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Losing groups on Facebook

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    12 Aug 20, 02:12 PM
    FlorayG is offline Girl Mouse Add Member to Ignore List
  • I find I get randomly removed and presumably blocked (as I can no longer find the group) from random groups on FB. Does anyone know why this happens?
    I most definitely have not posted anything offensive, personal or even mildly annoying on them. Some of them I rarely post at all, I just like to read other people's posts
    I've just lost Silent Book Club and no idea why. Also Happy Hackers (although that group may have been itself removed by FB for animal selling)
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    12 Aug 20, 02:53 PM
    Serious Dibber
    dietcokebreak is offline Add Member to Ignore List
  • I know that some groups do a cull every now and then. If you are a reader rather than a poster thats probably why. Also, if they have gone private, perhaps you missed the “sign up or lose out” post?
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    12 Aug 20, 03:08 PM
    Joker in the pack
    cartoonp is offline Boy Mouse Add Member to Ignore List ✓Premium Member
  • Depend on how many times you visit in a month if let’s say you visit twice then you be blocked if you active on a site visit say 10 times a month then you bebok
    August 20 next year with luck
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