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Unread 7 Sep 19, 08:52 PM  
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Toddler Trials take on DLP June 2019 - Day 4

Toddler Trials take on DLP! June 2019 - Day 4
Thursday 13th June

It was lie in day today, sort of. 2 days of EMH and we needed a slower start. I got up at 7.30 and washed my hair but Libby and Gary were out cold. The hairdryer woke them about 8. Libby had a bath because she needed her hair washed too. We were all ready and left the room at 9.

Today we were having breakfast with Mickey & Co at Plaza Gardens, with a reservation for the second sitting at 9:45.

Busier this morning since we were later
Citizens of Main Street were out!

We headed into Disneyland Park, they were filming on Main Street for Junior Bake Off Italia so we had a nosey then lingered outside Plaza Gardens.

Waiting to go in

The queue was a bit nuts but we didnt wait long once it opened. You pay as you go in, we were 26 to top up 2 adult half board plus breakfasts (Libby was free as shes under 3).

This experience was more manic than Inventions but still great and well worth the top up . Its a big place and queues formed for food but they moved along fairly quickly.

So excited when she could see the characters

I didnt note the exact order but we saw Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Mickey, Goofy, Daisy and Scrooge. Libby was excited because we could see them coming to us and we may or may not have used this in slight bribery to get her to eat her breakfast!

Cue LOTS of character photos...

There was a little girl beside us with a cute Winnie the Pooh hat on and Tigger stole it and took off across the dining room with it which was hilarious!

Scrooge missed us and we saw him leave but one of the cast members realised and ran out the side door and brought him back.

The food was the same as in our hotel, standard breakfast fayre.

Once wed finished we headed back out into the park. I nipped round to grab a Buzz fastpass and Gary and Libby walked towards Adventureland.

They found a Jafar meet so joined the queue to wait on me. We only waited 10 minutes and got talking to a Scottish couple behind us.
Libby wasnt sure of him (he was totally in character!) but when we left she said she liked him.

The queue for Aladdin and Jasmine was massive and they werent even out for another 20 minutes so we joined a queue for Baloo & King Louie. This ended up being a 25 minute wait or so but the meet was fab.

I love this photo

They danced with Libby then Baloo picked her up for a cuddle. She loved them .

We headed over to Discoveryland to use our Buzz Fastpass. We were a few minutes late but the Cast Member didnt mind.

Sprinting to Buzz

We finally got a ride photo but it wasnt great anyway! Garys score on this was getting worse not better!

The Darth Vader meet had a 35 minute queue so Gary didnt bother. We headed in to PhilarMagic for a rest. Libby actually really enjoyed this.

We decided on Cafe Hyperion for lunch. The queues were quite lengthy but I didnt wait too long. It doesn't look much but the burger was actually really tasty. I ordered a portion of chicken nuggets and onion rings too and we shared because wed had the big buffet for breakfast.

The dessert thing (looks like a cheese scone) wasnt nice at all though .

After lunch and a nappy change, we walked round to Fantasyland in search of more meets. The Pinocchio queue was already closed though and so was the line at the old mill for Rapunzel so we were out of luck.

Les Pays des Contes de Fees was showing a 15 minute wait so we joined the queue. When we got to the boat loading bit, we were going to be in the front row. The girl behind us with her parents (I reckon she was about 10/11) literally shoved passed me and Libby to get to the boat first . The Cast Member clocked her though and shouted her back. The parents didnt apologise, think they were miffed they didn't get front row .

On the ride, we kept stopping and theyd announce over the tannoy the need for everyone to remain seated. It happened 4/5 times, then just as we were near the end we stopped again under a bridge. We could see the Cast Member again asking everyone to sit down and she was looking directly at our boat and repeating herself . I glanced round quickly but couldnt see anyone standing up so was a bit confused and wondered if she meant because Libby was on my knee. The mystery was solved when we went to get off the boat though. She stopped the whole ride and moving thing they use to load/unload so our boat was stationary and proceeded to give the parents and child behind us into trouble. SO MUCH TROUBLE, she was raging at them! Apparently the girl (the pushy one) had been stood up most of the way round and the parents hadnt said a word to her. I hadnt realised it was them being the troublemakers because she was directly behind me (or I would have said something ). They spoke English too so god knows why they were so ignorant. Some people!

We were going to go on the Casey Jr. Circus Train but the queue was 25 minutes and Libby was getting cranky. The park was really busy so we decided to head back to our hotel, via the shops.

As we walked out of the park at 3.30 we realised Libby was asleep.

This was a rare moment of spontaneous napping so we took full advantage and went in to World of Disney and most other shops in the village! We got ourselves some ice cream at the Ben and Jerrys stand just at the balloon and sat and ate them on a bench, resting our feet while Libby slept .

She woke up and we slowly made our way back round the lake to Newport Bay.

*Warning* Might be TMI story coming (Seems to be a theme of our trip reports now we're parents, this isn't as bad as the Canada one though ).
Back in the room, we had some blow outs from Libby which rapidly went through the remaining nappies we had . We had dinner booked for 6pm in Cape Cod in the hotel so resigned ourselves to the fact wed have to pay silly money for more nappies in the hotel shop on our way there.
Sure enough, a 20 pack of Pampers later and we had nappies to see us through. The guy serving us was embarrassed when he scanned them to find out the price, but what can you do! We were too tired and couldnt be bothered heading to Val dEurope for cheaper ones.

The irony of all this is Id put off potty training her because of the trip. We started the day after she got home and she was done in 3 days so the 20 pack never even got finished!

Annnnnyway, nappy drama over!

On our way to dinner

Dinner in Cape Cod was lovely. Gary had a red wine and I had a Glowtini. I was really impressed with the selection of food, they had lots of plainer choices for children too. They also had a chocolate fountain for dessert.

My first random plate
Libby's dinner

After wed eaten we wandered outside to the lake. Libby played with some other British kids and we just enjoyed the chill time .

I love this one

We went up to the hotel shop again to look at all the photos Id collected on the photo pass card to see if it was worth buying them all as a Photopass for 75. I didnt really think it was, there werent many that were better than our own so I didnt bother. We did buy one Goofy print of the 3 of us though and it was only 2 more to have it in a cardboard frame thing. This was 18.99.

While I looked at the photos, Libby played with the toys!

After a very chilled day/night we were back in our room and in bed chilling for 9pm . I sorted out the bags for heading home tomorrow and we all enjoyed an early night .

Thanks for reading xx

Edited at 07:20 PM.
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Unread 9 Sep 19, 01:14 PM  
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Thanks for posting! Loving this report as we go next week - glad cape cod was good, we've booked it for our trip too. Getting excited now! xx

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Unread 9 Sep 19, 03:28 PM  
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Originally Posted by Bobsledwheels View Post
Thanks for posting! Loving this report as we go next week - glad cape cod was good, we've booked it for our trip too. Getting excited now! xx
Thank you . I should have our last day up today/tomorrow. Hope you have a fantastic trip xx
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Unread 10 Sep 19, 01:38 PM  
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So many great character interactions today, I love that Baloo piked up Libby to cuddle her! Heart melting!

The food at Cape Cod looked delicious, I love a chocolate fountain!

But wow, 20 for a pack of nappies... only at Disney would you pay it!
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Holiday to Florida with Florida4less

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