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Take a look through my eyes, day 10. Crystal Palace, scared kids, posh food and a satisfying last Illuminations. 8th September 2019

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    10 Oct 19, 01:49 PM
    Excited about Disney
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  • We had a 9am ADR at Crystal Palace this morning which we turned up 15 minutes late for! Both of us hate being late for anything but the buses this morning decided that they wouldn't run on time and they would also be full to bursting with at least 4 mobility scooters in the queue, each with a party of at least six!

    We've also learnt not to queue any more as it never works when it's busy, it's always a scrum when there are a lot of people waiting and there's a mass surge towards the bus. It does take some practice for us Brits not to form an orderly queue, it's not that we want to queue, I hate queues as it means I have to wait for something, it's more about fairness and waiting your turn, unless of course it's Black Friday and you're visiting your local Asda😂

    We ended up power walking to the best of our ability to check in at the Crystal Palace, I was apologising in my best telephone voice to the lovely lady at the check in window, and lovely she was. What are you worrying about, no one's ever late for anything, this is Disney... phew! Would she have said the same had we been an hour late? Not about to test that one!

    We did have a bit of a wait 'til our table was ready but I'm not about to complain! I love breakfast here especially when it involves pooh's puffed toast and breakfast lasagne. Almost had a mild panic when the first trip up to the buffet resulted in an empty breakfast lasagne tray, panic over on the second trip as it had been replenished, in fact I took the first scoop!

    There were a couple sat at the table next to us, I thought that they were a father and daughter, turns out they were a couple, I thought she looked about 14! Both spent the whole time they were there on their phones, only looking up for character interactions

    A gentle ride on a doom buggy at the Haunted mansion was needed, nothing too taxing after the calorific breakfast.

    Then a relaxing ride on the Liberty Belle. There were hardly any people on the boat but there was a lot of noise...

    An American family had literally dragged a little girl who must have been no older than four onto the steamboat, she was pleading with them not to go on, she repeated over and over, I don't want to, I'm scared and started sobbing and repeating the same thing over and over between her sobs, the sobs soon turned to screams when the steamboats horn when off, they were blood curdling screams, she really was terrified but they kept her on the boat, she was like this for the whole journey with no let up, bless her, she was absolutely terrified. When they carried her off, she looked terrible, all hot and sweaty and couldn't catch her breath through the sobs, poor little thing. I remember when ours were little, we used to try and coax them onto rides, sometimes using bribery as we knew that they would enjoy something and forget their fear, but I can't remember ever forcing them to ride something.

    Another Le fou's brew each, that's three so far this holiday!

    Then chill out with the Little Mermaid.

    Things got a bit hairy for a while...

    Phew! Happy ending 😊

    And then a doze on the Carousel of Progress before calling it a day at about 2pm and heading back home. Another Pandora charm may have accidently been purchased on the way out 😊
    We have a 5pm adr at Flying Fish later so wanted to go back to freshen up before heading out to the Boardwalk. John also mentioned that he had a bit of a sore throat, uh oh!

    Still looking fairly quiet everywhere, we had to double check that everything was open as it looked so quiet! We had a mooch around the shops in the searing heat before checking in for dinner.
    Our server was impeccable, she certainly knew her stuff and nothing was too much trouble. We had a seat right beside the kitchen which was nice, she brought out glasses of filtered iced water and talked us through the food and drink menus.

    The bread served here is delicious and warm and has seaweed in it and I'm told that the butter is churned in house.

    I ordered a Pacific Island punch which was lovely and not too strong, John had a diet coke 😊 the piece of banana on the top of my cocktail had been bruleed, so it was sweet and crunchy.

    I had already decided that I was having a rare Wagyu filet Mignon and John had a last minute decision to have the seafood pasta. The Wagyu was lovely and I would certainly have it again but the memories of the filet at Le Cellier are still fresh in my mind. If it wasn't for the meal at Le Cellier then the Wagyu would have been phenomenal instead of amazing. The surroundings definitely top Le Cellier though!

    John ate the seafood pasta very slowly which meant that he was also enjoying the meal, the seafood consisted of lobster, shrimp and scallops all in a rich tomatoey sauce with tiny balls of pasta. He loved this.

    I had the Cocoa Breach which is a chocolate hazelnut cake with warm ganache, the ganache is poured over the chocolate which melts into the cake, hence the name cocoa 'breach'. John had the Artisan cheeses which came with tasting notes. I usually really dislike goats cheese but tried some from his plate and it was almost palatable, still had a hint of a forest floor taste though.

    Suitably fed and watered we took a leisurely walk to Epcot for illuminations through the international gateway. Bumped into a familiar face on the way.

    I had an unintentional miserable first attempt at illuminations earlier in the week so fingers crossed I wouldn't need tissues tonight 😂 well, I might, as this will definitely be the last time we see it.

    Playing it safe tonight we walked to 'our' bench, we sat on the same bench in 2016 so I think I've earned the right to call it ours, between Italy and America 😊 We had about an hour to kill so sat chatting and people watching. We had a couple of frozen cappuccinos from the Joffreys stand and promptly decided that these were tastier than the coffee Frappuccino's from Starbucks and settled down to watch our last, perfect every way, Illuminations, yup, still cried 😂. It's always the music that gets me!

    Pretty much a perfect day today and I never want to leave the Disney bubble... 16,411 perfect Disney steps ❤️

    Time to start saving again...
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    10 Oct 19, 02:10 PM
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