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Unread 30 Jan 20, 12:51 PM  
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Originally Posted by MillyMoo View Post
I turned 40 last year, we didnt have a prom, wasnt ever fined for term time holidays and I remember quite a few wooden board rubbers hurtling down the classroom - never aimed at me i might add!
Uniform was incredibly important, detentions were given if things werent right, the length of the skirts on girls these days is just awful!
A few years ago, the head of our local high school tried to introduce a uniform policy where skirts had to be a certain length and micro minis were banned. A group of parents were so outraged that they went to the papers with the story. The head teacher was subjected to the most horrendous abuse, had to back down and later took early retirement. That would never have happened when I was at school, parents respected teachers and made sure that we followed the rules about uniforms whether we liked it or not.

I left school in 1979 and I walked out of the school gates after sitting my last exam and have never set foot in the place again. I had a few teachers who carried their belt (tawse) over their shoulder underneath their jacket. We knew which teachers did this and knowing that they carried the belt was enough of a deterrent for most of us! One teacher used to slam a wooden ruler down on a desk to get us to be quiet - he was a scary character and was a hot shot with the blackboard duster...
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Unread 30 Jan 20, 01:57 PM  
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I seem to remember both my wife and sisters (all in their 40s) saying that they used to fold up the top of their skirts to make them look shorter whilst going to and from school. They would then fold them down whilst at school. I'm sure they weren't the only ones! So girls having short skirts has been a thing for at least the past 30 years (and no doubt also in the 60s when the mini-skirt was all the rage).

DD's high school currently has strict uniform rules and skirts can be no more than an inch above the knee. These rules are enforced, in school at least (it's up to parents to enforce any rules they may have when the kids are out of school).
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