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Florida Trip no3 - Day 9 - September 2019

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Day 9 - 22nd September 2019 - Animal Kingdom & Disney Springs

Day 9

I wake up around half 8 and manage to doze to around 9, our morning is the usual routine of bagels,
cream cheese whilst watching classic cartoons.

Today we are heading back to Animal Kingdom, I originally had a FP for Dinosaur to start with but we have had enough of being jolted around in the dark, so I manage to amend this to a safari FP at 11. We get the bus from the Music resort, and I guess as we are a lot closer to Animal Kingdom the busses are a lot better and one pulls up in 5 mins. We are in the park for half 10 so a much better leisurely start to our day. we take a usual stroll via the shops and any photo pass photographer we meet.

We get to the Safari for just gone 11, and by pass a massive standby line, being a party of 2 we almost always get stuck with another couple on the row, but luckily we didnít this time so had loads of room to spread out and take photos. Our guide was lovely, she knew a lot about the animals and also had some really cheesy jokes lined up for us. The Giraffes stole the show again for us, as they were ready and waiting for us meters from the truck.

We leave Africa and head to Flight of Passage for our second FP, again we save a huge line up of about 2 hours. The ride is amazing as ever, and we are soon off surrounded by groups wooping and cheering. We have a mooch around Pandora stopping for a few photos and a cool down in some of the shade and mist.

After Avatar we have a spot of lunch and head back to flame tree BBQ for the favourite mac and cheese with pulled park and a side of fries with pulled pork and cheese, they are huge portions and this quite easily fills us up. I love the shaded sitting area here, you can have a nice relaxing bite to eat and still hear the atmosphere of the park and the dance parties taking place around you.

Next we head to expedition Everest for our last FP, we love the ride as usual and comes in a close 2nd after Hagrid as our favourite. Once off I do try to bag another one, but they only have times in the evening even after using the modify button.

We head out back via the shops to cool down in the air con, and back to the bus stop. I said earlier that being close to AK these busses are not that bad, not on the return they are not! we are sitting there for about half an hour waiting for a bus to come, and watch near enough all the other resorts come round a couple of times. I really donít get why the All star has such bad bus service, the 3 hotels together must have the largest number of rooms for any Disney property, so you would think that as they often combine the busses they would be coming at least every 10 mins, but no, probably the least served vs number of rooms. I can bet that any other time of the year when we are not there the busses are stacking up waiting for take guests here and there!

Back at the hotel, our room again has a load of love bugs in, we canít be bothered to wait for the man to come hoover, so I get some loo roll and go to town on them. I then pop another load of washing on and make use the of app to track its progress, and we have a chill, shower and watch what ever film is on TV.

We contemplate heading out to Disney Springs a bit earlier today, but as the sun is still shining we
decide against that and wait for it to set before heading out. We are tempted to drive to avoid the
busses this evening, but decide to give them another shot again, we head to the Music resort again for a better hope of getting on a bus and its not too bad on the way there, only a 5 min wait. The bus of course is shared with the 3 resorts, so its half full by the time it reaches Music and when it gets to Movies it is near enough full with room for around another 10 passengers.

For dinner we head to a favourite again and have Blaze, Chicken BBQ for my wife and a meat eater for me, both lovely as usual and we sit outside and soak up the atmosphere. We take another walk around the shops stopping along the way to sit and people watch for a bit, I just love the atmosphere of Disney springs, itís such an amazing place, I could quite easily sit and people watch all evening. The smells of Ghirardelli is calling us and we get our sample as per usual, but we do also always have a look around the shop, the ones that just come in get the sample and walk out again I think is a little rude. The smell of the brownies and ice cream is to irresistible for me, so although I am still full from Pizza we still find room for a brownie sundae to share, it is so nice, warm gooey chocolate and yummy ice-cream. Iím craving one just writing this!

we decide to head back so make the trek back to the bus station and join the long long long line for the all star resorts, again there is not a bus in sight, and it must be a good 40 mins till it turns up, of course there are also some scooters that they need to load up so that take another 10, and about half of the line get on the bus, we of course get cut off just before this one leaves so have to wait for a second bus and another load of scooters. This time round from deciding to leave to getting to the room is about 1h50, donít know if we just have really bad luck with the busses or of they are always like this for the value resorts, but we really do miss the boats at French quarter.

Another amazing day done but we are starting to realise that the end of the holiday is looming.

Day 10
September 2019 - Trip Report

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Weíre the same with the buses always the furthest stop and usually have a long wait
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When we stayed onsite, I think we survived Disney transport for two days then did Lyft
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