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Back Problems - New Mattress Needed!

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    12 Oct 19, 09:37 AM
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  • My back and shoulder are in constant knots 😭 I used to see a physio occasionally but now itís become almost constant and the cost of physio became a bit too much.

    Last night, my shoulder was so sore I was almost in tears. Every position I tried hurt more than the last. I ended up grabbing a big blanket from the living room and sleeping on the floor! I canít take this mattress anymore - I suppose itís a bit old (maybe about 5 or 6) and it was expensive new, but it seems to be on its last legs

    SO - does anyone have any mattress suggestions? Are the Simba/Casper/Emma ones really worth the hype? We need something extra firm, and ideally TODAY! Pillow suggestions also welcome as I donít think ours are helping.

    Help! 😭

    Edit: Iíve accidentally posted this thread twice, and I canít figure out how to delete it on mobile 🙈

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    Honeymoon at POFQ is cancelled :(
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