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Florida Trip no3 - Day 12 - September 2019

Index here

Day 12 - 25th September 2019 - Big Magic Kingdom Day

Our last full day, we could feel like crying! We have made zero effort in packing or tidying up the
room and today will be no different! We are up around 10am and dressed at the bus stop ready for half past and we are in Magic Kingdom for 11.

Our first FP of the day is for Space mountain, so we spend the morning in Tomorrowland, and second FP is for Buzz. We join the FP line for buzz and another British family come in behind us, when it comes to scan your bands we do ours as usual, but then this family behind just push behind us and join in the FP line, they obviously donít have a FP and know full well what they are doing. Unfortunately the cast members manning the FP was to busy dealing with another family to see and as the queue was moving quickly I wasnít able to go back and say something. Iím not really one for confrontation, so I wasnít going to go say anything to them either, but was hoping that they would be scanned again when the 2 queues merge, unfortunately not so. Then as we were waiting to board he then proceeded to boast about abusing his sons disability pass and about how many times they have ridden Space mountain and that they have made good use of the pass, again no cast member to over hear, and Iím not going to go telling on them as Iím sure the cast member loading the cars up doesnít really care nor can do anything at that point, so the most I can do it give him that knowing glare of I know what you are up to. He obviously doesnít care/does this majority of the time and knows how to play the game so just laughs to his family.

I loose massively on buzz and get a score of about 4,300, Iím sure there was something up with my gun, but my wife put it down to bad aim and says that I shouldnít blame my tools! scores on the doors are 4-3 to my wife.

We have a reservation at Be our guest for 12, so we head on round to beasts castle, and check in. We luckily have ordered ahead of time so get to skip the massive line up and can quite easily pay and we use one of our gift cards to pay part of the bill. 2 cheese and ham toasties, 2 grey stuff cup cakes and drinks comes to nearly $50 and is the 4th most expensive meal we have had this holiday. we dine in the main ball room, and love the surrounding. Iím not really sold on the east wing, but we do like the theming of the west wing and the rose with the slashed pictures.

After lunch and enjoying the cool of castle we head to a little mermaid next and join life under the sea. A little gripe of mine is really donít get why people have their flash on for dark rides, Iím all for taking pictures and the odd video, but all they are going to get is some washed out scenery. We have a little sing along and enjoy one of the classic MK rides

Time is approaching for the parade, so we head to main street and find a nice big empty spot, which of course fills up fairly quickly. Now bearing in mind we are not anywhere special near no shade, and there are still some spots on the curb, this family of 10 with a wheel chair decide to park up right behind us, the wheelchair gets pushed to about a cm from my back so I can feel them kick and move, then the rest of the family stand with their feet pretty much under our bums. One of the kids heads to get some ice water who again stands looming over us canít contain their excitement so proceeds to spill it all down the back of us. I turn round to say something and all the mum can do it laugh and say sorry, really!

The parade is great as usual and also slightly different to the one we saw earlier in the holiday.

Once the parade is over and we have been kicked a leant over a few more times by the family behind we head our final prebooked fp of the day for the 7 dwarfs mine train, we had only been on this once before and we really enjoyed it, it seems like a compact coaster when looking it from outside, but it really did get some speed and some good corners.

From here we hop around going for what ever fast pass comes up next, luckily it was for Winnie pooh so just a short hop over and we were bounding with Tigger and dreaming of honey with pooh bear. We grabbed one for a small world next and then for Pirates of the Caribbean. (which we forgot you can get a little wet from he the splashing!)

Over the visits to Florida before we have never had a turkey leg, so we first try Peco bills but they are going to be a 25 min wait, so we head back round the corner to Tortuga Tavern where we get a drink and a turkey leg to share, my god these are huge, and so much meat. I saw families buying 1 each and I didnít see anyone finish it off.

We were just sitting there minding our own business when I get a pat on the shoulder, and who should it be but Jack Sparrow! I ask him if he has a drop of rum, and he surprisingly answers with a very Australian accent! Jack staggers off before being accosted by a family for some selfies, but thought it was a great touch having him wonder around, and it wasnít that busy for him to be mobbed.

I get our final FP for the day and another ride on Buzz, this time my gun works but my wife still beats me, think she has figured out where to hit, something I should have been more prepared for, so 5-3 to her! this is our final time on buzz so I concede gracefully, while she does a gloating dance like thing.

We head to the people mover next to see what the good folk of tomorrow land are up to, turns out pretty much the same as before! We are now approaching around 7, so we decide to head over to the tangled bathrooms and wait out for the photopass photographer.

We join the line at the right time are end up around 5 families from the front. They are set up around 745 and of course all the families in front of us want every combination possible, so one all together, one with just mom and dad, one with little Jonny, one with the grandma, one with the 2 babies that have no idea what is going on and take a good couple of mins to get them to look at the camera. I donít normally care, but when you have been hanging round for the best part of an hour and we were meeting our friends at 8 on main street it gets very tedious. For our turn it was nice and simple 3 snaps and we were done.

We head down to Caseyís Corner and meet our friends there, and we head to the middle to find a spot for the fireworks, its now half 8 so its of course rammed, but luckily we hang around in the right spot then they get everyone to stand up and move forward, so we get us a spot pretty much in front of the castle.

Iíll be honest Iím not 100% on this location, it was great being so close to the castle and I saw bits in the projections I had missed on other times, but I did find my self looking up and around most of the time, and not getting the whole picture, we normally stand about midway down main street and you can see everything in one go which I think I prefer. The fireworks are of course amazing as always, as the final ones go up, and Iím not sure when we will be back I start to cry, but luckily I am in good company.

Once finished we join the crowds to try and leave but give up and head into the shops to use some of their discount, and we come out to watch the projections on the castle which again is lovely, and as I stand there looking lovingly at the castle I again have a little weep and say my good byes to magic kingdom and hope that I will visit again in the near future.

We head out to the bus stop and past the monorail and boat queues which I hear some one say at the moment is about a 45min wait, for once the all star busses are running smoothly and we are on a bus and back to the hotel for around 11.

We did a really good solid 10 hours in magic kingdom and I loved every second!

Day 13 - Travel Home day coming next
September 2019 - Trip Report
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So nice to read your trip, takes me back...
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4fromsuffolk's Reviews
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What a lovely day. Was the turkey leg nice? Weíve always seen them but never had one.
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Ounds like a lovely final park day. I've always been beaten by my husband on buzz lightyear but somehow fell lucky on pur last trip. No idea how (so couldn't repeat!) but I hit something which gave me a much higher score than normal! Wish I'd got a picture of his face at the end...

Edited at 05:48 PM. Reason: Spelling mistake
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Originally Posted by 4fromsuffolk View Post
What a lovely day. Was the turkey leg nice? Weíve always seen them but never had one.
We both enjoyed it, it has a smokey taste to it, so if you like smoked bacon, ham etc can't see why not!
September 2019 - Trip Report
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My favourite park and it sounds like you had a great day
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We were in the MK today as well
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