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Andalusia- Road trip - now moved to March 2021

So in about 8 weeks the missus and me head off on our third kid free trip. Since our amazing Canadian road trip last year, city break to Prague and a trip across to France with family our son has decided to forfeit the wonder of travel with his parents for camping with his mates. We’ve now done two holidays without him, Pisa/Florence and Copenhagen, and although we’ve missed him (but not the struggle to get him out of bed in a morning as well as trying sometimes to keep him entertained and deal with his constant teenage hunger ) we have enjoyed the time for the two of us. Sure we’ll have some more
family holidays but this time it’s just the two of us for a whole two weeks.

So this is the two of us enjoying Florence in February and for our next trip we are heading off to southern Spain for two weeks. Neither Kirsty or myself are big beach lovers ( we like to be doing but don’t mind the odd chill out ) and have always wanted to see some of the cities of Andalusia. We decided on a road trip to take in a few of the places and almost use them as a string of city breaks built into a two week holiday. It’s also a special trip as my other half reaches a milestone birthday which happens half way through the trip. Kirsty has been doing weekly challenges for her big birthday year which has seen her do various activities and challenges from hiking to volunteering, singing to baking, photo shoots to giving up social media for a time. She’s really loving them and proving that age really is just a number and not a reason to not push yourself from your comfort zone and still enjoy life to the max. One of the ones which is due whilst we are away is ‘skinny dipping’ which we may do as long we can find a quiet deserted beach away from anyone else. Promise not to share those photos. I’ve been doing a bit of research and have now booked the hire car, flights, hotels and a few things to do on the way. I’ll be doing a trip report. May do a live one or wait until I get back, but if anyone is heading to this area hopefully it will help and give some ideas and if anyone has visited this area please feel free to let me know what you’ve enjoyed along with any tips.

Sunday 22nd September - Manchester/Malaga/Ronda

We leave Manchester with quite early and arrive into Malaga. We’ll pick up our hire car and then drive over to Ronda for our first night

Our hotel is just on the edge of town so we can walk in to explore and see the sights. It looks really picturesque and have found a great tapas place for our first night

23rd-24th September - Ronda/Zahara de Los Atunes

After morning in Ronda we leave and head off to Zahara de Los Atunes on the coast

We are here for the next two nights and aim to visit the beach as well as some of the small ‘white villages’ doted about. We’ve booked a small boutique hotel that is close to the beach and looks lovely.

I’m in two minds about visiting Gibraltar. Have read mixed reviews but it’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit and seems a shame to be close and not go so still a bit undecided at the minute.

25th/26th September Cadiz

Short drive to our next stop in Cadiz, again on the coast.

Our hotel is right on the beach and close to the town with an easy walk right beside the sea.

Well spent the time exploring Cadiz and having some chill time.

27th/30th September Seville

As we leave Cadiz it’s the day of Kirsty’s birthday, I’ve arranged a stop in Jerez and booked tickets to see the Andalusian horses.

Kirsty has a real love of horses so thought this a good way to start off her birthday. We then head off to Seville for the next four nights, staying in the centre of town in a hotel with a roof top pool

The only thing I’ve booked so far is a traditional flamenco show for one evening which looks really good. There looks loads to do here and the cathedral, alcazar and plaza look like must do’s as well as enjoying lots of tapas too.

1st/2nd October - Córdoba

We leave Seville and head off to Córdoba for the next two nights

We’ll definitely be visiting the mosque/cathedral in the centre of town, it looks absolutely stunning. One of Kirsty’s old school friends also lives in Córdoba so we are planning to meet up with her too as well as exploring the town

3rd/5th October - Granada

We end our trip with 3 nights in Granada

All I have booked so far is the Alhambra. I’ve gone for a night tour with a following tour for one of the days we are there also. I’ve heard it gets really busy and needs to be pre-booked. It’s looks amazing and is a place we’ve always wanted to go. We’ll also explore the town and eat plenty of their infamous churros I’m sure.

We then fly home from Malaga, driving there on our last day in Granada.

So that’s the plan and what has been arranged so far. It’s a trip we are both looking forward to and to be honest maybe wouldn’t of been a holiday our son, Sam, would of enjoyed due to a definite lack of theme parks! Kirsty and me both like exploring, with some culture and good food thrown in so should be right up our street. We’ve also said we do need some chill time and will be packing a few books to read with a glass or two of some local drink close by!

I’ll post some more updates as I get things booked and the holiday gets closer. Please do let me know any hints, tips and recommendations if you’ve been, be great to know what you’ve loved and enjoyed if you’ve been across here.

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No tips I’m afraid as we haven’t visited the area, but we did go to a Flamenco show in Madrid and it was brilliant. Try to look for somewhere you can sit close to the stage and really take in the performance. Enjoy!
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I would recommend Gibraltar even for an afternoon if you can fit it in. We were there via a cruise & took a private tour so that we could see everything and we all really enjoyed it.

Looking forward to reading your report
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Just a quick update.

You’ve maybe seen from my countdown that our Andalusian trip isn’t there, we’ve decided to move this now to a later time. We’ve just booked a big China trip for next year, going to Jordan & Petra in February, Krakow just before Christmas as well as a Brussels city break and visit to Disneyland in Paris after Sams ‘A’ levels and crazy as it may sound we just seemed to have too much on. As well as having stuff to do at home, bathroom renovations university visits and applications we both felt time at home sorting these things out would be better.

I’ve been able to move the flights, get refunds on the hotels, car hire and parking so we haven’t really lost out. It’s now back to 2021 in March which seems a long way off but with 5 other trips and holidays booked we’ve enough to plan for and look forward too.

The report will happen just a bit later and I’ll be doing one for our Jordan trip in February.

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