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Our First Disney Family Holiday: Day Four

Day Three

Day Four: Disneyland Park and Café Agrabah
Thursday 1st June 2017

Tiredness wad definitely taking its toll by now and we didn’t get up until 7.30am. We headed to breakfast at 8.15am. I was concerned as I’d read so many times that you had to be there for 7am otherwise it’s too busy and although there were more tables filled, the wait for the toaster, juice machines etc was about the same. We weren’t in too much of a rush this morning. Peter and Rachel had rushed off to the Studios as they wanted to go on Crush’s Coaster and queue for it straight away but the rest of us headed to Disneyland Park.

We got a bus to the Park for about 9.45am, entering with all the guests and not just the onsite ones and headed over to Discoveryland. The aim for today was some character meets and the show at the Castle. First stop was to queue up to meet Darth Vader. Now the queue for this was quite long and it hadn’t even opened yet. I decided that Ashley wouldn’t cope with it well and offered to wait with him whilst the others went. Hayden hasn’t seen Star Wars but as we’re all fans, we were hoping this might convert him!

Whilst Mum, Alex, Owen and Hayden queued, Ashley had some snacks and I decided to look in the shop by the Buzz ride as I realised poor Ashley hadn’t gotten any souvenirs yet. I found a cute Cars t-shirt and some toy Buzz cars, as well as some felt tip pens for a present for my class. I contemplated going on the Buzz ride with Ashley but then realised I’d have had to carry my shopping, the changing bag and Ashley and decided against it. Instead, I headed back to where we had been waiting, outside Videopolis and let Ashley have a run around and play with his new cars. This was just what he needed and what I should have really listened to the day before, rather than keeping him in the buggy and trying to get as much done as possible. We also grabbed some fastpasses for everyone for Star Tours as I though they might appreciate them.

After about an hour, they returned, extremely excited and pleased. The interaction had been incredible and Darth Vader was great with Hayden. “I see we have a young Jedi” Hayden was in awe and hopefully converted! I think it was a highlight of the holiday for them too.

This is one of my favourite photos from the holiday, so young and innocent and completely unaware

I showed them the fastpasses and we tried to see if Hayden could go on Star Tours but he was about 1cm too short. One for next time. As I’d waited all that time, Owen let me go on the ride with Mum and Alex. The fastpass for this is great as it takes you straight up to the launch pad in a matter of minutes you’re on the ride. This time, I enjoyed it a lot more and kept my eyes open the whole time! We had a different video as well which was great. After the ride, we all went to look around in the shop. Hayden had been so taken with Darth Vader that we bought him a Darth Vader pez. I don’t think he understands the kind of character he is though…

By this time, it was about 11.30 and nearing out reservation for Café Agrabah so we walked over to Adventureland to meet up with Peter and Rachel. We filled up our water bottles outside as again it was scorching hot!

There was a little bit of a queue and we had to pre-order our drinks and pay as we came in. We were seated promptly and Owen and I once again took it in turns getting food for ourselves and the boys. The theme was nice but oh wow, the food was amazing! It was right up my street and so vegan friendly. There was so much choice – taboulleh, lentils, chickpeas, vegetable stew, rice, humus, pitta bread, pasta, potatoes – I was in food heaven! I ended up eating two plates full and then some fruit for desert. The boys also enjoyed the selection. There was something for everyone. I was absolutely stuffed afterwards.

The lentil salad was to die for so I went back and got more

We toileted and changed Ashley’s nappy not long after, he was happily asleep. I’m sure the meal helped with that. Next on our agenda was Baloo and King Louie. I’d made sure everyone ate quickly so we got there around 1.15, an hour before it closed this time! It was even hotter now and the queue offers no shade. Everyone else sat in the shade nearby but the person in the queue has to stay in the heat. This doesn’t bother me though so I was more than happy but Hayden, bless him, was determined to stay in the queue with me. We waited around 30-45 minutes in the end.

Just as we got to the front, the CM explained to everyone behind us that the characters would be going on a break and Hayden was the last interaction, phew! However, much to my annoyance, the young French couple behind complained to the CM. From what I could decipher from the conversation, they said it was their anniversary and could they not go ahead of Hayden. What!?! But the CM stood firm and said it was really hot and he was only little and had queued all that time in the heat. That CM got a recommendation from me at City Hall for that. What a lovely man. The couple on the other hand… wait until they have children. Baloo and King Louie were lovely and although they were due their break, didn’t rush the interaction. I was glad we were able to cross it off our list!

We had about 30-45 minutes until the next show at the Castle so we headed over there. We took a few photos and went to see the Dragon.

After that we headed over to find a spot for the show and ended up sitting on the wall opposite, on the right side of the stage, which gave us a great vantage point, as long as everyone stayed seated. It was so hot now that even I was dripping with sweat. Our position also offered us a view of the characters going backstage which was great to see.

Much to my delight, everyone stayed seated so everybody could see bar I think one lady… there’s always one. The show was great although the loudness of it woke up Ashley and I spent the majority of it cuddling and soothing him so once again, unable to get many photos. And the main point, we finally got to see Pooh Bear! Hayden was so excited! However, what with Ashley and my brilliant photographic skills, the only photo I got of him up close was this… Owen refused to delete it for pure comedy value.

So here it is... my ward winning photo of Pooh Bear

After the show, we headed to Fantasyland, hoping to get ice creams from the place opposite It’s a Small World, only to see it was closed!?! :angry: They lost out on a lot of business there. Instead we found a cart and got some twister lollies. I was pleasantly surprised to see Twister lollies in France don’t have milk in them unlike the UK ones so I could have some too! As we were nearby, we decided we may as well go on It’s a Small World. It would be rude not to. Then as we were in the vicinity and they have short queues, Casey Junior and the Storybook Boat Ride. Ashley enjoyed Casey Junior a lot more this time without any head bumping and Hayden go to ‘drive’ it.

By this point, I wondered if we could get on the train as I know the boys would enjoy it. Ashley had been pointing at it in glee while we waited in Discveryland this morning but it had a 60 minute wait and Hayden was tired and complaining about the heat. We decided to say goodbye to the others and head off back to the hotel. It was 4.30pm at this point so we thought we’d grab a take away for dinner to eta back at the hotel. I suggested we try Annettes. We weren’t too hungry after our big lunch so ordered a chicken burger and chips and a veggie and tofu burger and salad to share. Owen got a coke and Hayden a milkshake. Well, by the time we waited, I’m sure we could have just eaten in! We got all our food after about 20 minutes but there was no milkshake, I think they had forgotten us and our milkshake as they shut the doors after about 10 minutes. Owen went back in and it had just been left on the side! :angry: We decided to get the bus back by this point as everyone was worn out and got back about 5.30pm. We ate our dinner which I thought was delicious, packed as tomorrow was home time, gave the boys a bath and they were reasonable promptly in bed. Mum and Alex got back around 7 and Owen decided to go back out to the Park with Alex. I chatted to mum for a bit and then excused myself as I was tired and I had a bit of a dodgy stomach. More on that tomorrow...
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