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Unread 27 Jun 10, 07:29 PM  
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Recent Banned member

I recently posted in the announcements that we had banned a member from the DIBB.

Since then we have conducted an email exchange with the banned member with the result that we have rescinded the ban.

We are wiping the slate clean, so to speak, with the aim that all members can concentrate on the real purpose of this site, ie holiday planning topics.

Can I ask that any members that were involved to please allow all parties to draw a line beneath this so that we can all move on.

Any welcome back messages should be passed via PM and not posted in the forums.

The original email was posted in the public domain and in the interest of openness and to squash any rumours before they start we are posting the emails below.

Post made on the DIBB
Member banned from the DIBB
As you may already be aware we have had to ban a member from our site.

For some reason this member and his friends seem to have it in their heads that he was banned from the DIBB for using the word DIBBtard on facebook. This isn't completely true.

Yes, we were not impressed to see DIBB members being referred to as DIBBtards on Facebook and then further seeing this member make a post on the DIBB, again using that phrase, giving some people the impression that he was calling them all retards.
We also saw a member on the Facebook page betting to see how many times he could get away with saying the word, on the DIBB, until the post got deleted or he was banned!

However that was not the reason he was banned from this site.

I can't go into full details as we would have to undelete posts that we have previously had to remove and have to name other members and that would then put them at risk of being targeted for abuse.

What I can say is that he was banned after receiving many Infractions and warnings. He has had quite a few posts removed from the DIBB and the DIBB's official Facebook page over the last few months.

It's always hard in these situations, when we have banned someone, there are always going to be rumours as to why that person was banned. That person will no doubt disagree and convince their friends that they are innocent. Those friends can then easily get sucked into believing that the DIBB has victimised that member. Unfortunately unless we publicly display all the warnings and wrong doings all we can do is leave them to their beliefs.

It is extremely rare that we have to ban someone from the DIBB, it's not something we do lightly as it causes problems for everyone. So when we do ban someone rest assured it's for an extremely good reason.

I must admit I really don't understand why anyone that doesn't like this website would go out of their way to spend time and effort to trash the other users of the site, those that genuinely do like the site!

I never quite understand why some people would come on the DIBB and be all friendly then go on another site like facebook and make horrible remarks about those they have just been friendly with!

The DIBB is just a website with a community forum, if you don't like the site then why use it? Our rules and guidelines are clearly stated. All we ask is for anyone using this site that they adhere to those rules and keep things friendly.

I have instructed the Mods to remove any posts referring to this ban as there is nothing to be gained in debating why someone has been banned.
Email posted on Facebook and emailed to us

I am contacting you to respond to the post you put up regarding the ban I have incurred from the Dibb.
Firstly I would like to be clear that I find it highly offensive that I am unable to defend myself regarding some of the comments you have made but I will come to that in due course.

Initially the message I recieved from you regarding the ban related to posting a profanity on facebook about the dibb yet your message changed at some point and it would appear that it would be because you needed to tailor your post on the site.

Initially it was about facebook posting as well you know and I find your post totally misleading to all members as to the exact circumstances.
It was just a light hearted bit of banter between some dibb people .
as you know i used the word dibbtard . How come im the only one being banned ? am i being made an example of ? i called my self it and the thread in question was genuine.

you also stated that i had numerous warnings and infractions to my knowledge i have only recieved one infraction ever and a few warnings. if you can clarify that i would be gratefull.
I am also looking for an explanation as to your thinking as to why you think by unlocking my posts that anyone would be open to abuse,who from certainly not me.

This area of your post bothers me the most as it portrays me as being potentially abusive which I think you will find amounts to defamation of character(dont worry i have a copy of the post in full).
Although you have removed quite a few of my posts most of them were posted in good spirit but were unfairly removed and no reason was given.

Over the last few months I myself have felt targetted by your over moderation where other posts in the same vein have remained up mine have gone.

My friends are independent thinkers they do not need me to tell them how to think and are able to see my posts and yours also and will make their own judgements.Some of my friends are still members on your site I am sure they will be interested to read that this is how you view them.

Also I noticed as well as a direct reference to things being for the good of the site you directly then go onto make what I would consider as a personal attack against me once again slandering my good name.I am horrified and I find it damaging to my good name and disgraceful I am not able to defend myself in an appropriate manner.
Also i have apologised in effect to michelle regarding the offending name dibbtard. I had no idea she was so sensative.

If at most you should of issued another infraction to my good self . You can understand my anger and dissalousion with the dibb. Which i may add i dont really post and its my wife that uses my name for her planning and tips.
I feel unjustly punished . I hope we can settle this .

Our Reply To above
Hi Alex
Thank you for your letter, which we have read very carefully.

We would like to take issue with you over the following points:

1. Having read through the whole email a couple of times, it seems to be completely void of any apology to us. There seems to be no acceptance from you, that your actions were in anyway related to the reason why you were excluded from the DIBB website.

2. Your reasoning for you being banned is incorrect. So let me make this hopefully 100% clear to you.
You were banned because you used profanity on our official DIBB Facebook page, which since we maintain that page as part and parcel of the DIBB, it comes under the same rules that we set out for the DIBB.

Just to be clear so that there is no doubt, you posted on our page and I quote directly
"I tell you the rudest people on the ≈≈≈≈≈ing DIBB its the dibb police... "

We sent an abuse report to Facebook and Facebook removed all your posts, the comments on those posts and blocked you from further posts on that page. We then applied the Ban on the DIBB.

3. The word DIBBtard, whilst this may, as you say, have been just light hearted banter on a different facebook page, you also posted it on the DIBB.

We were not aware of the facebook discussion until AFTER you were banned from the DIBB. It came to light that not only was the word DIBBtard used, there were several other words used, such as "DIBBiot, DIBBanker, DIBBwit, DIBBtwat.

Now, not to take those words out of context, I agree, you and your friends were using them in a discussion away from the DIBB and they were probably only aimed at a small minority of people. However I hope that you will agree that one, they are not nice words when you look at the real meaning behind them and two they are words that show how you feel about the DIBB or at least some of it's members.

The discussion away from the DIBB has nothing to do with us, however when it spills out onto the DIBB as in you posting that word then it does take on a different context and is subject to our rules of use for the forum.

4. I agree, at the present time you do only have one active 'major' Infraction and I apologise if my post gave the impression that you had more than one active infraction.

5. Again, I think you have totally misunderstood when it comes to the reason why undeleting removed posts would be a bad idea. If we did post your comments, the ones we removed from our official DIBB facebook page, it would show those members that are in agreement with you. The feeling of these members are probably not known to the majority of the DIBB public. if their names, feelings and comments became public then it could open them up for possible abuse.

6. We are happy that you have a full copy of the post made on the DIBB, we would have quite happily have sent you a copy if you didn't have one. I would suggest that you take the time to read it carefully before claiming defamation of character.

Having been though this before, I believe the law defines defamation of character as the publication of false information which relates to the characteristics of an individual, company or product, which can reasonably be expected to have caused DAMAGE.

I don't think we want to go down this route, do you? I believe we would have a better claim against you, in that your posts on Facebook and DIBB could have deterred members from using our site thereby causing loss of potential revenue through advertising and membership subscriptions.

7. We note that you say you have "apologised to michelle In effect" I'm not sure what you mean by 'in effect', you either have apologised or you have not.
It seems you have used facebook to actually name michelle as being the reason for you being banned from the DIBB, which is obviously untrue. Michelle has informed us that she has been the subject of a hate campaign due to your naming her. Personally I do feel this is completely unjustified and I do hope that you have actually apologised to her.

8. You ask that we understand your anger and dissolution with the DIBB. Personally I don't understand it. You have not been targeted or singled out in the slightest.

If you felt your posts were being removed unfairly then you could have reported it to us and we would have investigated. There may have been times when a similar post to yours is left when yours is removed. All I can say is each post especially reported ones are treated individually. If someone reports a post then we have to look at it, if it is borderline then we normally remove it. If a borderline post doesn't get reported then it will probably get left.

What I personally and we as a group really do not understand, is if you were genuinely unhappy with the DIBB why carry on using it? Why even bother giving it the time of day?

9. You ask if we can settle this.
Yes we can settle this, we as the DIBB and me personally never like to ban anyone, sometimes enough is enough though. In this case it was your references to "≈≈≈≈≈ing DIBB and DIBB Police".

We are prepared to reinstate your account on the following conditions:-

a. We receive an apology from you regarding your comments on our DIBB facebook page.
b. You assure us you have apologised to michelle.
c. You agree to abide by the DIBB rules and keep your posts friendly.

In return we will wipe the slate clean and start afresh.

Reply we received
Dear Stu,

Thank you for your quick reply. I have carefully read your e-mail responding to the one I sent you.
Firstly in hindsight I agree that using the word Dibbtard, DIBBtwat, DIBBidiot, wasnt the brightest of moves. If that were my site I wouldn’t be very happy people using them. In fact a few years ago I wasn’t happy when someone on the Dibb called me Duxwit. I should have learned. So I apologise firstly to you and your site and also your mods for any suffering caused.

Michelle , I feel really bad about what happened and I have sent a pm to her friend as quite understandably she has removed me from her friends list. I have apologised in full about the conduct on facebook and the offending word.. This is what I wrote………

Dear Michelle,
I would like to fully and unconditionally apologise for my actions on facebook the other night. It caused you great suffering and hurt. I had no idea you had a child with special needs. I feel bad what I put and if you can see it in your heart to forgive me then please do. I understand that I have lost a sweet kind woman of my friend’s list and the Dibb. I wish you or your family no harm. In hindsight I think I would of retaliated if I was in your shoes. Once more please accept my friend request so I can personally apologise to you on chat in facebook.

I cant put an apology on facbook Dibb as my posts are locked out the only way of doing this would be through yourself. This is what I would like you to put if you could be so kind.
Tips from Dibbers have meant the difference between ok and fantastic holidays for me and in turn given me a real love of Florida. I betrayed that kindness and on facebook I put some hurtful comments that upset a lot of people,for that I apologise I am aware I hurt people who I have encountered nothing but niceness from. Please accept my apology on this page as a personal one to all of you. The Dibb is such a great place for planning andI would wish no one to stop going on account of me. Negative comments are not the way forward. I have learned a great lesson.

I would appreciate if we could draw a line under this but I would ask from you one small favour of you if you could.Would you please clarify to members that I did recieve only one infraction in the spirit of fair play and honesty.
Final email from us.
Hi Alex,
Thank you for your reply and apology which we accept without reservation or prejudice.

To answer your request and in the spirit of openness and since the original email has already been posted in the public domain I will post the details of our emails on the DIBB. I will make sure this is a closed thread so no discussion. We will also not allow any welcome back threads as this will just create more problems than it solves. I'll ask members that if they want to welcome you back that they do so via PM.

I will try and get this sorted out later today.

I'm pleased we can draw a line beneath this.

A last reminder to DIBB members...
Please do not make any posts in the forums regarding this issue.

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