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Old 24 Oct 19, 09:06 AM  
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Take a look through my eyes, day 19. Typhoon Lagoon, Drug Lords, Epcot and Boma. 17th September 2019

We enjoyed our time at Typhoon Lagoon previously so both of us wanted to go back and today would be ideal, our only concern was that as Blizzard Beach was now closed for a refurb, Typhoon Lagoon would be packed.

We arrived just after 10am to a fairly quiet park, we bought 2 refillable mugs on our last visit so brought them with us today and had them recharged to use again at Leaning Palms. We then spent the next few hours alternating between the lazy river and the wave pool.

There was a guy in the wave pool who was body surfing the wave all the way from the back to the front, he was fascinating to watch, even more fascinating to watch where the people who were trying to copy exactly what he was doing! Its also so funny to watch young girls, fully made up, hair in a perfect bun and sunglasses on dealing with the wave for the first time! Glasses fall off and hair gets bedraggled and they look mortified, bless!

Talking of strange sights, I'm sure we saw what looked like a Columbian drug lord in the pool, I tried to not stare too much in case I got shot, but every tooth in his head was gold, no tooth definition, just bands of gold where his teeth should have been, he was covered head to foot in odd tattoos, even his face, he could have been Pablo Escobar's son 😂 you know when you don't want to stare but you cant help it! He did have a beautiful woman hanging off his every word.

Leaving the Cartel member behind we decided to go for a late breakfast, early lunch at 11:30 at Leaning Palms, I had the chicken wrap with Tortilla chips and John had the Cuban burger, no photos on this occasion.

We left Typhoon Lagoon around 2pm as it was starting to get busy now, back to the hotel to shower and change and then take a trip to Disney Springs to pick up some bits and pieces and try a bubble waffle from Aristocrepes, these were lovely. We also spied some turtles in the water.

We went back to the Coke store to pick up some coke collector bottles, then into Disney Style to buy a Grape Soda tshirt I had my eye on earlier, I also caved and bought a purple spirit jersey. We went into the Days of Christmas shop to buy the black and red Minnie ears Christmas tree decoration but they had all gone! Hopefully I can pick one up tomorrow from Magic Kingdom...

We had booked a FP for Test Track for 7:45 as we wanted to ride it in the dark and I hadn't yet had a Cronut, which is my favourite, and had managed to track them down to the Electric Umbrella, so we headed off to Epcot and arrived just after 7:15, but we had to be careful as we had a Boma reservation at 9:05 so we only had a small window of time to get in and out! I did a quick mobile order for a Cronut and picked it up, we sat inside the Electric Umbrella to eat it, well, John watched me eat it, and waited for our FP to open.

We decided to go for the comedy factor for this car, blue and flowery with gigantic wheels, she performed as expected!

Said a hasty goodbye to Epcot, hopefully when we come back in a few years I will regain the love I've lost for Epcot! We are planning on coming back in 2022 so there's plenty of time!

We arrived back at AKL at 9:00, phew! Checked into Boma for our 9:05 adr, the restaurant was really quiet as they stop serving at 9:30.

I didn't realise that they rotate the food selections, we had gone back specifically for the crispy plantains, peanut rice and the curried chicken soup but they didn't have any of these!
I tried the Zulu cabbage which was delicious. Our server recommended the Oxtail, this was spoilt by the big lumps of fat around the tiny bits of meat, you can see it to the right of the blue plate in the photo above, I hated oxtail as a child, still dislike it now! He also recommended the seafood soup, this was a good recommendation as it was indeed lovely. The Dhal was also really good, the plates in the photos don't look very appealing, sorry!

For desert I tried the African apple cake, which was lovely, still wondering what makes it African though. We also shared some more zebra domes.

We made our way back to our room with coffee, we've been here three just shy of weeks now and this is the first time I have spotted the hidden mickey in the curtains!

Its our last full day tomorrow, sob! It has to be Magic Kingdom from rope drop to close. Thanks for reading!

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Old 24 Oct 19, 09:21 AM  
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Old 26 Oct 19, 01:28 PM  
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Good day

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