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Unread 2 Oct 19, 03:56 PM  
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Trying for More Ears
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Pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre travel day - Couple of weeks prior all the way to pre pre travel day

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I wrote this before we travelled, just forgot to put it up!

25th July 12th September

Our plans have been coming along nicely, fast passes have been booked, and modified many a time, have made some ADR and drooled over menus as I have been doing them.
We also find out some friends of ours have booked a week in Florida for out last week we are there so have arranged some times to meet with them for dinner.

I have also been watching many a Youtube video about Galaxys Edge, the Halloween nights and Epcots food and wine, this has been getting me super excited. My wife is also getting super bored I think of me playing guess the queue times when I have been looking over the apps!

I book a lot of travel at work, so get notifications when there is something up or disruption in the world, most of them dont apply to me or and are in some random place in the world. However I get 3 emails this week which makes my heart sink a little, the first one the most.
  • An eco group is planning on flying drones around Heathrow Airport on the 13th September, with the plan on grounding as many flights as possible. We are due to fly on the 14th and I know that if Heathrow is closed for the day there will be massive knock on effects for the days that follow with aircraft and crews out of place. We are just hoping that its all bluffing and that they wont follow through.
  • British Airways have announced 3 days of strikes, I am flying with Delta so wont affect me apart from the fact they are striking on the 27th September the day we are flying home. I was really close to booking with BA as they came out the cheapest direct option, but looking at availability now I would have to either cut my holiday short or stay out a few days which I know work wouldnt have let me do. So one disaster avoided, just hope there is no knock on at Heathrow.
  • Hurricane Dorian is heading to Florida, this is a couple of weeks before we travel, but has really highlighted to me the time of year we are going. Again fingers are tightly crossed that another doesnt crop up!

We have been trying to decorate our house a little more and we are still working on our hall, stairs and landing, but its hard to fit it in around work, and we dont want to waste the nice weather being inside stripping wall paper and cleaning walls. So the weekend before we travel is dedicated to packing, picking up last min bits and bobs, and trying to do as much as possible with the painting.

I am on the larger sized and have really been trying to slim down a little before we travel as I am super anxious that we wont fit on some of the Universal rides. We wrote out weight down and measured our selves before hand and I am really happy that I have lost a stone in the last 6 weeks, but havent really lost any inches where it matters, still super happy with the loss and will keep on it until we go.

I am full of nervousness about if this drone thing will have any impact at Heathrow and I am also full of excitement for the trip. Both of which are not great for my sleeping pattern, I have found my self waking up and silly time in the morning and then not being able to get to sleep, think a holiday is in order!

I also have a long to do list, of stuff that needs to be done before the holiday, silly things like charge camera, wipe memory cards, get some currency and a lot of other life admin stuff, but as with any good to do list I keep putting it off and off until I am here, the day prior to going to the airport! oops!

Pre travel day up soon!
September 2019 - Trip Report
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I can't wait!
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