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SuperCalorieCarbarifficMyWeightIsGonnaBeAtrocious: May2019: Fatty's 21 day Floridian Food Wrap

🎼SuperCalorieCarbarifficMyWeightIsGonnaBeAtrocious ,🍔
You'll need to eat it quick enough,🥞
As My appetite is unbelievably ferocious,🌭
My eating skills are legendary,🍕
I'm definitely somewhat precocious,🌯
SuperCalorieCarbarifficMyWeightIsGonnaBeAtrocious, 🍟


If the last trip is anything to go by then this is all subject to change! Some of the offsite part of the holiday eats we will be choosing while there from an extensive list so I'm guessing forvthis list. When it's blue it means it's done so click away!

Thyme Premier Inn Gatwick
V-Room Gatwick
Plane Food

DISNEY-Sassagoula Food Court POFQ c/s: dinner
Sassagoula Food court snacks
DISNEY-The Plaza: breakfast
DISNEY-The Polite Pig c/s: dinner
Sassagoula Food Court Ice Cream
DISNEY-Ohana t/s: Lily Belle's 10th birthday breakfast
DISNEY-Be Our Guest: lunch:
DISNEY-Sassagalola Food Court:dinner
DISNEY-Toy Story Early Morning Magic Breakfast
DISNEY-Chef Mickey’s:dinner
DISNEY:Contempo Cafe snack
DISNEY-The Garden Grille t/s: breakfast
DISNEY:Starbucks Epcot
DISNEY-Joffreys Epcot
DISNEY-Teppen Edo t/s: dinner
DISNEY:Breakfast snacks
DISNEY-Tusker House t/s: Breakfast
DISNEY-AK Dino Bites
DISNEY-Planet Hollywood: dinner
DISNEY-Final Snacks and Disney thoughts

UNIVERSAL-Voodoo Donuts
UNIVERSAL-NBC Sports Grill and Brew
UNIVERSAL-Coldstone Creamery
UNIVERSAL-Minions Character Breakfast RPR.
UNIVERSAL-Bits and pieces

OFFSITE-dinner Manny’s Chophouse 192
SHOPPING-Vineland Outlets Food Court
OFFSITE-Culvers 192
SEAWORLD-Bits and bobs
OFFSITE-Giordanos pizza
DISNEY:Casey’s Corner
DISNEY:Magic Kingdom snacks
OFFSITE-Village Inn: Evie Mae's 12th birthday
OFFSITE-The Cheesecake Factory:dinner
CLEARWATER-Clear Sky Cafe:breakfast
CLEARWATER-Sandpearl Pool Bar
CLEARWATER-Frenchies Rockaway Grill:dinner
OFFSITE-McDonalds Breakfast
OFFSITE-Millers Alehouse
OFFSITE-Keke's Breakfast
DISNEY-Hollywood Studios Snacks
DISNEY-ABC Commissary dinner
OFFSITE-Krispy Kreme
DISNEY-Yak and Yeti t/s:dinner-Landry Card
DISNEY-Chef Art Smiths Homecoming
UNIVERSAL:Simpsons Fast Food Boulevard
OFFSITE-Texas Roadhouse
OFFSITE-Cracker Barrel:breakfast
DISNEY-Beaches and Cream
DISNEY-Magic Kingdom
OFFSITE-Manny’s Chophouse:dinner
OFFSITE-Twistee Treat Ice Cream
DISNEY-Kusafari Bakery
DISNEY-Rainforest Cafe:lunch Landry Card
MCO-Burger King

Final Thoughts and Future Plans
Fatty Awards

So that's the "BIG" list that will all more than likely totally change!


DISCLAIMER(1):After an incredibly frustrating time for untold reasons we've finally gotten the go ahead for a loft extension. This was supposed to have been done 18 months ago. "Let's book Disney for afterwards we thought". It's now going ahead just before we go so it's going to be chaos leading up to going so I'm getting this started really early in case I can't put the time in later that I'd like to so please forgive how early I'm starting this.


Welcome to my fourth food report! You can find the others by clicking
HERE(1)HERE(2)HERE(3).. I'm sure plenty of rehashing/pilfering from my other reports and everyone else's so if you've got a nagging feeling that you've read it before then you probably have. I'm feeling the pressure of delivering again this time, I've even got songs and YouTube clips in this one!

This will run alongside my trip report which you can find the pre trip

Me: George, 43: Over obsessive planner of this. Wannabe food athlete. Clark W. Griswold in disguise.
DW: Kelly, 42: She says she doesn't care where we eat until I suggest somewhere and it will be wrong.
DD1: Evie Mae. 11 but will turn 12 while we are there. Temper like a volcano.
DD2: Lily Belle. 9 but will turn 10 while we are there. Temper like a bigger volcano. Does. Not. Stop. Talking. Ever. Puts Johhny Vaughn to shame.

I'm very guilty of planning each trip as though it's our last which it may well be OR WILL IT?

Bolder, bigger, stronger and dare I say it a little sexier than previous reports. If you've read my other ones then you'll know what to expect. I do try to be honest but I also try to add some tongue in cheek with a little bit of sass thrown in. In regards to whether this will be done "live" then I have no idea. Some probably will be as usually I have sleep issues in the first few days so I'll just see how it goes.

Fine dining isn't really us. There probably won't be any reports of liver, fava beans and a nice chianti in this report. It's going to be all out American Haute Cuisine(mostly) in the form of ribs, fried chicken, steak, pizza, hot dogs and burgers excetra excetra. Throw in some food from South of the border and that's us. Its going to be a whopping 21 days of it. This is will be a super size combo meal of Disney, Universal and Offsite mixed together in a big bowl, served into a massive serving of unhealthy! If Jamie Oliver were dead he'd be turning in his grave about what my kids are going to eat.(Parenting award alert.)


We start off with a welcome return to the The V-Room at Gatwick. We have flights with Virgin Atlantic. I'm really pleased we have the V-Room as we really enjoyed it when we last used it way back when in 2012. For the last two trips we've been to the disappointing No 1 Lounge and the mediocre Flying Horse in Gatwick South.

We start off with a 6 night stay at Disney staying Port Orleans French Quarter where we have upgraded to the Disney Dining plan. A new Disney resort for us.

I'm pleased we are doing Disney first this time as last trip we did offsite first and the Disney food, dare I say it? Yes, I do dare, didn't live up to the previous times we'd been. I'm not saying it was bad or anything like that but I(we) enjoyed offsite more.

We will have 7 table service credits during our Disney stay(one I'm paying oop). We will also be doing a several more Disney table service meals later on in the holiday that I'll paying out of pocket for once we've moved offsite but I'm getting ahead of myself.

I'd like to confirm that I will NOT be taking on Ohana again for dinner. It always ends in disappointment. (I'm actually biting my knuckle a'la Sonny Corleone while I resist the urge to go on MDE and book it again to prove to myself once and for all we don't do Ohana well as a family.)

I've found selecting our choices much easier this time. Actually that is a complete and utter lie.As we will be having less Disney meals via the dining plan I really wanted to make these meals a bit different for us. Only 2 will be repeats even though some we really loved last time. I'm being totally ruthless. Mercy is for the weak. It's the inner Kobra Kai in me.

We won't be doing any ADR's at lunch as we find these way too restrictive. Lunch is definitely an eat when we feel like it kind of deal. So every 26 minutes should suffice We will be having ADR's in the evenings but making sure I allow enough time to have a swim and a rest after a day at the parks. The kids being older now makes this easier. They stay up later than me.

I'm not really going to be planning where we have our counter service meals (that's my second complete and utter lie). I really want to try a hot dog from Casey's at the Magic Kingdom. Kelly likes the look of Satu'li Canteen in Pandora although there doesn't look like there's enough proper fries there on the menu for my liking. I'm sure we will grab something from Woody's Lunchbox as well.(INSERT KENNETH WILLIAMS OOOOH MATRON!).

They'll be no Be Our Guest quick service this time (My God I can't stop lying! I've booked it just in case) The Polite Pig at Disney Springs is very much on the to do list. I didn't even think to suggest that after Kelly and the girls slated 4Rivers last time so was gobsmacked when Kelly suggested it. Being the fried chicken connoisseur that I am then Chicken Guy! intrigues me somewhat. I'm pretty sure we will also utilise the food court at our resort at Port Orleans French Quarter as well. Beignet Burger anyone? (I've got my hand in the air and I'm screaming Me!)

I did consider a fireworks dessert party for the Magic Kingdom as DD1, Evie Mae, is visually impaired and we thought we'd get the best view possible for her but after some thought thought we are going to give it a miss and instead get a good spot early by pitching a tent a few days early near the front, Wimbledon style.

No Sir Cliff though please

(Bet you never thought you'd see Sir Cliff in a food report A+ for creativity.)

The dessert party was going to be for Lily's birthday so we are going to go to Ohana instead. Back up a minute. Ohana I hear you say? Am I telling yet another lie? I escape with a technicality. It's for breakfast as Lily (and Kelly) love Stitch and it's a character breakfast we've never done before. We will however be doing the Toy Story Early Morning Magic which we are all really looking forward too so there will be reports on the food from that.

We will also be having the obligatory excess of snacks. We've been studying snacks this time. I have a list of "suggested" snacks for each park. We only have a paltry 12 each to use though unfortunately. Please rest assured though that the $200 Gift card is being saved for our Disney days when we have moved offsite so I'm pretty sure if we haven't died of food consumption by this point then more will be had. To be honest we normally fail epically with snack credits. We do dare to dream though.

I have my eye on the Peanut Butter Pie from the Contemporary Cafe.

The girls and a Kelly have their beady little eyes on the Cheshire Cat Tail found in the Magic Kingdom amongst other things.


From Disney we now have two nights and three full days at at Universal staying at the Royal Pacific Resort.

In the past I've got the Universal Dining plan and I have done so again. They don't save loads of money but if you like to pre-pay for things like I do then they are a good idea. They are non expiry. I have bought three lots for us over the last few months for our days at Universal. It costs $23.99 per adult and it includes a counter service meal with drink, 1 snack and 1 drink. I don't think it's the worlds worst value for theme park food.

Here is a link to info on the plan.


I still have loads of those annoying cards from last time with odd snacks and drinks on. I will see if I can use them this time. (Picture an annoyed persons face when I present him a job lot of these cards and say "Can you tell me what's on these please?".)

Tip: if using the cards, get a marker pen and write, snack, drink, meal on them and then cross it off when use them. If your stupid like me then it's much easier to keep track off it this way I clearly didn't follow my own advice hence the need for someone to tell me what's left on each card from last time. Moron.

Like any normal civilised people on holiday we will have unhealthy snacks for breakfast(Parenting award alert). We will then plan on having 3 quick service meals for lunch over our 3 days at the Universal parks. I think there's a good chance we will indulge in BreadBox which looks nice. We've done The Three Broomsticks a couple of times but we've never been to The Leaky Cauldron so may give that a whirl as DD2 Lily Belle is Potter mad. In regards to Universal snackage then Voodoo Donuts is a must and we all have a penchant for the The Big Pink but doesn't everyone? Cinnabon? CinnaHell yes!

For our 2 nights at Universal we are going to have a couple of table service meals at Citywalk. Cowfish is an outside possibility. The girls have recently acquired an expensive taste for sushi so luckily for me I'm in with a shout BUT we will going to Teak later in the holiday so that may not help Cowfish's cause. Mexican is pretty popular in our house so Antojitos could be a contender. For the other meal, I think we will just see when we are there but we've never been to Jimmy Buffets so that's somewhere we might try. Definitely not Bubba Gumps. Been there, done that and got the t-shirt.(Not bragging but I have two although one now has a hole in it.)

From there we are moving to Encantada Resort just off the 192 for 13 nights. We had some really lovely meals offsite last time and we are really looking forward to the large variety of places that are available to us. There are a few places that we will definitely make the effort to go to again such as Longhorn, Kekes and Teak. I'm pretty sure we will try Mannys and Olive Garden but we will mostly play this by ear with a little bit of flexibility. I have a long list of places!(Nearly as long as this pre trip waffle)

I'd like us to avoid anywhere you can go into the UK and WILL get annoyed if Lily Belle suggests Subway. I could eat million sandwiches from Subway and they'd all taste the same. Fact.

It won't be all offsite from there though. We have plans to visit a few more Disney eateries. A couple of these will be during the Memorial Day weekend where I'd like to have places booked rather than braving the crowds and we will be at Disney locations anyway those days. Beaches and Cream has been somewhere we've never managed to get tobut this time it's made the cut. Another place will be the Sci Fi Diner. This is one we'd all really like to try but I'm a little uncertain due to how dark it is in there for Evie. It could be a success or one where I'll be lead through Hollywood Studios hanging my head in shame being gobbled on by the masses with cabbage being thrown at me if turns out to be a terrible idea as it's too dark in there for her.

This is worrying me a bit as I don't deal with gob and cabbage well so I'm thinking we will pop in there on a visit earlier in the holiday so Evie can judge it for herself. If it's a no then Mama Melrose will be a worthy back up.

The Landrys Card will also get a time to come to shine(we have three)as we intend on going to Yak and Yeti, T Rex and Rainforest Cafe. The latter is a tradition for us stretching back to 2006 when Kelly and I were on our honeymoon.

We also have a one night stay at Clearwater Beach followed by Busch Gardens the next day. I've already selected a couple of places for Clearwater. This bit is very much for me and Evie as we really want a beach day. Again a strong possibility of a gob and cabbage medley courtesy of DW if the beach turns out to be a bad idea.

I also get a chance to don the mankini. Again.

Hey, if you've got it then flaunt it.(I've used this picture before I know)

I'm aiming to get there early as not having done any kind of beach holiday in awhile I'm not sure if the whole towel on the sun bed malarkey is still a factor.

I toyed with the idea of getting the All Day Dining Deal for Busch Gardens but in the end I was concerned about stories of the queues for food being bigger than the queues for rides and to be honest I doubt we will justify the cost so we will just eat what we fancy when we are there. I will gently and ever so subtly be nudging the family towards the BBQ at Zambia Smokehouse by that I mean forcing them to go there. I'm not exaggerating.

Savings for this trip have gone well so we've managed to squeeze in a cheeky trip to Discovery Cove so I'll be including all the eats from there. I hope we won't witness what we did last time where we saw some stuffing their faces with about 5 plates of food each just because they could.

In regards to the grog. We're not big drinkers but could have a couple of cocktails if the situation presents itself I'll be driving most of the time bar our stay at Universal where we won't be leaving the resort so this would be the most likely place.

Once finished I'll be doing my Fatty Awards like on the previous report giving best and worst and I won't pull any punches!

So how will it all end up and what will we actually end up eating? Well you'll have to wait and see.

Thanks for reading


Edited at 02:35 PM.
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I’m soooo looking forward to this!

Trip Report Index
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Can't wait 😊
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Looking forward to following along😊
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I think i put on a stone just reading this! Loving reading along though!
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Looking forward to seeing some more memes and a load of reviews too
Dining/Trip Reports:
New WDW Dining report coming January 2022
DLP, EuropaPark, Efteling Halloween Roadtrip (2019)3 parks rated, which is best?
The Prisoner of Vineland Mall (2019) 6 days of passion, romance and fine dining...ok so it's mainly eating
Scream if you want to go Fatter! (2018) This report contains images some dieters may find distressing
The 12 Days of Easter (2015) Rumoured to contain up to one good joke. Let me know if you find it
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Yay. We aren't doing disney this time round, last two times we've been on ddp so haven't eaten much outside the parks-apart from IHOP on morning one, and one chilis. Looking for inspiration and ideas!
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Another who is looking forward to reading/eating along!
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Originally Posted by sha9 View Post
I’m soooo looking forward to this!
Thanks for reading I'd better make sure I deliver!

Originally Posted by Jaspercat10 View Post
Can't wait 😊
A little while before I start properly but I hope you enjoy

Originally Posted by Minnie Mum View Post
Looking forward to following along😊
Thank you I'm really pleased to be doing another report

Originally Posted by Bootrip2 View Post
I think i put on a stone just reading this! Loving reading along though!
I reckon I'll double that while there That's being optimistic! All the walking doesn't make a difference

Originally Posted by theCMG View Post
Looking forward to seeing some more memes and a load of reviews too
Thanks for reading Plenty of reviews to come but I'm all out of memes

Originally Posted by Hootietootie View Post
Yay. We aren't doing disney this time round, last two times we've been on ddp so haven't eaten much outside the parks-apart from IHOP on morning one, and one chilis. Looking for inspiration and ideas!
So much choice offsite. It's quite daunting Thanks for reading

Originally Posted by Stardust5 View Post
Another who is looking forward to reading/eating along!
Thank you I'm hoping the pictures do the food justice.

Edited at 08:03 AM.
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This sounds amazing, what day do you fly? We are heading out 4th May from Gatwick!
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