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Dad passed from Coronavirus - Sun 19th April THANK YOU IN ORIGINAL POST #1

Suddenly this is all really close to home. Got a call from my stepmother yesterday to say that my dad had been taken in to hospital as he'd been unwell with a cough and chest infection and was now having trouble breathing. Sounds like his GP had given him a course of antibiotics for the cough/chest infection, which hadn't helped, so after being advised to call 111 yesterday, an ambulance was dispatched and paramedics took him in. They did lots of tests and x-rayed his chest which showed pneumonia. I've just had another call to say that he's tested positive, has gone downhill overnight and is really struggling to breathe so they're moving him to ICU. He's 70 and has an underlying health issue - COPD. Feeling completely lost as there's nothing we can do - can't call or visit, and my stepmother is at home alone now (2 hours from us) and a complete wreck. I'm praying that he's one of the ones to recover 🙏


2nd April - update 1:

A quick update. Just received a text from my stepmum saying that he's feeling a bit better today and is moving wards. No more information than that, but I'm taking the positive from it. My brother is going to try and get some more information from the hospital today too.
Thank you for all your positive thoughts and prayers - it's been really comforting.

2nd April - update 2:
I've got some more information now as my brother has managed to talk to the ward sister. So, he's got covid pneumonia and breathing is still a big issue. He's on 50 litres of oxygen, which is apparently the maximum they can give, and they have him lying prone as that's meant to help with breathing. They said that he's talking and alert, but still very poorly and hope that the proning and oxygen will help. My brother's going to call again tomorrow morning to see how he's doing, so in the meantime, no news is good news!

Thanks again everyone x

2nd April - update 3:
So, this should be the final update for the day as they'll now only call if it's urgent. He's back in intensive care, tubed and on a ventilator that's doing the breathing for him. His oxygen levels have improved and he's sleeping. So, it's the best he can be at the moment really, and hopefully while he's resting it will give his body chance to fight.

Thank you everyone for your messages, kind words, thoughts and prayers x

3rd April:
Hi everyone, just got off the phone with my brother and have an update. They've had him on his stomach all night, and turned him today. Often people don't react well to that and need to be turned back on to their stomachs, but he's responded well and is stable. He's still sedated and on the ventilator, but they've been able to reduce his oxygen levels quite a lot. They're going to tube feed him today, and they've given him a wash too.

So, from where we were yesterday, I think this is the best news we could have hoped for. He's still got a long way to go, but it's a step in the right direction.

Keep the prayers and positive thoughts going his way please xxx

4th April:
Just had today's update and nothing has really changed. Still stable, sedated and on the ventilator, but no better or worse than yesterday. Rest and time is what he needs to heal, and he's being taken good care of in the ICU.

5th April:
Just had today's update. No change still and they describe his condition as stable, but comfortable. I think we're in for a long journey with this, but I'll keep updating and I appreciate all the kind thoughts from everyone x

6th April:
Today's update: they reduced my dad's sedation a bit today to see how he would react and check his breathing. He's opened his eyes quite a few times, but the main thing is that he's initiating breathing and then the ventilator kicks in to help. This is what they were hoping for, so is a small positive step

7th April:
Today's update is a good one! They've reduced his sedation again and he's more awake and can lift his arms. They've changed the mode on his ventilator as he needs less help from it, and are hoping to maybe remove the tube from his throat later today, or tomorrow. He's also on a machine that's looking after his kidneys (wasn't aware of that before), and they're hoping to remove that tomorrow too. My brother spoke to the person who's been taking care of him and they said that they're really pleased with his progress and that he's a trooper! 😊

8th April:
A very quick update today. No change since yesterday. They've not removed the ventilator tube or kidney machine yet as they want to be 100% sure he's ready for it, and we appreciate their caution. My brother spoke to the nurse who was looking after him a week ago when he was admitted and he said that he's seen a real improvement in his condition, so it's still all good 😊

10th April
We've had a really difficult time getting through to ICU for the past couple of days. The phone rings, but no answer - we hope it's not due to an influx of patients.
My stepmother finally got through to someone today, and had a very brief update to say that my dad's still stable and doing well, but not ready to be taken off the ventilator yet. So, not much to report, but he's still doing well, and as long as the hospital aren't calling us, then I'm happy.

11th April
My brother has managed to get through today and got some more information. They have removed the kidney machine, but his numbers aren't quite where they want him to be, so they're going to monitor them for a bit longer and then decide whether he needs to go back on it or not. If he does, then he'll need to remain sedated, intubated and on the ventilator. It sounds like they want to get him off the kidney machine first, and stable like that, then they'll lighten the sedation further and then they'll remove the intubation tube. He'll still be on the ventilator, but he'll be supporting his own breathing more. They are still saying that he's stable and they're pleased with how he's doing and his progress, and we are too. It's a long journey, and he's still going the right way.

12th April - Easter Sunday

Today's update was from the doctor that first spoke to us when my dad was admitted to intensive care. He said that he's still really unwell, but a lot better than he was when he first saw him. They want to try and get him on to his next stage of recovery so he can hopefully start rehabilitation. To do this, they want to give him a tracheostomy so that they can fully wake him up and see if he can start doing things like breathing, coughing, swallowing etc on his own. It sounds quite scary, but we trust that they know what they're doing. He said that if he responds well to this, then they can start the rehabilitation work. They're hoping to do it either today or tomorrow, depending on how busy the ICU is. He did have to go back on the kidney machine, so they're still monitoring that closely too.
It sounds like the next few days could see quite a lot of change and we're praying he responds positively.

Thank you again for your thoughts, prayers and kind words x

13th April - Easter Monday

Today's update is a bit of a mixed bag. The good news is that he's off the kidney machine again and they're happy with his numbers. They do constantly monitor them, and he may go back on if they change, but at the moment they look good. However, the tracheostomy is on hold as they got a scan of his throat and due to the way his veins and blood vessels are situated (he seems to have quite a high density), they don't feel happy to do it at present as they could create another problem that they'd then need to deal with. He's still stable and comfortable, and they're looking to try to lessen his sedation and get him off the ventilator without the tracheostomy, so it may take longer. We're pleased that he's doing well, and he's really fighting this. So grateful for the amazing team that are looking after him too x

14th April
Unfortunately today's update isn't quite so positive as my dad's back on the kidney machine as they're having trouble getting them to work on their own. They're happy with the rest of his stats with regards to blood pressure, oxygen, assisted breathing etc, but worried about his kidneys. My brother asked the hard question of how long they keep going before they talk to the family about turning machines off, and was told that we're a long way off that as they're happy with the rest of his stats, but I'm not really sure how long a 'long way' is when it comes to intensive care. I pray that his kidneys kick in and we don't need to have that conversation x

15th April
I can't quite believe that I'm writing this, but my dad lost his fight against conornavirus last night and passed away in the early hours of the morning. He'd battled it for so long, making small, positive steps in the right direction that we honestly thought he'd be one of the recovery stories, but in the end it proved too much for him. Although he had COPD, he wasn't unwell with it at all, it didn't affect his daily life, he was very active and had a lot of life ahead of him still - he was definitely taken too early. We can't thank the staff at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan enough for their care and dedication over the past 2 weeks, and for being there for him at the end when his family couldn't. This is a very cruel virus that takes people before their time, and keeps families apart when they need each other most. Thank you to my Dibb family for all of your thoughts, prayers and kind messages, Vickie x

19th April - Thank you

I just wanted to come on to say thank you to everyone for your messages of condolence and kind words.

I still can't quite believe it's happened and it all feels very surreal. Not being able to see him in hospital, be with him at the end, or even be with family now to share the pain, comfort and console each other has left me feeling in limbo - like it's not real, although I know it is.
My heart is breaking for my stepmum who is all alone in the house they shared, surrounded by their life together. It's also the house where they looked after her mum, who also passed a couple of years ago. She has lost her best friend and constant companion and the pain and loneliness is unbearable for her. Then this virus, just keeps hitting and digging the knife in as she has had to arrange the funeral alone. We have a date of 30th April, maximum of 10 people, social distancing to be maintained - meaning no one can be with her to offer a comforting arm around her shoulder. No funeral cars/procession. No full service/order of service, just a memorial card. No meeting up beforehand or getting together afterwards to laugh, cry, share memories and send him off. For my stepmum, it's back to the home they shared - alone.

My last memory of him is celebrating his 70th birthday in February. That's no age and he was still so active and full of life. He had COPD, but it was very mild and didn't affect his daily life at all. He walked for miles, was always gardening or doing a DIY project, helping out the even more elderly neighbours on their streets, going to concerts, on holiday etc. He had so much life to live, but the COPD affected his ability to recover. However, it's definitely the virus that took his life and cut it short. This was him just a couple of months ago - so happy and healthy.

We never, in a million years, thought that this would happen. Even when the virus started to spread and become a very real threat, the odds were still relatively small that our family would be affected in such a huge way. Both him and my stepmum did everything right, followed the rules etc, but he obviously picked it up somewhere along the way - we'll never know where though. Now he's part of the daily statistics on the news.

I pray that they find a treatment soon that can help save more lives, followed by a vaccine. Losing a loved one is hard at any time, but losing one in this world of isolation is cruel and heat-wrenching. Please everyone, take care and do all you can to stay safe. Vickie x

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How awful, love to you all and best wishes for a full recovery for your poor dad, it must be so scary being all alone xxx
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I'm so sorry to hear that. Sending lots of positive thoughts xx
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I'm so sorry, thoughts are with you. xx

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Oh no, how awful Hope you dad makes a full recovery x
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I am so sorry to read about your poorly Dad, Praying for a recovery. Sending you thoughts and virtual hugs ((((((((((xx))))))))))))
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So sorry to hear this xx
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Sorry to hear this, hopefully he will get the care he needs for a full recovery.
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So sorry to hear this, thoughts are with you. Really hope he grows stronger.
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So sorry to hear that, sending best wishes for a speedy recovery x

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