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Florida Trip no3 - Day 11 - September 2019

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Day 11 - 24th September 2019 - Hollywood Studios and Disney Springs

We wake around 10 today, there is only so many bagels and cream cheese a couple can eat so we bin these and start work on the massive amounts of goldsfish we still got left and some of the treats from the Halloween party. Today's plan is for Hollywood Studios, with the new FP tier structure I had booked some throwaway shows for early in the morning, so they had passed before we even got out of bed.

The buses are well behaved this morning and we only have to wait a few minutes before one pulls up, our bus of course skips the empty stops at the front, past the All star resorts stop and heads to the back to an empty stop not allocated to any hotel. Iím sure now we are not staying there you would get dropped off at the front!

On arrival to Hollywood Studios we see the skyliner running as it had done the days previous, but this time looking up I see people in there, oh maybe a soft opening I think, so we head to the entrance and see it is cast member only event, we see a number of people trying their luck to get on but they are all turned away so we donít even attempt to try.

On arrival to HS we have a look around the shops and again enjoy the cool of the air con. Tower of Terror is our only real FP for today, so this saves us a 50 min wait. When ever we ride we always seen to get the back row, which always annoys me. The photos are always blocked by those in front with their hands up and I enjoy the view from the front. I know we can ask for the next one, but seems too much hassle to bother with. My wife hates this ride, and I know she only goes on it for me, but today the drop didnít seem that bad at all compared to other times, donít know if they have changed the sequence or I was expecting more, but Iím sure the Paris version is more of a drop.

Upon leaving Tower of Terror I check to see what other FP are available and I am shocked to see Slinky come up, so I donít waste a second before grabbing it for a couple of hours time. We work our way round to Toy story land, but not before popping into the shops and getting a frozen lemonade cup, amazing if you havenít had one. We also stop by the Pixar area and grab a nom nom cookie, this isnít cheap but its thick, warm, gooey and worth every cent. The cookie is demolished in a matter of seconds and my wife has to stop me buying another.

We still have a little wait for our Slinky FP, Toy story mania is showing a 30 min wait so we join the standby line and for some reason they are still not using the main queue are and are directing us all round the back of the building to join another part of the line via a fire escape. Someone asked a cast member what was going on and they said Andyís mom put this curtain up and we have no idea what shes doing. I love how they donít break character and would have been so easy for them to say we had a leak in the air con or something like that. We now call this ride the bop bop ride and my hand is starting to hurt by the second window so I got no chance! My wife wins so makes the toy story Mania standings 1 all.

We still have a bit of time to spare before our FP at Slinky dog, so we head to Woodyís lunch box for some grilled cheese and tator tots. There is not a huge amount of shade in the area and we have to fight for a table with shade. The food is great as always and we enjoy a cool drink and watch the green army men do their thing.

Our time for Slinky comes up, we both really enjoy it, and its a lot faster and bumpier that we remembered. Once off I grab FP for rock n roller coaster, this time seated at the front, which I think I prefer on this ride. Have no idea of the song that was playing on our limo, either didnít recognise it or to busy enjoying the ride to think about it. We were held in the brake run for a while so once we got off the countdown timer had run out on our photo, we rush to tap knocking people out the way who were just milling around on their phone but miss it and end up with a random couple on my app. It is good to know that you can just head to the photo desk and they can pull the photo for you and add to your magic band. I grab another FP for toy story mania, and we stop off at Walt Disney exhibition on the way, it always makes me sad to think he never got to see the finished park in Florida.

On the bop bop game, I do some hand exercises and warm up, it must have worked as I won! 2-1 to me, so my wife demands a rematch, luckily I grab another FP straight away and this time she wins so 2 all. I blame the fact I was worn out from the previous go but it doesnít wash!

We are amazed we have spent so long in Hollywood studios, as we thought we would have only been there for a couple of hours, we get back to the hotel for around 5 after our usual battle with the buses. Although was happy to spot a Donald bus so one plus for the buses!

We are heading back to Disney Springs this evening, and rather than deal with the busses we decide to give driving a go. Not sure if this works out better for us or not, but we end up in Grapefruit, now who names a parking garage grapefruit, it was being built last time we were here surely lemon would be better to go with orange and lime! Luckily we find a spot near the pathway so the walk isnít too bad to get to the springs.

Our friends are annual pass holders and they very kindly said we could use their discount when we met up next so we take a walk around the shop and eye up what we would like to buy, its only here that we also notice a difference in price between Disney Springs and the parks. We were looking at some keyrings, and in the parks it was priced at $9.99, but in world of Disney it is priced at $13.99. Its not only in the Disney store we noticed this, we also took a look at the Pandora shop, one of the charms in Disney Springs was priced at $65 but in Magic kingdom it was priced at $85, so itís worth doing a bit of shopping around to see what is cheaper to buy where.

For dinner we head to the Polite pig, the queue to order is massive, and doesnít help that they offer you to sample the beers while placing the order. My wife is also feeling the lack of greens this holiday so she orders a healthy salad while I go for more beige food, of pulled pork and waffle fries.

We take walk around again along with a the traditional sample of chocolate from Ghirardelli, and head back to the car. I must say even though we had parked further away it was much less of a hassle to get to and from the hotel, and much less frustrating watching every other resort bus pull in and out. But I can guarantee that as we drove today they would have put on personal cars to take you from the resort to anywhere in Florida!

Another busy but enjoyable day, and we prepare ourselves for our last full day with the mouse.

Day 12
September 2019 - Trip Report

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We really enjoy Hollywood Studios, some great rides and you managed to do loads. The toasted cheese sandwich at Woodyís lunchbox is delicious and the Polite Pig has awesome bbq, a fun day.
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Another good day
We managed to get plenty of fast passes last September at Hollywood Studios it was much quieter than when we go in October
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Very lucky to get a Slinky Dog FP! Wish we could have gone on it more as it was brilliant
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