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A Universal Adventure February 2020 - Day 6: US, IoA and Antojitos

Day 6 - Thursday 20th February 2020

We got up about 6.30 am so we could get to Universal Studios in plenty of time for Early Entry. Today was Freya’s unofficial 12th birthday as her real birthday was the following Monday, the day after we returned home to England. As we had done in 2019, we suggested that she choose a day of the holiday to have her ‘birthday’ as her actual birthday would be spent jetlagged, cold and in school. Of course we still celebrated on the real day, but a birthday in the parks in the sun is obviously much more fun. In 2019 her unofficial birthday had been spent at Magic Kingdom and today it would be at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure with dinner at Antojitos.

Once the girls were up just before 7 (with much coaxing on our part) Freya opened the birthday cards we had brought with us...

...and then went to the Club Lounge with Mat to get some breakfast. She was very happy that her birthday breakfast consisted of a chocolate donut and cinnamon roll.

Mat got a coffee and a peanut butter bagel and Seren got a jam bagel.

We set off about 7.45 am...

...and were in the park at 8 am. It was lovely and warm but overcast.

We headed straight to Diagon Alley...

...but Escape from Gringotts was down. Amusingly there were about 17 Team Members (no exaggeration, we counted) standing outside the ride entrance. You can see a few of them in this photo:

After about 15 seconds of standing there wondering what we should do I suggested that we finally do Ollivander’s as we have never done it in seven trips to Florida. The girls are big Harry Potter fans but we’ve always used Early Entry for the rides, and the lines at Ollivander’s are always long later in the day. Everyone was up for it because it was a new experience and there wasn’t a lot else to do besides wait however long it would take for Gringotts to open or walk back round to Minion Mayhem where I expect the queue would have been building quickly, being the only ride in operation at this point.

We got in the short line outside and were probably behind about ten or fifteen parties.

Lots of people were joining the line behind us because of the lack of other things to do, and the number of people seemed to catch the TMs off guard. They were asking everyone to squish up and fill all the available space. While we were in the line the girls were asking about what happens during the show and I told them that Ollivander picks a child to participate and then they get to test out a few wands with some special effects. Seren was all ‘That’s so cool, I want to get picked.’ Freya on the other hand was saying ‘Oh no, that sounds so embarrassing, I wouldn’t want to do that in front of everyone.’

Within a few minutes we were squeezed into the holding area where a TM told us some Harry Potter ‘Dad jokes.’ The dads in the room appreciated this and it passed some time.

Then we were taken through into the wand room. We were among the last people to be let in so I assumed we wouldn’t be able to see very much but a Team Member was moving everyone into place to make sure children were at the front and could see. She beckoned us forward and to the far side of the room where there was a little space, and directed Freya in front of me, putting her at the very edge of the front row. Ollivander began speaking and within a few seconds he had called Freya forward saying that she was here for her wand and asking her name.

We thought it was funny that she had been the one who didn’t like the idea of taking part but there she was doing spells in front of the entire room. I managed to film the whole thing and Mat took some photos but it was difficult to get good photos on our phones as the room was so dark.

The whole thing was really good and Freya was so cute. I was so happy that we had finally done it today on her ‘birthday’ and that she had got picked.

At the end we hung back as everyone else left and a Team Member told us to wait in the corridor between the wand room and the shop. She brought the wand out to us and then kind of directed us into the shop which is the exit for everyone. She never actually said ‘you can buy the wand’ so I wonder if anyone has ever actually just walked out with it after it ‘chooses’ them in the show, thinking it’s a prize for participating.

The shop was extremely busy as not only was everyone coming through from the show and hanging about, but a lot of people were entering the shop from Diagon Alley because the ride was still down. Not surprisingly Freya was keen for us to purchase the wand that ‘chose’ her, so I said Seren could have a wand too in the interests of fairness. She already has Hermione’s wand at home and Freya has Ginny’s and Luna’s but none of those are interactive as they’re old and / or from Warner Bros Studios in Leavesdon. She wanted to choose an interactive character wand for her second. She spent some time looking at the wands of Neville, Ron and Draco as they are her favourite characters and she decided Neville’s looked the nicest. She’s very indecisive though and this took a good few minutes. She also helped a family spot the wand they were looking for. As I said, the shop was very crowded and the rest of us were just hanging about in the way. Mat was getting increasingly fed up with being in the shop so I did have to hurry her in the end.


Mat and Freya joined the line to pay and Seren and I went outside to take a few photos.

Mat wasn’t exactly over the moon at the cost of the wands when he came out of the shop ($55 plus tax each), and we vowed to make some time for the girls to do some of the spells around the Wizarding World before the end of the trip.

This is the one day of the trip I have no notes for (I’m sure I made some but they have disappeared so I’m blaming my phone for that) so I’m not sure if Gringotts was back up and running by this point or not. I think it might have been but we decided to come back later.

We walked round through San Francisco to the restrooms we like in New York...

...and then had a quick go on The Mummy which was now up and running as it was after 9 am.

Starbucks was calling at this point as we hadn’t yet had coffee, so we headed to Starbucks just up the road. Freya was itching to go on The Mummy again, so the girls left their stuff with us and went off to ride for a second time. Mat popped in to get the coffees and I asked him to get me some barbecue flavour potato chips that looked tasty (they were) as I hadn’t had any breakfast so far.

Mat and I sat on the pavement and drank our coffees. While we were sat there a Team Member walked past and asked if I was a Weasley because of my ‘orange’ hair. I was a little bit confused as my hair is brown with a few blonde highlights but he was a sweet guy and we had a little chat, although he assumed we were Universal noobs for some reason. The girls came back at about 9.30 and we were still drinking our coffees so they asked to ride for a third time which was fine with us.

While we had been sat there I had suggested that we make riding Hagrid’s the priority now. Having failed to ride yesterday because the ride went down while we were waiting and then stayed closed for most of the day, I didn’t want us to run out of time to ride it before the end of the trip. If the same thing happened today, we would have at least had two more days to ride it but I felt like we needed to try again today. We checked the Universal app and I think the posted wait was around 110 minutes.

Continued below...
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We headed back to the Hogwarts Express to take us over to Islands of Adventure.

We had about a five minute wait and we were out in Hogsmeade about 10.10 am.

Unfortunately the extended line for Hagrid’s was still in use so there were people queueing in Hogsmeade right by the station.

We went left to find the back of the line which was at the old Simbad theatre. There was a guy manning the queue entrance pointing out to everyone joining that it was a two hour wait. The back of the line was at the top of the theatre and the stage from the stunt show is still all intact. It looked pretty creepy but I think it always did.

Just as we joined the back of the line the guy came up to tell us that the ride was having technical problems and the wait was now three hours. So without even moving our expected wait had immediately increased by an hour. I said to the others they had no way of knowing and were probably just trying to keep the line down. The strategy appeared to be working as the couple of parties who were behind us left the line. Also everyone approaching the entrance had the guy telling them it was a three hour wait and that the ride was down so they chose not to join the queue. For at least ten minutes we were the last people in line. When a couple of parties eventually joined the line behind us we felt admiration and respect for their determination where others had fallen. We were still moving quite a bit though so I didn’t think the ride was actually down.

No one was particularly excited about two or potentially three hours in line, but at this point we still had our stuff with us so we ate the cereal bars we had and drank some water in preparation for being in this line for the foreseeable. We messed about on our phones to pass the time.

Seren FaceTimed her boyfriend in India for a while (it was hotter and sunnier there apparently) and I caught up on some notes. It was pretty hot but overcast so not bad conditions for standing in line and not as hot as the previous day at this point. We kept moving forward and were heading towards the talking fountain which was entertaining guests in line. A senior person with an ear piece was walking around the queue speaking to people who were asking her about the wait. She didn’t get close enough that we could hear what she was saying. She was also on the phone quite a bit and looking important. Speaking of phones, we had a guy in line behind us who was waiting on his own and he was doing very loud business calls on the phone which was fun since we couldn’t escape being in close proximity to him.

Once we passed the fountain we were nearly level with the lockers to the right of the ride entrance and we had been in line an hour. Some people were leaving the line to store their stuff in preparation . It wasn’t clear what the protocol was as there were no signs back here or anyone to ask yet but when a few people came out of the locker area and said there were only a couple of lockers available, we decided to do shifts to store our stuff.

We moved forward a little more and were then in front of the entrance arch where a Team Member was letting in pretty big groups of VIP guests (the day packages you can buy for priority access). There were also quite a few people with written passes which I guess were given out by Team Members when people had complained after waiting in line and not getting to ride through technical problems. That had happened to us yesterday but I hadn’t thought about complaining because it’s just one of those things. Right now I was feeling a bit annoyed that we’d now waited another hour or so on top of our 70 minutes yesterday and about 40 or 50 more people were getting let in in front of us with no wait today. And those were just the ones we saw because of where we were positioned.

The final bit of the extended line before the ride entrance arch (and therefore line proper) takes you to the left of the entrance arch and loops you around in front of the other locker area which is located to the left of the entrance. At this point the phone guy behind us was joined by his wife and two small children. Love a bit of queue jumping. Why on Earth should the rest of his family wait the extra hour like the rest of us? After the loop, a Team Member manages the people in line directing them either to the locker area if they need it or through the entrance arch if they have no stuff. The problem today (and I assume a lot of the time) was that there were barely any lockers available so it was one-in one-out and they were having to wait for people coming off the ride to return and free up lockers. So there was a bit of a bottleneck here because quite a lot of people, like us, had either stored their stuff in a locker or didn’t have anything to store but we had to wait behind the people who were waiting on lockers.

The flow of people through the arch was quite slow because of that, so when we eventually did get through there was quite a bit of empty line and it felt good to be able to walk a bit to catch up with the rest of the queue. We hit resistance at around the same point we had been at the previous day when the ride went down so we were really hoping that wasn’t going to happen again today. Luckily it was so far so good but the queue was quite slow moving. Freya and I started to play a game where we discretely picked out two fairly unattractive people in the queue and asked the other one to pick which one of the two they would date if they had to. The other two joined in after a few rounds. It’s a bit mean but we were very discrete and it passed the time for a few minutes.

Eventually we got to the indoor part of the queue and then into the pre-show which was running properly today. The way the room is set up means that it’s possible for people behind to ‘fill all the available space’ and basically move around the outside of the bulk of the queue and get ahead. Given how long we had already waited at this point (nearly two hours) I wasn’t all that amused about the fact that a couple of dozen people had now moved ahead of us.

We got through the next two rooms and then we were further ahead than we had been when we’d abandoned the queue the day before which felt good. There’s then a third room before the queue moves into small dark corridors for a bit. I was so pleased we hadn’t got stuck in those when the ride went down the day before as I can imagine they would make some people feel claustrophobic.

After the corridors it feels like you’re finally getting close to riding. At this point there are signs requesting that riders get into pairs ready to board and telling you to decide which of you is riding on the motorbike and which is riding in the sidecar. We’d had plenty of time to decide how we were going to ride while waiting in the queue. Freya and I were a bit scared after seeing the part of the track that ends and drops you backwards (like Expedition Everest but more scary) so we had decided to separate so we didn’t freak each other out. We also both wanted to ride sidecars because it seemed less scary than the motorbikes.

The Team Members were very good at this point with making sure everyone knew who they were sitting with and where, and they efficiently slotted in single riders where necessary as we continued to move towards the ride vehicles. They were making sure everyone was filling in all the available space and keeping up with the people in front. It was very well organised and really felt like they were working hard to keep the queue moving as quick as possible. Right at the end queues always feel like they speed up and I think it’s because you can see stuff actually happening ahead of you.

Before we knew it the ride vehicles were in front of us. Like at Forbidden Journey they don’t stop, so getting sat down and ready is all very quick. At this point I think all of us except Seren had a minor ‘Hold on a minute, do I really want to do this?’ moment as this ride is definitely outside of our comfort zones but it was a bit late for that now. Our wait in line today had been pretty much dead on three hours and then there was the extra 70 minutes we had waited the day before. We were super lucky to be riding so I decided to be more excited than nervous.

So Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is...well, it’s just brilliant. It’s so fast and exciting and I loved the motorbike sounds. It feels like you’re going a bit too fast for the track several times which is so fun. The bit where the track runs out and you slide back down it is exciting and I didn’t know there was a free fall drop in it which was most definitely out of my comfort zone (I hate Tower of Terror) but I still loved it. The whole ride is so well done and the animatronics and scenery are brilliant. It also feels like a pretty long ride which is good as I really didn’t want it to be over.

When we got off Mat and I both commented that our legs had gone shaky which was the first time that has happened to me in a long time on a ride, probably since the first time I rode The Mummy and Everest. It’s one of the side effects of being a ride wimp. We all came off on such a high and wishing we could ride all over again, although we knew that was very unlikely again during this trip with only one full day left, the long lines and amount of down time the ride experiences.

We retrieved our stuff from the lockers (still barely any available, people jumped straight on our lockers once we freed them up) and I took this photo and posted on Instagram about how much we had loved the ride.

It was now about 1.30 pm so most definitely lunch time. We decided on burgers (again) and the closest / best option was Beyond Burgers from Captain America Diner. We walked round there, still excitedly discussing Hagrid’s all the way.

Captain America’s has a lovely view across the lake so we decided to sit outside. Inside was busy but there was literally not another soul at any of the outdoor tables despite the beautiful view and the lovely warm weather. Freya and I took a seat while Mat and Seren went inside to sort out the food. Within a couple of minutes Freya and I realised why we were the only ones out here. There were a lot of seagulls circling close by. Mat’s family live in Cornwall and we have plenty of experience with greedy seagulls so we decided to head inside.

The staff in here were great. They had to cook our burgers specially because I guess they only cook the vegan burgers to order. Obviously we’re used to this kind of thing as vegans and we’re always happy to wait longer. They were really apologetic and so accommodating and brought everything over when it was ready with more apologies and an ‘Is there anything else I can get you?’

Seren and I both had Beyond Burgers without vegan cheese and with fries, and Mat had the same with vegan cheese. Freya just had fries. Mat also got a Coke for us to share. Total £58.13.

We had a visit from a manager at the end of our lunch who was doing the rounds and she wanted a chat and to ask if everything was ok with our meal which was so sweet, she was so friendly. We hadn’t eaten in here for years and weren’t expecting much but the food was really good and so was the service so we’d definitely go back. This trip we had burgers at Richter’s twice (at US) and Burger Digs (IoA) and here and the food was good at all of them. Really impressed with counter service meals at Universal this trip. Burger Digs is my least favourite of the three because it’s a bit dingy and Captain America’s was the best all round.

Once we’d finished off at Captain America’s the plan was to go across the road and ride SpiderMan but I think it was down (again, no notes for today for some reason.)

The girls were keen to ride Forbidden Journey but Mat and I were really put off by the locker nightmare there so we decided to go two at a time and leave all the stuff with the non-riders. We found a wall near Jurassic Park for Seren and Mat to wait on, and Freya and I dumped our bags and headed over the bridge to Hogwarts. We were on in less than ten minutes with Express although the posted wait was at least 70 minutes as it was for the entire trip because Universal were having to run it at ‘limited capacity’ (whatever that meant.) While they were waiting for us Mat and Seren were visited by a squirrel.

When we got back to the wall Mat and Seren went to ride, and like us they waited less than ten minutes. When they returned we walked back to Marvel Superhero Island and rode SpiderMan now that it was up and running. We waited less than ten minutes here too, and I’m pretty sure this time we got the front row which was a treat. When we came out they were getting ready for the superheroes to arrive on their bikes so we stopped to watch that.

We’ve had Universal trips where we’ve walked into the superheroes bikes thing every time we’ve passed this way, but this was the first time so far over both days we’d been here that we’d seen them. Not sure if that was just random or if they’ve cut down the number of times the superheroes visit each day. None of us have ever watched a Marvel film in our lives (I know) so it’s not something we’ve taken notice of.

Once the superheroes had arrived, parked up and dispersed to their various meeting points, we carried on walking towards the exit as we had done everything we wanted to do at Islands of Adventure today with the exception of popping into the ‘big shop’ on the way out. Mat was in need of another coffee so he stopped at Starbucks for a double espresso and some tap waters, and said he would meet us outside the shop when we were done.

The girls and I had a good look around, but there wasn’t anything that Freya and I wanted. Seren had had the idea to get soft toys (Thanos and The Grinch) for her friends who had birthdays a few weeks later so she got those. We met Mat outside and downed the tap water. It was about 4 pm at this point. I remember us sitting there and discussing how hot it was (high twenties). The weather forecast said the temperature was going to really drop to around 10 degrees the following day and it didn’t seem possible at this point that that could be the case.

We exited the park and took the path to the left of the lake past Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Hard Rock Cafe to Universal Studios.

We wanted to do a couple of rides there before calling it a day. At this time of day we got through the turnstiles quickly and were soon heading up towards The Mummy. It was Mardi Gras (don’t think I’ve mentioned that yet) and the French Courtyard Quarter area was all set up in front of The Mummy and Jimmy Fallon with themed food stalls and Mardi Gras decor.

We hadn’t managed to catch the Mardi Gras parade so far. During the parade, Team Members and random park guests chosen to take part in the parade pass out coloured Mardi Gras bead necklaces. We had seen it the previous year. They throw them off the floats and there’s a lot of scrabbling around as people to grab them. They try and collect as many as possible and you see some people walking around with loads of different coloured beads around their necks. As we walked up past Minion Mayhem and Shrek there were a few Team Members dressed in Mardi Gras outfits giving out beads to children. I told the girls to go and get some. They were initially too scared but by the time we came to about the fifth person giving out beads they agreed. The two Team Members they were planning to approach were asking two girls to do a dance in order to win the beads. Seren and Freya are both dancers so they thought they were all good here. Except when it was their turn, the Team Members asked the girls to tell a joke each that would make them laugh. They floundered for a minute before remembering a slightly unfunny joke each that won them both a set of beads.

Then it was time for The Mummy which was the usual wait of a few minutes with Express. Inside the line we came across two Team Members discussing some guests who had just cut into the Express line who weren’t supposed to be there. We love riding The Mummy and I also love looking at the ride photos afterwards which always feature my wide-open screaming mouth for all of our amusement.

I’m pretty sure we also went on Gringotts while we were here as we hadn’t ridden yet today. We would have asked for the back row as it’s our new favourite place to sit. After that, the evening reception at the hotel was calling so we wandered towards the exit, going through these arches at 5.30 pm.

We took the short stroll back to the Hard Rock and headed up to Club level. Nan was manning the bar again so we said hello and got a glass of wine each (I think Cabernet Sauvignon for me again and Pinot Noir for Mat.) The girls grabbed a few snacks from the club lounge and we took it all back to the room to relax. Mat and I cracked open the sriracha almonds and jalapeño Kettle Chips again to enjoy with the wine. Amazing. We all got showered and ready for dinner and while we were doing so Mat went and grabbed us another glass of wine. Having the Rock Royalty benefit was great. I said earlier in the report that somehow we had managed to get Club Level for an extra £90 total across the three nights. We definitely got our money’s worth for what we paid as I expected we would: at least four glasses of wine per night, lots of small bottles of water, breakfast for everyone but me and a few snacks would have totalled more than £30 per day. I have just booked our next trip and the upgrade price was several hundred pounds so I didn’t book Club Level for our next stay because the value wasn’t there. We were lucky to get that excellent price and I will miss the benefit next trip, especially the evening reception which was lovely after a day of parks and while getting ready for dinner.

I don't think this is from today but so far I haven't mentioned the height chart on the mirror. Seren (and pretty much Freya too) were Lady Gaga (5'2") although it doesn't look like it from this photo:

Our reservation at Antojitos was 8 pm and we arrived about five minutes before. They seated us at the waiting area just inside while they checked on our table and we only waited a minute or two.

This was our third visit to Antojitos. The first time we had loved it. The place is lovely, the atmosphere is generally really good and the live music is fun. On our first visit in 2018 we’d had a brilliant server who was so friendly and accommodating to our vegan diets. The drinks had been great and the guacamole made tableside was the highlight. The meals had been pretty good but probably the least impressive part. In 2019 we had bad service and drinks that were so meh they had to be returned, and again the meals weren’t great so that left the amazing guacamole and the scenery / atmosphere. After that we decided to only return for drinks (but wine not cocktails because those were dodgy) and for guacamole and chips. It wasn’t worth the cost of a full meal. However a few weeks before this trip I saw they had expanded the vegan options and added some jackfruit dishes. I’ve had a few really good vegan meals with jackfruit in restaurants so this tempted me enough to book our third meal in as many trips at Antojitos.

When we had checked in, Mat had mentioned it was Freya’s birthday after the hostess asked if we were celebrating anything. As we were being seated the mariachi band were doing the rounds and singing happy birthday to a few guests so we thought that was what they might do for Freya. Unfortunately that didn’t happen at all even though they mentioned quite a few birthdays while we were sat there so that was a shame.

We also had another bad server who kept forgetting about us and wasn’t very friendly or helpful when she was with us. And again the cocktails were bad (why don’t I learn?) I love a mojito but not one that just tastes of lime.

Somehow I ordered two. Mat had a Stingray (tequila, Cointreau, simple syrup, fresh jalapeño and lime juice) and Seren had a pineapple juice.

At Antojitos they give you a complimentary big bowl of plain tortilla chips and some salsa at the start of the meal.

Continued below...

Edited at 04:07 PM.
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As Freya hasn’t eaten her meal here twice because she doesn’t like the food, we agreed that she would just eat as many free chips as she wanted for her tea. We got one vegetable tacos and one vegetable fajitas to share between the three vegans. Both dishes contained various vegetables, sweet potato and jackfruit. Seren also wanted a side of sweet plantains.

The guacamole made tableside was nice but not as good as it had been the previous two times.

And the meals were disappointing again. Definitely a case of three strikes and you’re out with Antojitos but I would still consider it for wine and chips / guacamole because I love the look of the place and the atmosphere. $114.53 including 18% tip.

Once we’d left Antojitos we went into the Universal Studios Store. I like this shop but it’s a bit cramped when it’s busy like it was tonight. Freya tried on some hats but they were all too big.

The girls bought some lollies for their friends and Seren bought her boyfriend a Hagrid keyring. It was just after 10 pm when we were done in the store.

We went back out into CityWalk.

The girls and I weren’t yet ready to call it a night but Mat wasn’t in the best of moods and he was tired. So we told him to go back to the hotel and we would follow on in a bit. The girls wanted Voodoo Donuts as neither of them had eaten very much at dinner and there wasn’t much of a line so we went in.

Unfortunately the vegan apple fritter wasn’t available (it’s so good) so Seren had a vegan chocolate frosted ring donut and Freya had a pink ring donut. It was still warm so we took them to a little wall by the Universal globe and sat there for a bit.

We took some photos, the girls ate their donuts and loved them (Voodoo Donuts are the best) and Seren FaceTimed her boyfriend. I had one of those ‘I can’t believe we’re really here’ moments sat there looking at the globe. I always really appreciate how lucky we are to go to the US once or twice a year. Especially now, not knowing when it will be possible for any of us to travel to America again, I am so grateful that we got to visit in February. It feels like another world now that we’re all stuck at home but it also feels so fresh in my mind, having been there only three months ago.

About 10.45 pm we walked the few minutes back to the hotel. I tried as I do every year to take a photo of the illuminated revolving guitar from the walkway but as usual it just came out as a glowing blur.

(Seren was still on the phone to her boyfriend at this point which is why she was walking ahead of Freya and I, not because she had stropped off or anything.)

When we got back to the hotel Mat was already in bed so we quietly got ready and crashed too.

Edited at 09:05 PM.
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Happy unofficial birthday Freya! Doughnuts were a great finale
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Originally Posted by flo-tinka View Post
Happy unofficial birthday Freya! Doughnuts were a great finale
Thank you and thanks for reading and commenting. You’re right about the Voodoo Donuts .
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Have been following along each day and really enjoying your trip. I can’t believe how grown up the girls are! I like the look of Antojitos, it’s a shame the food wasn’t great in your last couple of visits though. Is it on Citywalk or in hotel? We are supposed to be there end of July but can’t see it Happening this year. ☹️
Am enjoying reading trip reports instead atm.
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lmi_77's Reviews
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Another brilliant trip report
First trip to WDW with DD yay
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Thanks for posting this - enjoyed reading it
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Just catching up. So pleased you finally managed to ride Hagrid's! We loved it too. Shame about your meal. I fancy a Voodoo Doughnut now!

M x
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What a fab unofficial birthday! It sounds really fun, apart from the not great meal at the end. Hagrids sounds brill But they really do need to sort out the reliability of a lot of these rides.

It must be so nice that you got a trip in before of all this craziness xx
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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay will open Iron Gwazi, the world’s fastest and steepest hybrid coaster,... Read More »
Posted in international Flower & Garden Festival
On 13th January 11:35am
This March the Garden Rocks Concert series returns to EPCOT at the International Flower &... Read More »
Posted in Seaworld
On 4th January 2:22pm
Get ready for uncharted chills on the all-new Ice Breaker coaster at SeaWorld Orlando! Named... Read More »

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M&S  €1.1535
Post Office  €1.1519
Sainsburys  €1.1679
TESCO  €1.1704
Travelex  €1.1646
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