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Old 11 Aug 20, 03:44 PM  
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Usually got to Disney World FL, but considering Paris!

Hi everyone!

Hope your all safe and well

So we normally go to Disney World Florida each year, we have had to make a change to our current package, we had booked already changing it from April to October, but its now looking like we wont be able to go again, so we are now considering Paris, I've always thought about going, but Florida has always been our first choice.

So we're just wondering really, what is it like? Is the experience similar? Rides, atmosphere? How does it compare?

Obviously we expect its not going to be the same but would be nice to hear some opinions thanks

Also were do you recommend staying? Onsite or offsite? Any tips or websites you can advise, let me know
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Old 11 Aug 20, 10:24 PM  
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It doesnt compare. It is very different and you shouldnt in my opinion see it as a similar holiday but it will absolutely give you a dose of Disney
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Old 12 Aug 20, 10:37 AM  
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Been to both, DLP since 1992 and wdw for first time last year and then 9 days after returning we went to dlp. They are a totally different trip. Florida is 2 weeks with breaks, DLP is a few days with no breaks if you want to see everything (unless been lots like we have and we can take the breaks). Its no full on in face with florida service, it is european service so more reserved, rides are faster and less off them, if want fast pass you got to use tickets on day to get them unless pay extra, but at mo there isnt any. In my opinion food is better but can be dear and less options where to eat.
I prefer onsite or partner hotels but lots choose offsite. I book with dlp or wdtc but lots of ways to book but at mo of book as package you are guaranteed entrance to parks.

Everyone has their own opinion, like ive said before a holiday is. what you make of it. You need to go with an open mind and not compare to florida. We are going back to dlp hopefully in march then dec 2021. We love it.
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Old 12 Aug 20, 03:06 PM  
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We love both but for different reasons.. We actually prefer Paris in the winter as it really feels. Christmassy florida is a huge holiday where everything needs to be planned but Paris is much easier to wing... We always stay on site as the furthest Hotel is only a 15 min walk along side the river to the disney village (smaller version of disney springs) and park entrances.. Definitely worth it but really try not to compare them or you will be dissapointed as they are not the same type of holiday!
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Old 12 Aug 20, 05:25 PM  
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I agree with all of the above posts. You definitely cant compare them. We have moved our Florida trip to next year but I wanted a short trip this year to give me a bit of Disney magic so we have booked DLP for 3 days. I think its great to tide you over before you can get back to Florida.
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Old 16 Aug 20, 05:45 PM  
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I've done both multiple times and now I refer to DLP as Disney Lite, or like a demo of a game you used to get with PS1/PS2 magazines lol.

I must say DLP has got so much better in the last few years, back in the 90s I found staff to be rude, it just didn't have a Disney atmosphere.

Nowadays and with changes of park management they have managed to capture some of the magic of WDW but just remember you won't get a Florida experience, no AK or Epcot, a much smaller studios, a much smaller Downtown Disney etc

It can make it feel lacking somewhat

I've done 4 nights and 5 days twice now due to not being able to afford Florida and even with 3 kids under the age of 12 at the time it still felt too long and we left early on the last morning.

DLP's Space Mountain, variant of Rock n Roller Coaster, Crush's Coaster, and Ratatouille are absolutely worth experiencing though, really good rides.

They also have an Earl of Sandwich...
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Old 17 Aug 20, 09:54 AM  
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^^ No RnRC now. Being rethemed as an Iron Man attraction I think.
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Old 18 Aug 20, 10:05 AM  
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My first few trips were all to Orlando. I actually didn't go to DLP until 2009.

That trip was nice but disappointing, I felt that the guests were rude (lots of smoking) the Cast Members didn't look interested, the place needed some TLC and there was a lot of rubbish around. There were also a lot of people selling fake Disney stuff outside the station.

However, we have been back since The Disney company have taken over the day to day running of it, and it seemed to have flipped it on it's head.

The place looks so much better with a bit of paint and TLC (apart from the horrid green security tents).

The Disneyland Park particularly is lovely.

The studios is very small however that would have been addressed with the planned expansion (not sure if that's still going ahead) and suffers with similar problems that California Adventure did before that was updated.

Nothing for me will compare to Disney World (given this is my "home" resort) but what it does do is give you a big Disney fix.

Don't make the mistake I did and expect Disney World, as it's totally different and in some areas that's not a bad thing
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Old 21 Aug 20, 04:29 PM  
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If you accept it is going to be different you will have an amazing time. I personally belief that some of the rides are far better than Florida and my favourite which is big thunder mountain knocks socks off the Florida ride. We usually stay on site and stay club level ( thats just our preference) as this gives added extra's. Everything is walking distance and you can pop back to your hotel for a quick break then head out again for evening in the parks.
You just need to bare in mind that it is Europe and europeans are not as happy smiley as Floridians, Other people have also raised concerns about people smoking in the parks, I will say we have not had a problem with this.
Generally I thoroughly enjoy DLP and treat it as a Disney fix in between Florida. We have booked to go next June as I originally had planned on taking a break from Florida next year. I will be going to both now having moved my Florida trip this year to next May.
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Old 21 Aug 20, 06:39 PM  
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I love DLP and have been most years since 2008. It's much more affordable than WDW and doesn't need to be planned like a military operation.

As has been said though, it is an entirely different experience. It is a European one not an American one. Just as if you were going to Tokyo Disneyland or Shanghai Disneyland, you need to prepare yourself for a completely different culture.

For example - you won't get the 'be my new best friend' style greetings from the CMs. That feels fake and tacky to Europeans. However, if you engage one in conversation - particularly in French, even if your French begins and ends with 'Bonjour' - they absolutely blossom. (To answer a previous point, I have never once found CMs 'rude', but the expectation in France is that you don't want strangers bothering you on your holiday, so they tend to leave you alone unless you need them.)

The level of detail in Disneyland Park is off the scale. If you have watched the Imagineering Story on Disney+ you will have seen how much care and planning (and money) went into building the park. There are so many little details - the golden snails on the castle roof, the motto at the entrance to Toad Hall restaurant 'No Consumus Froglegus'... plus there are lots of hidden gems such as the dragon under the castle, the Sleeping Beauty walkthrough upstairs, the beautiful arcades either side of Main Street...

Another cultural difference - the French don't really snack. It gets in the way of their two-hour three-course lunch and their two-hour three-course dinner. So don't expect the wide variety of snacks you get in WDW. Instead, save your money for one of the nicer restaurants, give yourself an entire evening to eat there (the French don't rush their food) and relax with a glass of wine and a good steak.

The Great British Mickey Waffle, our very own podcast, has just recorded a DLP special episode which will be going out on 1 September, so keep your ears open for that too.
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