day 2 is here

Thursday, 13th June

We were up at 6.10 this morning, so not too bad compared to the previous two mornings. We got showered and then Chris figured out how to make me tea with the fancy coffee machine. We had pinched a couple of tea bags from Picabu the other morning (shhh, don’t tell them), so I was glad of the morning cuppa! I'm not big on coffee to be honest.

A couple of early morning balcony shots. Perfection

We thought the railings on the balconies looked like angry clouds

Today was EMH at Epcot, so at 7.33 we were enjoying a beautiful stroll, this time the Yacht & Beach club way. Still couldn’t believe how lucky we were to be able to do this!

14 short minutes later we were at the International Gateway.

There was a wee crowd waiting to get in, but they soon dispersed once the rope was dropped. Most folk went right over towards Frozen. We were heading for Test Track.

Love an empty World Showcase!

We kept marching on to our destination.

A few topiaries remained from Flower & Garden in Future World too.

We arrived at the entrance to Test Track at 8.07am and it was already a 30 minute wait! HOW?! Ugh.

But we decided to suck it up anyway and grudgingly joined the queue.

It didn’t take that long to actually get into the building.

Then we were pleasantly surprised to be stood here just 15 or so minutes later.

It was all seeming too good to be true. And of course it was. It went down. We were stood next to the CMs at the control booth thing and could hear all the phone calls between them and the CMs at the ride. Thankfully after ten minutes or so they got a call that they were good to go and we made our way through to the design studio! I had to let Chris design it of course, but I did get to choose the colour! Chris was very thorough in his design lol!

TA DA! Isn't she lovely? Isn't she beauifuuuuuuuuul?

It was almost our turn to go on. It had taken 40 mins , but we were still smiling

This is what the wait times were at 8.40am.

The above photo caused me great confusion when doing today's report. Like, why was it showing UK time? And 29% battery? I NEVER allow my battery to get that low. It then dawned on me that my friend Lisa had sent this in a whatsapp! I had been sharing my grumbles about the queue being so long with her and Helen in our group chat, and she had been keeping an eye on the wait times while we were in the queue hahaha! Mystery solved!

So, anyway, as you can see, it seems everyone had the same tactic as us. FP Soarin' or Frozen and head straight to Test Track! Next time we'll be doing it other way around for sure!

Back to the ride! We both forgot how fun it is, the outside track is just ace! We hadn’t been on it for a good few years, so it felt kinda new to us if you know what I mean! A good ride photo is impossible though…..


We had a snoop at the cars and Chris played some games…..

We then got our pics taken at one of those computer photo ops. You know the one where you get 3 photos taken within a certain amount of time? Like a photo booth I guess, but minus the booth lol. A word of wording, these photos are sent via email (not Memory Maker) and they took FOUR days to appear in my inbox!

Smiling nicely

Funny faces

Chris then decided to tickle me and this was the resulting photo….

It was now time for some food, so we made our way over to the The Land.

I was absolutely bursting for the loo, so hot footed it to the loos next to Soarin'. Side note – I will never get used to the automatic flushes in American toilets. I jumped out my skin when the flush went off!

Breakfast time now! We have been to Sunshine Seasons before and knew it was decent, so headed there. I had French toast with bacon and Chris asked for croissant with only bacon, which caused great confusion yet again!

It was fine, but I preferred the banana French toast that I got the last time!

Today was opening day for Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure over at Islands of Adventure and Lisa sent me the following screenshot of the wait time.

You read that right. That is TEN hours. I have so many questions. What if you need a pee? How do you snack? Is there somewhere to have a nap? The mind boggles. Anyone been on this yet? Worth the hype? Do tell….

continued in next post
A link to all my Trip Reports

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continued from previous post

Anyway, back to Epcot and it was time for our Soarin' FP, or so I thought. I had gotten the time wrong, so we were 15 minutes early and were faced with the dreaded blue light. Doh. If you think that's bad, wait until our evening at AK later in the holiday. You will laugh.

Not sure what is wrong with the chap here btw

We wanted to do Living with the Land, but it was temporarily down. Instead we headed over to SeaBase to pass the time until our actual Soarin' FP opened.

We were very happy to see that the Manatees were being fed. They are just so adorable. I'd love to do the Crystal River thing and swim with them in the wild. Maybe next time!

We decided we had time to fit in a viewing of Turtle Talk with Crush, so off we went. We always enjoy this.

A lot of it rides on how funny the kids' questions are and today there was a belter. I really wish I had caught it on camera. It went like this "If there was an EPIC battle between land turtles and sea turtles, who would win?" Crush's face was HILARIOUS. This is the closest likeness I can find (thanks google images), but his expression was one of a lot more shock .

His answer was quite amusing too. He said that the sea turtles wouldn't last out of water and the land turtles wouldn't last in water, so they would all end up getting tired and needing a nap!

Anyway, here's a wee video of another question.

It was now time for our Soarin' FP, so off we plodded back to The Land. I tried to tap in, but nothing happened. No green, no blue, nothing! I was most confused. I then realised I was trying to tap in with my FitBit Mortified!

Anyway, we were shown to concourse B (result) and we asked for row 1. Optimum viewing

Still love this ride and it is much better if you get the good seats!

Upon exit we saw that the weather was taking a turn, the wind had picked up and we had to rescue some runway strollers! It had also started to rain, but it was only spitting so that was ok. We made our way to our next FastPass which was Spaceship Earth.

The FastPass queue was loooooooooooong, but it moved quickly.

It was 11am and we watched a couple try to argue their way into the FP queue, despite the CM politely telling them that their FP wasn't until 1pm. They just weren’t giving up! I don’t know how it ended as they were still stood there protesting when we got inside.

Once inside we encountered some more idiots. This time a family standing up in the (moving!) ride vehicle in order to pose for a photo that other members of their family were taking from the vehicle in front of them. Honestly! We settled for a seated selfie, like good people do

We enjoyed our journey through the ages and then giggled at our newly acquired horns and crowns!

We exited to rain, so now was a good time to grab some lunch.

It was only 11.30, but hey! We're greedy.

We both got burgers (mine without cheese obvs). They were quite greasy, but otherwise ok. Filled a hole.

There was a dad there with a heap of kids and they were running riot. I can't say what I have put in my notes about him (family forum and all that). To put it politely, he was sat on his lazy bum barking orders at the older kids to sort out the younger kids, rather than get up and deal with them himself. He was the worst kind of parent. You know the kind that seem like their kids are just a plain inconvenience to them? Ugh.

The rain had stopped by now and we headed over to Mousegear for a look. We like this store!

Epic Spaceship Earth dress….

I bought myself 2 vest tops and a pair of comfies.

After that we made our way back to The Land for our final FP, Living with the Land. On the way we FINALLY caught a JAMMitors performance! They were fab!

Loved these quotes from kids in the queue…

The usual pics from this ride.

We had done everything we wanted to do now, so we started to make our way back to International Gateway. I did stop to look on lovingly at Figment, but Chris was still a firm no. Humph.

On we go then!

We found this area looked SO bare compared to the F&G festival They should just have bonny flowers there all year round!

Chris stopped for a beer on our way round. He was loving being able to have a beer whenever he wanted without having to worry about driving.

We spotted this madness. WELLY BOOTS?! LEGGINGS? COAT? It was like 30 degrees. Have a word with yourselves!

continued in next post
A link to all my Trip Reports

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continued from previous post

I wanted to make a quick pit stop in France for a treat I had been wanting since reading a Disney Food Blog review…

The Frangipane!

Hmmm it was delicious! It was too much to finish though, so I shared it with some squirrels around The Boardwalk

We were back in the room at 1.40pm and I FaceTimed my sister for a yap before we headed down to the pool. However, that plan was soon scuppered….

Turns out there was lightning in the area. The tannoy announcements said they would re-open all outdoor activities after the last strike was 10 miles away. Oh well, poolside bar then! It's called Cabana Bar and Beach Club, if you wanted to know.

A Pińa Colada (me) and a Mai Tai (him) were ordered.

I had downloaded a fab little app that tracks lightning activity. We found it to be very accurate! At this moment the lightning was 8.8 miles away, but there was a lot of activity going on and the sky looked angry.

A few short minutes later the storm reached us and it came with vengeance! There was nothing else to do but order a drink and stay put. A Mango Daiquiri for me this time and I think Chris just had a Michelob Ultra.

Stuck in the pub. Shame shame.

Although we had some shelter, we weren’t completely off the hook as the rain was so heavy that it was splashing into the bar.

At 3.30pm we decided to make a run for it as Chris had to go and sort out the hire car. Well, I say run. Chris ran. I did not. Flip flops and wet surfaces do not go well together, so that would not have been wise! I got drenched!

I headed straight to the room while Chris went to the Alamo car desk (they have one onsite at The Dolphin, super handy). He said it was really straightforward and that the car was ready for him, but he wouldn’t be needing it until the next morning.

We chilled in the room for about an hour before getting ready for the evening. We were bummed that it was still raining, but glad that our plans were indoor ones! Something to eat at Port Orleans Riverside followed by a few drinks and the YeeHa Bob show!

My top is very Mr Blobby, don’t you think?

God, looking back now, he is terrifying!

We ordered an Uber and it arrived at 6.10pm. Our driver was Wendy from Leeds and my god, she could talk! We knew her entire life story by the time we arrived at POR 15 minutes later! Hahaha!


It was still drizzling, but we went out the back anyway to reminisce about our stay here 3 years ago. POR is definitely one of our fave resorts.

We decided to see if we could bag a table at Boatwrights as we were both fancying a proper meal, rather than quick service. We were told it would be 15-20 mins, but our pager was buzzing 5 minutes later

We ordered NY strip steak with mac n cheese (me) and Nashville hot chicken (him). We tucked into corn bread while we waited Well I did. Chris isn’t a big fan of sweet bread.

Our meals were so good. We both thoroughly enjoyed them!

After that we went for a browse in Fulton's where I treated myself to a new Pandora charm. LOVE it.

Thought these badges were cute.

Right, time for a drink! We got a table in River Roost, but it was freezing. You know when its drizzly outside and the air con is just toooo much? Not to worry. A nice frozen drink ought to warm me up…..

Pińa CoLAVA for me and Captain's Mai Tai for Chris. Nummy!

I really need to try and recreate this masterpiece, so tasty!

We moved to bar stools in the hope it wasn’t as cold up there, but it wasn’t much better. Oh well.

There was a bit of an awkward moment when this guy came to the bar and said he thought he had left his credit card in a bill fold. The CM raked for it, but no joy. But he came back again and asked her to check them all again as he was sure that's where it must be. She dutifully obliged, but no credit card. I felt sorry for the CM cos she was clearly worried about it as she would be looking around whenever she got a minute. Anyway, the guy came back later and confessed to finding it elsewhere!

Before long, Bob had arrived and was soon in full flow. The guy is off his rocker! Where he gets the energy from, I'll never know!

There is a bit too much audience participation for my liking, but you know how (most) Americans are, they lap it up! Haha!

Let it Go……..

After our 3rd cocktail we decided to call it a night and settled the tab. I can't remember how much it was though. We then went outside to wait for our Uber. Jesus came to get us at 10.15. Thank you, Jesus!

I think the cocktails had hit us hard cos we giggled like teenagers all the way home about nothing that particularly funny

We were back in the room at 10.30. I saw the Swan…..

Thanks for reading! Join us tomorrow for our annual trip to Celebration and our first experience of Toy Story Land It is here

Steps today - 20,335
A link to all my Trip Reports

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Lovely day, sounds perfect.
Don't you wish you could go back in time for only 1 day...
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Deck 4, Disney Wonder
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Another fab day!

I love the photo from your balcony with the palm trees reflected in the water...blissful

Can't unsee the angry cloud in the balcony now

Love, love, love a Pina Colava (even though I would never choose a Pina Colada ) go figure!
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Another great read!
We are back at POR in just 9 days, Bob is one of the main reasons we re-booked as we've had many a good night joining in.
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Great day, After your experience I'm glad I had a fastpass for test track! We did Frozen at opening and the queue was about 15 mins, my DS 14 was not impressed that I made him go on Frozen
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Crescent Lake is gorgeous in the morning 👍
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Magic Mouse
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Another fab day!

The view from your balcony looks amazing and it’s lovely to see an empty World Showcase.

The only problem is that I’m now craving a frangipane!
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Oh those views of an empty Boardwalk and World Showcase… just beautiful. And there in 14 minutes, amazing!

Ok so I feel you are totally calling me out on letting my phone get to 29% battery… I am not going to lie, it often gets less than that! But crazy wait times for TT so early in the day… I think I am going to learn from this and FP this and do standby for Soarin’! Oh and would you believe I am still waiting for one of those Chevrolet photos from our 2016 trip… something tells me I might not be getting it!

Loving how much alcohol was consumed today… those cocktails looked amazing!

And once again, I love Chris’ super bright pink shorts!

Such a great day… I shall refrain from making too much of the fact you tried to tap in with your Fitbit, but hahahaha! xxx
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