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Unread 9 Jun 19, 10:10 AM  
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Join Date: Nov 03
Location: Cheshire
Snapshots of your life...

So, inspired by the 7Up/63 up programme, I was thinking about what they would have seen if they had interviewed me every 7 years... and how similar or not I might be...

Age 7 I would have been bright and intelligent, chatty and cheeky
Age 14 I would have been more withdrawn, having been bullied at school and not being part of the in crowd, I was a bit of a loner and I had lost all 4 grandparents, so I understood mortality more.
Age 21 Having missed some seismic events, they would have found me in my first proper job, earning above average and living with my boyfriend, no plans for kids.
Age 28 I would have been at the same company, (different job) with the same boyfriend...not much change, no kids and no plans to have them. Still renting.
Age 35 I would have been made redundant, moved area and bought my 2nd house, still with same boyfriend. I would have been toying with setting up my own business
Age 42 I would have been 6 years in with a new company, split from my old boyfriend and living with my new partner, in a different area, full of optimism and plans to travel.

And then 49 (next year) well, who knows, but I am married, lost my mum and travelled an enormous amount. Same company (different job) ...no kids, no regrets.

I think that I would have been very recognisable from 7 - bright but a bit lazy, capable of more, but content to coast a bit... 😉

What about you?

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First time to South Africa
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Unread 9 Jun 19, 10:22 AM  
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Join Date: Sep 09

theDIBB Guidebook
Guidebook Photos: 3

I like this,

7 - I was very shy and quiet outside the home

14- Hated secondary school, only 1 close friend.

21- Living a great life working hard and playing hard in a hotel in the Cotswolds. Great period of my life 😁

28- I was back in my birth town looking after a poorly mum but I met my future husband in this year ❤

35- Had lost my mum but happily married with 2 kids now ❤💙

42- Everything was great, good jobs, good holidays happy life 😁

49- Awful year, lost my wonderful husband and the kids lost their amazing dad to cancer, changed our lives forever 😭

Wonder what I will be writing in 2023 !
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POFQ, 1st time onsite :)
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Unread 9 Jun 19, 11:09 AM  
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Gone all Goofy
Join Date: Aug 18
I like this.

Age 7 - Quiet, shy, good at school etc

Age 14 - Less interested in school - more interested in social life and boys. Mum and dad had split up when i was 10.

Age 21 - Mum and dad got back together when I was 18. Completed A-levels and 2 years through a degree. Engaged with a 2 year old daughter. Moved out and bought first house at 18.

Age 28. Split up with daughter's father at 22. Completed degree. Married dh at 25 and had another daughter. At 28 pregnant with 3rd child. Working since 22 at the same company as a journalist.

Age 35 Took redundancy at 31 to stay at home with children - didn't work for 4 years. Returned to work at the same company on a freelance basis at 35. Still happily married. Eldest daughter doing gcses.

I'm 41 now so by 42 I'll have one daughter finished her degree at Cambridge, completetd her masters and now working in her chosen career. Second dd will be doing a-levels. I'm working at the same company. Life's a bit more comfortable enjoying more holidays etc.

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PBH & AKL holiday :)
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Unread 9 Jun 19, 11:14 AM  
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Apprentice Imagineer
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Join Date: May 14
I love that series!

Here goes -

7 - happy, bright, outgoing little girl obsessed with her two year old brother

14 - body conscious but happy teenager with a lovely group of friends, doing well at school

21 - in my first job, with a boyfriend since aged 16, not very body happy, finding it hard to please boyfriend and maintain girly friendships

28 - happily married (not same boyfriend as aged 21 - thankfully!) for 4 years, had a mortgage for 5 years, had a devastating pregnancy loss previous year, in a job I love with likeminded people

35 - (this year) - still happily married (11 years), in second (dream) home, working part time close to home in a job I love having been made redundant from job aged 28, at ease with childless future, enjoying the freedom to travel lots, love spending time with family

So interesting.. although I actually find it quite hard remembering what I was like when I was younger, especially aged 7 even though it wasnt that long ago!
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Unread 9 Jun 19, 11:45 AM  
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Excited about Disney
Join Date: May 19
Location: Northamptonshire
Wow looking at my life 14 to 21 was busy 😂😂

Age 7 - At school, teachers pet, most likely found with my nose in a book.
Age 14 - At school, teachers pet, bullied relentlessly, most likely found with my nose in a book.
Age 21 - Finished uni, much more confident in myself, married, pregnant with my first child, working, own our own home, all happy. Still nose in a book 😂
Age 28 - Still married, 2 kids now but hubby got sick, almost died, lost the house and now his carer. Still happy though, still reading lol
Age 34 - Current age, not much change from 28 except a pug joined the family, all happy still reading 😂😁
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Our First Trip!
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Unread 9 Jun 19, 12:03 PM  
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Join Date: Jul 10

theDIBB Guidebook
Guidebook Photos: 40
Great thread

7 - happy child, enjoyed school, lots of friends (still very close to 2 of them today)

14 - still enjoying school, hanging out with friends, listening to music and roller skating. Started working after school in a shop

21 - did alevels at college. Was going to Uni but then changed my mind. Started working for the Civil Service on my 20th birthday. Met boyfriend at 18. Still happy but huge change in my life as my Dad died about 4 months before my 21st.

28 - living in new house with same boyfriend and daughter born when I was 27. Been promoted at work. Life all good.

35 - 2nd daughter born when I was 30. Another promotion at work and now working part time. My friends had started having children now too so lots of time spent with them Slight relationship wobble but stayed together.

42 - had our 1st trip to WDW when we were 40. Still in same Dept but different role. Very lucky as have always enjoyed my job. Still in same house, same partner. Nothing really changed.

Next one will be 49, next year. Quite a lot has changed between 42 and now. Eldest at Uni and youngest at college. When the youngest left school I struggled for a bit as had always worked around school hours, and suddenly I didnt need to do that anymore. I suppose almost getting my life back! Felt a bit lost. Job has changed completely as we were all moved Depts. Also have had a number of issues with my eyes over the last few years, but other that all healthy. Do need to lose weight though so hopefully that will be something positive I will have done by the next update

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August 2014 trip report - Er, where's the rain?
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50th birthday in Orlando? Go on then!
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Unread 9 Jun 19, 12:10 PM  
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Sandra & co
VIP Dibber

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Sandra & co's Reviews
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Age 7, Happy child, having fun and loving school. Didnt get much at a Christmas and birthdays, but lots of home cooked lovely food!
Age 14, Hating school hanging around with the naughty crowd, smoking and drinking and being a idiot!
Age 21 Working at Debenhams and loving life, was a social butterfly and was out constantly, lots of confidence! By 21 I had traveled far and wide because my father worked for Pan Am, Free flights everywhere. First trip to Florida at 13 on they way back from Australia!
Age 28 Got married in St Lucia, had a 19 month old son, we were living in a rented flat, my dad had passed away due to illness 3 years before.
Age 35 Had two boys aged 4 and 9, moved out of the flat and into a house, less confident and having to deal with the mummy cliques that I hated!
Age 42 Had 3 children after a surprise girl aged 38, living in our own house, which was happy and having fun and enjoying holidays.
Age 49 Got our first dog, still happy with dh and Plodding along with life apart from watching my mums health decline which was hard. Regrets I wish I tried harder at school. Dont see any off the silly girls I looked up to!
2004 Kissimmee 2006 Bahama Bay Davenport 2008 Bahama Bay Davenport 2012 Regal Palms Davenport 2016 Glenbrook/Bradenton 2018 Hampton Lakes/Cape Coral
Always dreaming Of Florida!

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Unread 9 Jun 19, 12:34 PM  
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Excited about Disney
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estowife's Reviews
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What a great thread...never thought of seeing my life in snapshots like this

age 7 - relatively shy, ordinary kid, average intelligence, living in suburbia with parents & sisters

age 14 - attending high school, private education, popular with girls & boys, excelling educationally, loving life, enjoying school.

age 21 - newly married, home owner, moved to the next village, student nurse, blissfully happy

age 28 - registered nurse having worked for both the NHS & now doing cosmetic procedures. Mum to 2 young daughters, living in our second home back in the original village where I had grown up. All ok

age 35 - Now mum to 3 daughters, have returned to NHS working. Had lost over 7 stone, loving normal things like shopping! Marriage increasingly flat. Still in the same house

Age 42 - Working full time, sisters post, in our 3rd house, a beautiful new build. Oldest daughter doing A levels, 2nd DD year 11 & youngest demon child about to start high school. Marriage had been as bad as it could get over the previous couple of years & only just starting to improve. Both parents still alive, my health ok other than frequent bad backs & 7 stone back on again!

49 is another 6 years away, I'm sure lots will have changed by then!
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Stayed at the lovely Aylesbury Villa!
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